Trailblazer Food Products, Inc. v. Silgan White Cap LLC

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ORDER and OPINION - Trailblazer's motion 23 to compel is DENIED. Trailblazer's oral motion that Silgan produce the objecting customer's PSR is GRANTED. IT IS SO ORDERED. DATED this 30th day of November, 2017, by United States Magistrate Judge John V. Acosta. (Attachments: (1) Attachment, (2) Attachment, (3) Attachment, (4) Attachment) (peg)

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Page 1 of3 RE: Trailblazer Food Products, Inc. v. Silgan White Cap LLC - Case No. 3:17-cv-00417-AC Parker, Joel to: Parker, Christopher, 11/13/2017 04:21 PM Cc: "Anderson, Dave", "Gibsou, Debbie", "''", "Xochihua, Paul R.", "Keller, Rayna L." Hide Details From: "Parker, Joel" <> Sort List ... To: "Parker, Christopher" <>, "" <Jolm_>, Cc: "Anderson, Dave" <>, "Gibson, Debbie" <>, "'"' <>, "Xochihua, Paul R." <>, "Keller, Rayna L."<> 3 Attachments Specimen Redacted PSR.PDF 6_ SWC000224_image.pdf Judge Acosta. My understanding from the Court's order today is that the court has taken under advisement the issue of what constitutes "work product" for the purpose of the parties' internal communications. We do not intend to respond further unless instructed by the Court. With respect to the PSR issue, I wanted to give the Court some additional information that I hope will be of assistance in resolving this issue. As I indicated at the hearing, the PSR data that Trailblazer seeks is relevant to determine whether Silgan designed the Trailblazer lid correctly by applying a one layer coating instead of two layers. The other customer PSRs are relevant to determine if Silgan followed its own procedures and to test witness testimony about why the Trailblazer lid had one coat. I've included two documents with this email. The document titled "Specimen Redacted PSR" is the objecting customer's proposed PSR with redactions. The problem with the attached redactions is that they go backwards. Not only do they omit the pH field on page 2, which is relevant to whether the acidity levels and corrosive nature of the applicable product were similar, but more importantly, they redact the Reverse Coating field on page 4 which indicates the type of coating and number of layers that Silgan specified. That is, from these redactions Trailblazer can't determine what coating was applied and how many layers. Without that information, Trailblazer cannot determine whether the comparative closure has a comparative coating. The second document that is attached (SWC000224) is an example of a PSR that was previously produced by Silgan, which redacted the customer (a different customer) information. The PSR redactions in this document allow Trailblazer to know everything it needs to know - disclosed pH, bisulfate disclosure, alcohol, vinegar, and number of coatings selected by Silgan - except the PSR redactions do not allow Trailblazer to ascertain the substance held by the container because Silgan's definition of Jams is not necessarily consistent with the CFR's standard of identity for these terms. This matters because Trailblazer cannot meaningfully compare the lid designs unless it knows the substance held by the comparable container. Although Trailblazer wishes to respect the undisclosed customer's desire to protect confidential information, the PSR form is important to Trailblazer's investigation in this action. At the hearing I suggested a two-step file:///C:/Users/JAcosta/AppData/Local/Temp/4/notes2CD76E/~web8616.htm 11/30/2017 Page 2 of3 alternative that will work for Trailblazer, and I believe Silgan. First, the objecting customer's PSRs would be produced with redactions that are consistent with the enclosed document SWC 000224. That is, they would redact the customer identity but disclose the relevant information that is necessary for Trailblazer to determine what coating should be applied according to Silgan's testimony and procedure, and what coating was actually specified. Second, Silgan's counsel would inform Trailblazer's attorney as to how the substance being packaged is actually marketed to the consumer. For example, if it sits on the shelf as grape jelly, or raspberry preserves, or mint jelly, etc. Of course, in addition to the above, Trailblazer stipulates that any disclosure shall be designated confidential pursuant to the Court's previously entered protective order and Trailblazer will be bound by the restrictions set forth in that order. Please let me know if we can provide any additional information. Thanks. Joel Parker Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt Shareholder 1211 SW Fifth Avenue, Suite 1900, Portland, OR 97204 Direct: 503-796-2975 Mobile: 503-453-9712 Vcard Linkedln Ideas fuel industries, learn more at: From: Parker, Christopher [] Sent: Friday, November 10, 2017 3:43 PM To: Cc: Anderson, Dave <>; Gibson, Debbie <>; Parker, Joel <>; '' <>; Xochihua, Paul R. <>; Keller, Rayna L. <> Subject: RE: Trailblazer Food Products, Inc. v. Silgan White Cap LLC - Case No. 3:17-cv-00417-AC Judge Acosta: Per the Court's Order, this email is to report that the parties and the customer were not able to reach an agreement regarding the proposed redacted PSR. I have not copied the customer on this email, but I will send them a copy separately and will let them know once we receive instruction from the Court on how to proceed from here. Thank you. Chris From: Parker, Christopher Sent: Friday, November 10, 2017 11:34 AM To: '' <John> Cc: Anderson, Dave <>; Gibson, Debbie <>; Parker, Joel <>; '' <paul>; Xochihua, Paul R. file :///C :/Users/JAcosta/AppData/Local/Te mp/4/notes2CD7 6E/~web8616 .htm 11/30/2017 Page 3 of3 <>; Keller, Rayna L. <rkeller@davis> Subject: Trailblazer Food Products, Inc. v. Silgan White Cap LLC - Case No. 3:17-cv-00417-AC Dear Judge Acosta and Counsel: Attached is Silgan's response to Trailblazer's motion to compel, with the referenced declarations and exhibits. We will file this shortly. We also wanted to let Your Honor and Counsel know that we followed up to see if there were any additional internal correspondence from before or after 11/14/16. We received some additional correspondence, and we are in the process of reviewing. In the event there is more to produce from before 11 /14/16, we plan to produce to counsel ASAP (likely today) per the discussion at the hearing last Friday. We will notify the Court if there is any potential additional internal correspondence from on or after 11/14, since those may need to be added to the in camera review materials (i.e., potentially may not have been included on the thumb drive provided last Friday for Your Honor's in camera review). Thank you. Christopher M. Parker ATTORNEY IN OREGON & WASHINGTON T (503) 222-4422 F (503) 222-4428 200 SW Market St, Suite 1800, Portland OR 97201 Davis Rothwell EARLE & X6CHJHUA""' E-MAIL CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: The contents of this e-mail message and any attachments are intended solely for the intended recipient (s) and may contain confidential and/or legally privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient of this message or if this message If has been addressed to you in error, please immediately alert the sender by reply e-mail and then delete this message and any attachments. you are not the intended recipient, you are notified that any use, dissemination, distribution, copying, or storage of this message or any attachment is strictly prohibited. Although this e-mail and any attachments are believed to be free of any virus or other defect that might affect any computer system into which it is received, it is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure it is virus-free. No responsibility is accepted by the sender or DAVIS ROTHWELL EARLE & X6CHIHUA, P.C. for any loss or damage arising from any such virus or defect. NOTICE: This email may contain material that is confidentia l, privileged and/or attorney work product for the sole use of the intended recipient. Any review, reliance or distributio n by others or forwarding without express permission is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender and delete all copies. file:///C;/Users/JAcosta/AppData/Local/Temp/4/notes2CD76E/~web8616.htm 11/30/2017 ~-----' No. Package Specification Review - Rev 24 15-056-M Metal (Steel} CAS-:fO°"COMPLETE THIS SECTION (ALL GREEN SHAl>f;J) CELLS) SIJUJ'vllTTED BY (C..\S/Solcs Rl•p): Blake Windclcr DATE: 07/30/15 CAS EXT.#: i 'ra•nw 11•1___________________ ___ CUSTOMER PHONE: 'iJe•m211·rn· Cl 'STOJ\Um CONTACT: CCSTOMrm: lllJSINESS Ii\ FORMATION New Product/Current Customer First Time Order Closure Mulcri"I: Metal (Steel) Type: _R_T_B_ __ Si,_c; ___21!_ CIJSTOMERINFORMATION Customer: ------------- Location: Product: Silgnu COC#: - - - - - - - l'roducr End IJsc Code: 29420 Preserves+ llonc\' li;stimatcd ,\1rnunl Volume: Initial Onlcr Quantity: Du t c Clo•urc• Needed: New product for currcntlijj•tfl:ljllucsign \~ii:"*}2158mm lrl'll. Grape Flavor. Spccinl lssu«s: THIS SECTION TO llE COMPLETEJ> llY PSR ADMINISTRATOR (ALL YELLOW SHADED CELLS) l'SR No.: 1.5-056-M STATUS: APPROVED DATE: 8/3/15 ----- INITIALS: .J.C. ---- COMMENTS: Page 1 of 4 Package Specification Review - No. Rev 24 Metal {Steel) 15-056-M ~~~~~~~-4 ~"""~~~--~~~~~~~~,;,..~....:.~....,~--~~~~~~~~~~ CUSTOMER SECTION- PLEASE COMPLETE ALL BLUE C~:LLS ON PAGES 2& J CLICK ON EACH llLlJE CELL ~'01{ l>ESCRll'TION OF WHAT IS HEQUll!lm CLICK ON l>OWN ARROW (V) FOH LIST OF CllOICF:S REDACTION Cl 1STOMEll: OATE: 7/30/15 CLOS\llrn INFOHMATIO N Project Nnnu~: Fruit and J-lollt'.\' ~ l~rnpr Flnvor ~"----'---------·---------~ Cap Shell Color:-- -Sizefl'ypc: 58HTB Type: l'riulcd Is there a design on tlw fucc'! Yes Arc there prints on the revcrse(llTC)'/ No Prit1t according to artwork layout Special Instructions: (~u~ton1cr C'ONTAINE!l INFOR~tATION Container T)'IW: L'hlss Finish Numhcr: 58-2020 ( I' Ieas c include co1•r of finish drawing if not a CPI,,,. Sil gun White Cup number) ---.......C-' -'--------- --- Manufacturer: 1q;1r401 (;on11ucnbi! Capacity (,·olumc): Hl,3 1111 ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ · l'RODllC'f INFORMATIO N (Click l"es/;\'o ji1r melt item t1111f}lll in blt111ks wit/1 rfelail.1~ Oil 111· Fnt ou Surl'acc'! No Bcvcr·ugc'! No_ _ __ l)ieteHr ur 1.. o"· c:uloric'! No pll? pfl 4,6 or Below Viucgar Present'/ No Sodium Bisullite (SO,, Present? No No Alcohol Present'/ -,.,,,..--...,.---,. Shelf Life of Pnckcd l'roduct'? REDACTION FDA FOOD CATEGORm s Actunl 11H if known:l;J?•h}11f•W -------- Type II: Acidic Aqueous Products; Mn)' Contuin S11lt m· Sugot· or Both, and lneiudiug Oil in Water Emulsions of Low or Hi(lb Fat Content FDA CONDITIONS OF USE C. Hot filled 01· pastl' •hove 150 dc(l. F Page 2 of 4 No. Package Specification Review· Rev 24 Metal (Steel) 15-056-M '- ON ClU,L fiOR INSIUICTIONS AND ON DOWN ARROW ('!ff) FOH CHOICES SEALING INFORMATION !>ackcr Nanl~ und 1\<ldrcss Per Cent of Hcadspucc ( nol in inches): .. P1·ocluct Fill Tcmpcrnture: • ' How Applied'/ Capper With Steam Ti•pc of Cuppc1· Strnight_Linc Out of Cnppcr Vacuum (in-Hg): l;di•m" l'ACKA.GING PROCESS (Piel< Only One From Dmp-llo1,•n Box Below) OJ • l'astcu1·iwtion • Cunlinuuus 11r Open Huth. {!'or Aciil Products. WntcrTcmp:~ Finished l'nckage Vacuum (In-Hg): Pusturizution Time: !ii;•&?111 Product Temp: li\j•Mdll ISJ9•i111 How many packages per trny'? 8 Lll)'Cl"S per [rnllct'I 10 Trays per pallet I 280 !low 11111ny pnllcts high? 4 Trays per layer? 28 .. Weight per Pullet of Product (Lbs,):'"IQ'"i"'•l""4"'ot I WAREHOUSE STORAGE CONDITION!:! Temperature? Ambient Humi<lity 'I Dry llETAH. DISPLAY CONDITIONS 1·c1npcrHturc '! /\n1 bicnl llumiclit~· Spcd~l ---- Dry mirchousc, shipping or 11ispluy issues: -------- -·------ --'! fa r<·gul"tory compliance othe1· than Fl>A required? No S\JllMITTEH Customer Contact Numc & Title): Dute Information Submitted: Mailing Address:· When complclccl l'Sll Administrator will place on !'SR "Shure Point" site in PENDING folder Page 3 of 4 Package Specification Review. Metal (Steel) Rev No. 24 15-056-M SILGAN WHTTE CAP LLC SUMMARY TlllS sM:TION TO Im COMPLETE!) BY PSR TEAM AND rmYH!'.WED BV PSR 1mvmw COJ\'IMITTEE FILL IN ALL TAN COLORED CELLS l'SR Tcnm Approntl Hob T!luzick Art Hurley Cathy Hrndy WJKapolus Bo~ Hlnzick Art lfurky Cnthy llrndy Bill l<npolus Date 07/Jl/15 118/03/15 118/03/15 08/03/15 CLOSllRE INFORMATIQN Sizcffype: Custontcr: REDACTION COC#: ~S RTIJ End llsc Code: l'rnduct: Preserves+ Honn Fucci Rc\'ersc Design Requirements: #NAMR '! Special lnstrnctiom: -.,----~~-----------~ _ l'rint ncconling !O 1_ll_'t\_v_o1_·k_l__ 11--1t_ _ _ _ _ a,_y1-' Pnc·l\ing Process: 03 - Paskurlzation - Continuous 01· Open Bath. For Acid Products. Compound: 7<15 Cup Shell Color: £luce Sysl~m; ----Hc1·crse System: ~-llutton'I Yes CONTAINEH JNF'ORMATION Fucc Coatings: • Rc1•crse Conllngs: I>own Flip (In. Hg): Container T~'pc: Gin" Finish Number: 58-2020 ~·Ill II U fu ct111 •cr :~lijiiilii'iil,ttliii'1'M'L________ c:u1n1ncnts: SE AL l NG INFORMATION Per Cent of lleadspacc ( not in Jnchcs): ---- ------------ (volume): 231.3 ml Capadly --------------------- \M?•mpu•p How Applied'! Capper With Steam Type of Capper Straight Linc -~~~----------- Ou! or Capper Ynccmn(lo-HJl)" Finish<'d Pnckagc Vnn·um(ln-Bg) c:ornrnrnts: Page 4 of 4 No. Packag e Specification Review . Rev 24 Composite 16-106-C CASTO COMPL ETE THIS SECTIO N (ALL GREEN SHADED CELLS) SUBM1TTED BY (CAS/Salcs Rep}: KelUMill!>r DATE: 08/23/16 805-453-879$ CASEX T.#: ------------------------CUSTOMER P H O N E : - - - - - -------CUSTOMER CONTAC T: CUSTOM ER: ' I l t ; I BUSINESS INFORMATION New Product/ Current Custome r First Time Order Custome r: Location: Product: Jams ~-------------~---- 304,000 lnitial Order Quantity ; Date Closures Needed: None Special Issues: Est\mak d A1\nual Voluutf.l: 304,000 ---- ---- -- THIS SECTION TO BE COMPL£TED BY l'SR ;'\DMIN1STRATOR (ALL YELLOW SHAPED ,,F CELLS) l PSR No.: 16·106-C STATUS: APPROV ED DATE: 8/26/16 ----- -- ----- INlTIALS: J.C. COMMENTS: Page 1 of4 CONFIDENTIAL SWC000224 Package Specific ation Review - Rev 24 Compo site No. 16-106-C I CUSTOMER SECTION• PLEASE COMPLETE ALL lJLUE CELLS ON PAGES 2& 3 CLICK ON EACH BLUE CELL FOR DESCRIPTION OF 'WlIAT IS REQUIRED CLICK ON DOWN ARROW (T) FOR LIST OF CHOlCE S DATE: 7124/15 CUSTOM ER: I CLOSUR E INFORMA'IlON I l l ' ! ' i r Custome r Project Name: Red/gold cap$ "'---------~----------~ Disk Color: Gold Fitmcnt Color: Red Size/Type: 63BDP ls there a design on the face'! No Arc there prints on the revcrse(U TC)? No none Special Instructio ns: ---- CONTAI NER INFORM ATION Plastic Type: PET Containe r Type: Plastic Finish Number: .. · ----------"----=--=-~ (Please .include copy of finish drawiltg if not a CCMA or Silgan. \Vhite Cap number) ---- Capacity (volume) : 46<11: Manufacture1·: Graham Pk Finish dimension specification E=2.347+/-Q.Q15", T=2.444"+/-0,015', H1=0.679"+/-0.015" Com1n.ents: PRODUCT INFORM ATION (Click Yes/Nofo r eaclt item andfill in blanks with details) Oil or Fat 011 Surface? No Beverage ? No ~---- pH? 2.8-3.3 Vinegar Present? No Sodium Bisulfite (8021 Present? No Alcohol Present? No Shelf Life of Pack-ed.,..·""P-ro-d""u-c""t?=-- 1 Year Actual pH if known: 2.8-3.3 ---- - ---- FDA FOOD CATEGORIES Type II: Acidic Aqueous Prod!lcts ; May C011tain Salt or Sngar or Both., am:! Including Oil in Wnter Emu ls.ions !Jf Low or High Fllt Co11tcnt FDA CONDITIONS OF USE I C. Hot filled or pasteuriz ed above 150 deg. F l ! ! Pase 2 of4 CONFIDENTIAL SWC000225 No. Package Specification Review· Rev 24 Compos ite 16..106-C ON CELL FOR INSRUCT IONS AND ON DOWN ARRO\Y ('f) FOR CHOICES SEALING INFORMA TION Packer Name and Address Per Cent of Headspacc (not in inches): 4.00% Product Fill Temperatu re: 180F ---- - How Applied? Capper With Steam Type of Capper Rotary Capper Mfg: Zalkin Out of Capper Vacuum (in-Hg): O" PACKAGI NG PROCESS (Piek Only One F1·om Dr11p~Dawn Box Bel11w) Chuck Type: Segmented 02- ilot Fill (For Acid Products)- D. Hold & Force Cool Finished Package Vacuum (in-J4): <5" Are Packages Tray Packed? No WAREHOUSE STORAGE CONDITI ONS Temperature '' Ambient RETAIL DISPLAY CONDffIO NS Temperat ure? Ambient Humidity '! Dry Humidity ·r _ _ _ _ _ _D"'--"ry '------- Special warehouse , shipping or display issues: _ _ _ _ _ _N;.:. ;. :.o: .nc;;. _'- - - - - - ' - - - - - - ' Cs regulatory compliance other than FDA.required?_N_o_ __ SUBMITTER Customiir Contact Name & Title): D11te Informatio n .Submitted: !\falling Address; Customer Phone: E-mail Address When completed PSR Administr ator will pince 1!11 PSR ''Share P11mt" site in PENDING folder Pa9e 3of4 CONFIDENTIAL SWC000226 Package Specification No. Review • Rev 24 16-106-C Composite SILGAN WHITE CAP LLC SUMMARY THIS SECTION TO BE COMPLETED BY PSR TEAM AND REVIEWED BY PSR REVIE\V COMMITTEE FILL IN ALL TAN COLORED CELLS PSRTeam t l l I -~ Approved UobBfazick BobBiazkk Darr1;n Nepnty Darren Neputy BCKiss Art Hurley Brad Kiss Art l111l'ley Date 08126f16 08J26fl6 08/25(16 08/25fl6 CLOSURE INFORMATION Customer:--1--------------------- Sizc!rype~ 63BDP COC#: -------- End Use Code: i¥f&i'!l'1pifif~'li' Product: Jams Fli!c~ Rever~e Disk#: -------- Jlesigl! Requirement$; No J)esign on F11ce or Reverse Spedallnstructfons:..;;;n'"'o""11_e_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Packing Process: ------"'02=-·--=H,,,u::..:t"'F'""i""ll.,.(F..,o""r_.A;.;;.c""i""d..:.P_..r""od:::.;u::.:co.::ts"")_•B=··H=ol:.::d:.. :&;;=.·,;;·F, ;;o;,;rc;;;'e;,,;C;:,;o"'o;;,1~=~ Compound: 146 Fitment Resin: M90RP001 Fitment #: ~'lii~1iS[t.f!fii1!\i\,;,,1'. ii ' i :~:, Lube Added: No Colorant#: fkll¥i®~:=f:1f~~~~;;1_zyf: Cnp Shcll/Fitrucnt Col.or: Red · Steel Weight.: Disk Color: Gold Steel Coat: TFS 1 0.93.5 ' ... Face Coatings; G.27.7 Fncc- Syst~n1_;:;hl~i~~~i~:jjlfVi!~.{::: lTu#~S l~eversc Coatings! S.C.12.3 V.50.5 Reverse-System: fl:~~t(fill<,~+~:il':~~:::t~ff!t!f Dutton? No CONTAINER INFORMATION Contnincr Type: Plastic Phlstic Typer l'ET Fi.nlsh Number: -----------~ Manufacturer: Grahnm Pkg Capacity (volume): .;..:4.;c6o::.::z:..__ Comments: Finish dimension specific!UiQn E=.2.347+/.0.015", T=l,444"+/-0,015", Hl=0.879''+/-0,015 SEALING INFORMATION Pei· Cent of ij.eadspace (not in inches): 4.00% How Applied? Capper With Steam Capper Mfg: Zalkin 0 u t of Capper Vac~um(ln·Hg): O" Product Fill Temperature: _1s o_F___ __ ____ _____ Type ofCapper-=R::.::oc.:.:ta::.:ry"'-----------.._ ChUckType: Segmented -------- -----'---- .Finished Package Va~cum(ln•Hg): <5" Comments: Page 4 of4 CONFIDENTIAL SWC000227

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