Sanders v. Social Security Administration

Filing 19

ORDER: Granting Unopposed Motion for Attorney Fees 17 . Signed on 7/3/2024 by Judge Michael J. McShane. (cp)

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LISA R. LANG, LISA R. OSB NO. 025035 025035 LANG,OSB Johnston Johnston Porter Porter Law Office Office PC PC 5200 5200 SW SW Meadows Rd., Suite 150 150 Rd., Suite Lake Oswego, OR 97035 OR 97035 Oswego, (503) (503) 714-7579 Email: Attorney Plaintiff Attorney for Plaintiff UNITED UNITED STATES DISTRICT DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT DISTRICT OF OF OREGON RENE RENE SANDERS, SANDERS, Plaintiff, Civil Civil Action Action No. 3:22-cv-01391-MC 3:21-cv-00548-YY 3:22-cv-01391-MC vs. vs. ORDER GRANTING GRANTING AWARD AW ARD OF OF ATTORNEYS ATTORNEYS FEES FEES UNDER UNDER 42 U.S.C. 42 406(b) U.S.C. § § § 406(b) COMMISSIONER COMMISSIONER of Social Social Security, Security, Defendant ORDER 42 U.S.C. Based Based upon the Plaintiff’s Plaintiffs Motion Motion for an an Award Award of Attorney’s fees pursuant to 42 upon the Attorney's fees pursuant to §§ 406(b) is hereby: 406(b) it is hereby: the amount ORDERED that minus that Plaintiff Plaintiff is is awarded awarded attorney’s fees in the amount of $18,615.50, minus minus $, $18,615.50, attorney's fees in EAJA in anticipated $5,000 fees received and minus $7,200 in anticipated 406(a) fees approved for for the received minus EAJA feesfees received andand minus feesfees the the $7,481.83 $5,000 in EAJA $7,200 $7,200 406(a) 406(a) anticipated approved approved total amount amount of $6,415.50 withheld withheldfor for forPlaintiff’s Plaintiffs Plaintiffs federal federal federalcourt court courtattorneys fees. fees. $15,295.10 $6,415.50 withheld attorneys attorneysfees. It is It pay Plaintiff’s is FURTHER FURTHER ORDERED that that the the Commissioner Commissioner may Plaintiffs Counsel Counsel directly may pay directly from benefits withheld, processing fees from Plaintiff’s Plaintiffs back back benefits minus any fees allowed by withheld, minus statute, any applicable applicable processing by statute, the Plaintiff her past and past due and pay Plaintiff the the remainder remainder of her due benefits. benefits. pay the pay July 3rd day of ________________, DATED this DATED 2024 this ______day 2024 , s/Michael J. McShane __________________________________________ U.S. U.S. DISTRICT COURT JUDGE DISTRICT COURT füDGE

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