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\,, IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF PENNSYLVANIA TRANSCONTINENTAL GAS PIPE LINE COMPANY, LLC 2800 POST OAK BOULEYARD HOUSTON, TEXAS 77251-1396, Plaintiff, CIVIL ACTION - LAW v. Docket No. 5:17-CV-00715 PERMANENT EASEMENTS FOR 2.14 ACRES AND TEMPORARY EASEMENTS FOR 3.59 ACRES IN CONESTOGA TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, TAX PARCEL NUMBER 1201606900000, 415 HILLTOP DRIVE, CONESTOGA, CONESTOGA TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY, PA HILL TOP HOLLOW LIMITED PARTNERSHIP 203 SIDEHILL TERRACE WILLOW STREET, PA 17584 HILLTOP HOLLOW PARTNERSHIP, LLC GENERAL PARTNER OF HILLTOP HOLLOW LIMITED PARTNERSHIP 203 SIDEHILL TERRACE WILLOW STREET, PA 17584 LANCASTER FARMLAND TRUST 125 LANCASTER AVENUE STRASBURG, PA 17579 AND ALL UNKNOWN OWNERS, Defendants. ORDER AND NOW, this;J~y of August, 2017, upon consideration of Plaintiff's Omnibus Motion for Preliminary Injunction for Possession of Rights of Way by August 18, 2017 Pursuant to the Natural Gas Act and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 71.1and65, and the accompanying documents, Defendants' opposition thereto, and Plaintiff's Reply, and after a hearing and oral argument being held, it is hereby ORDERED that the Motion is GRANTED. It is further ORDERED as follows: (1) Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC ("Transco") has the substantive right to condemn the following easements and rights of way (collectively referred to as the "Rights of Way"): a. Permanent rights of way and easements of 2.14 acres, as described as "Area of Proposed CPLS RJW #1," "Area of Proposed CPLS RJW #2," and "Area of Proposed CPLS RJW #3" in Exhibit A attached hereto, for the purpose of constructing, operating, maintaining, altering, repairing, changing but not increa,sing the size of, replacing and removing a pipeline and all related equipment and appurtenances thereto (including but not limited to meters, fittings, tie-overs, valves, cathodic protection equipment, and launchers and receivers) for the transportation of natural gas, or its byproducts, and other substances as approved by the Order of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission dated February 3, 2017, Docket No. CP15-138-000, 158 FERC ~ 61,125 (2017), together with the right to construct, maintain, operate, repair, alter, replace and remove cathodic protection equipment and the necessary appurtenances thereto, such as but not limited to poles, guy wires, anchors, rectifiers, power lines, cables, deep well anode and anode ground beds under, upon, and over the permanent right of way and easement, and conducting all other activities as approved by the Order of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission dated February 3, 2017, Docket No. CP15-138-000, 158 FERC ~ 61,125 (2017); together with all rights and benefits necessary or convenient for the full enjoyment or use of the right of way and easement. Further, the landowner shall not build any permanent structures on said permanent right of way or any part thereof, will not change the grade of said permanent right of way, or any part thereof, will not plant trees on said permanent right of way, or any part thereof, or use said permanent right of way or any part thereof for a road, or use said permanent right of way or any part thereof in such a way as to interfere with Transco's immediate and unimpeded access to said permanent right of way, or otherwise interfere with Transco' s lawful exercise of any of the rights herein granted without first having obtained Transco's approval in writing; and the landowner will not permit others to do any of said acts without first having obtained Transco's approval in writing. Transco shall have the right from time to time at no additional cost to landowners to cut and remove all trees including trees considered as a growing crop, all undergrowth and any other obstructions that may injure, endanger or interfere with the construction and use of said pipeline and all related equipment and appurtenances thereto; and b. (2) Temporary easements of 3.59 acres, as described as "Area of Proposed Temporary Work Space #1," "Area of Proposed Temporary Work Space #2," Area of Proposed Temporary Work Space #3," "Area of Proposed Temporary Work Space #4," "Area of Proposed Temporary Work Space #5," and "Area of Proposed Temporary Work Space #6" in Exhibit A attached hereto, for use during the pipeline construction and restoration period only for the purpose of ingress, egress and regress and to enter upon, clear off and use for construction and all other activities approved by the Order of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission dated February 3, 2017, Docket No. CP15-138-000, 158 FERC ~ 61,125 (2017). Upon filing the bond required below, beginning August 18, 2017, Transco is granted access to, possession of and entry to the Rights of Way for all purposes allowed under the Order of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission dated February 3, 2017, Docket No. CP15-138-000, 158 FERC ~ 61,125 (2017); (3) In the event of a violation of this Order by Defendants, such as interference with Transco's possession of the Rights of Way by Defendants or by third parties who are authorized by Defendants to be on the Property, the U. S. Marshal Service, or a law enforcement agency it designates, shall be authorized to investigate and to arrest, confine in prison and/or bring before the Court any persons found to be in violation of this Order and in contempt of this Order, pending his/her compliance with the Court's Order. (4) Transco shall post a bond in the amount of $70, 710.00 as security for the payment of just compensation to Defendants. (5) Transco shall record this Order in the Office of the Recorder of Deeds for Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. EXHIBIT A -5799297. I 06128/2017 / ./ fl If lI I trolTirolll> lLC 1203230600000 l'Jl-t.IH37-S.OOO ""~. L '"~t ~ j • l i =-tA-Ot2.1 PRO!'CSED 42 • CEWTRAL ?EHN l !NE SOOTH ""' MlEA OF PR~t.ACE #1 TE!ifORARY ;,. AREA OF l'ROl'GSED . \ TE!.ll'!lRARY\DlKSPJICE#I NOTES: /f.~'t: / LYNDA LUE 1202476100000 PA-U-133-S. 000 E!UC l. UJ!OJS ____..-t: ___.,- 1208293300000 l»Hl.-135-B.100 !. BEARll'IGS SHOllN AAE BASrn ON IBE PEN!ISYl..VANlA STATE PLAllE OOllRIHNATE SYSTEM. NA003• SOllTll ZllME• US FOOT. z. l.£NGitl Of P!PEllllE Ff.JR PR!ll'OSEO RlGITT OF 'liAY • • 3059.65 AREA OF l'RlFflSEO Q>lS R/ll • . • • • • • • • • • • 3. 51 AREA Of pllOPOS£!) mll'OIWIY 1!1l!'J: SPACE • • • • • • 5.90 AREA OF l'ROP!lSED ID!PtlRARY ACCESS ROAD , • • • • lh35 PROPERTY liNE • • • , • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Pllll4i flF INTERSECTION • • • • • • • • • • • • • • FEET ACRES ACRES ACRE SUBJECT '.iJ!ACT Elil.l!~ tt.r.s. c:z::z:::.g C~=::::::i - t- --0-- -NO. 3. ROADS WE HAVE NOT llEiEm.llNEll TllE FEE OWERSIHP !f' THE ROADS Slit!WN, AND FOfl THE PURPOSES Cf THIS EX!ll!lIT HAVE ASSlJMro THAT ADJOINING l»lll01H:RS RETAIN AN INTEREST IN THE PRCffRTY SIJ!!JECT TIJ lllE RIGHT !lF WAY a' All RIW>S SHOl!l4 OTHER THAN INTERSTATE llIG!l!AYS. THE INFORMATIOK SIIDl!N ON T!l!S !Jl!Mf!NG JS ~ ASSESSOR'S MAPS AND FOR TllE SOLE PURPOSE OF CRal!NG A RIGHT Of w1i; Actlll!S!TH!.11 E.XlllBIT ANO REPRESENTS CmtlH!ONS AS TI!EY EXIST AT Tl:IE (IJ(INTY Cl.ERK S RECtll!OS OFFICE. 1'Rfll'ERTY BOUHl>Al\1ES SHIJl!M ARE BASED !l!I CflUIITT ASSESSOR'S !W'S Ill FIElO SURVEYS l'ERFtlRIEl BY TIWISCONTINOOAl GAS PIPE LIME COMPANY llC 014 ADJACENT TRACfS. ND CIVIL SURVEY OF THE UsalEllT AREA l!AS BEEN PERFlJM!l. '!l!E ACREAGES SHO!IN ARE Al'l'ROXlMATE. Ml o C\\l! ~it. GAS Pft UE lm'MY lie flllRliliJ 42., CBmW. 191 L& Diii• AID llF fiDlEl RIM llF MY. m IF l'lmlSa} 1BNIMf - SPACE • m llF ~ ~ Aal$1!1Wl CIBSIS lE AUEllV IF w.~n,;:.--;.. .mrDI I. CM'Ia.UJ tlli SIM AClfflEWJ ~'lff__lam ~ TilllSllP, IJD.S1m CIUm'• l!S'ffiBICtmt£ ai fB'llll!lill\lCifil!i 05"3/l 6 w ISSJEn Fm R.1!. r. 1 11/30/16 1iB RE!SSllEIHOR 11.0.11. VIA 16l 1161 __,___ .. -· n»ra: 05/13/16 IWi!lRJR- """ill! 1 '(jS/rJ/1'6 =24-1600-TO-TI<-Wi'A-u-m;;.ooo ~~tMiB.W .!;~~~~~~.t.mi~:n-.i.r~ LYNDA L!KE I 1202476100000 PA-l.A-! ""' PR!l!'OSED 42• CENTRAL PENN llNE S!Jiml AREA OF PROPOSED TBl?O!!ARY WRK S1' ACE #2 ·",,l--:-------~ AREA OF l'i!O?OSED Cl'!.S RA' AREA llF PRDPOSED TEl!PORARY ll!lllK SPAC£ #1 ~ .msmt t. gwu:1.u1 a ""' I ~gtt CWPIUMl 1204970900000 PH.A-135-B.OQO 1. llEAIUNGS SllOl'ltl AAE BASED Ol4 THE PENNSYLVAH!J\ STATE Pl/\llE CIJOODINATE SYSTDf. i'WlS3. SOllTll ZONE. US FOOT. 2. lENG1H fl' PIPELINE F!lll PROPOSED RIG!lT OF WAY •• 3053.65 AREi\ OF PROPOSED CPLS R/lf • • • , • • • • • • • • 3.5t AREA Of PROPOSED TEMPIJl:ARY ~ SPACE • • • • • • 5.90 AREA rE PROPOSED TEMl'alAR't ACCESS ROAO • • • • • ll.JS PROPERTY LIKE •• , • • • • • • • • • • • • PO!lfi Of INTERSECTION • • • • • • • • • • • • • • FIET ACRES 1$ci4@# ACRES c:::i::z::3 ACRE c·-·-·::i -=r::.... -<>--- (;,?.:.j/ t~ IJ-f-ll l'EllllSYlVANIA UCINSE NO. SlJ0753M CHRIS H. ROBERTS llAYES. JA!ES & ASSOCIATES. !NC. DATE: ~"*3"00; tLER~'S llE~OS AS st.SEO ON AT 111E COOIITT 60U.llOAR.lts SHO.WN ARETHEY EltiSTCOlllITT ASSESSOR'S !W'S OR FIELDilfFICE. i'ERF~ av SURVEYS TRANSCONWIOOAL GAS Pl.PE Lt~ OOWANY LLC ON ADJACENT TRACTS. H!l CIVIL SURVEY Of THE EASEllEllT AREA HAS SEEN PERRN!>. Tl!E ACIBGE.S Sll!l~ ARE APl'ROlilllATE. PllOPERT'V. <JI.TE llY ! amm i1JIGllP· ~CUTI'. I llE>®'- I''°""°' C!K o os113/16 s11.11ssum FOR a.o.v. 1 11/30116 Kl! RElSSUED RlR R.0.1. _ 300 HE L ~Al. 4iiS PIPEUE WA!ft' LU: 6 ff'IGllm 42 cam'lt4. f'9ll Ul!E Sllmf. &A t'f ~ IUll!fl Of v.r. m tlf FfQ'OS8) 'IBmlMT SIME • AID IF i"IUVU mtcUIT ms5 M CE!lf& lll ~ Of Ul:H,c;--; Jllmli L MIB.1.1 Mil SlUI ACllPIW.O wleiltlm ~lll!S WE flAVE NOT DETEmllfiEO THE FEE OVlelSl!lP OF THE ROADS Sl!tlll!l, 00 FOR Tf!E Plll1l'CSES OF THIS EXl!lBIT HAVE ASSUMED TIIAT Al!JlllN!NG UNOCMVlS RETAIN AN INTEREST !H TIIE PROPERTY SUBJECT TO THE RJGl!T OF JIAY OF ALL ROADS Sl!tlll!f OTllER THAN l!ITERSTATE l!IGHWAYS. "'- 200 SCAl£ IN fID 4145- Sl!ACl<LEFORll ROA01 SUITE 300 llORCROSS, GA 30093 3. RCW>S TllE i!iFORllAUON S!l!llill !JI THIS llltA!lll!G IS FROlf ASSEssmt'S llAPS AND FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF CREATING A !HG!IT Dr WAY ACQUISlTl!lN EXIHBIT 00 AD'RESENTS CONDlHO!IS 0 100 LIJ!llDll:J!fl B _ I.'*.,,_..,, 161503 soo WU . 161503 !IJV llJll _ _ STATE lJ ~tlllll W, 01/09/15 !SlUSroRBilt _w, wv ""~· osmttG ~RR~ . . . . . .. . !lAAWllll i-aiirr.wH ~~ ~. 1161503 01.TE; ~ U iSOO£ 1• ,,.1;·• 1-1 05/H/16 1'-ll-~""' i;V~--.,:;'~r;:"_,,,,....,..,.,,_,:,..,.. a AREA I.If l'ROPOSED TEM!'OOARY WORK Sf'ACE #2 N JUSIDI t CAPPIEUJl AW SUSM4 WPJW.Q 1204910900000 PHA-t35-£.000 l:illilll. 1. Ba'Wl&S SllOW ARE BASEll OM TI-IE PENNSYLVANIA STATE Pl.A!IE COORDINATE SYSTE~ NADfl3, SWTH Z!H:. US FOOT. ,z. LENGU! OF PJPEUNE FOR PRQPOSED RIGHT Of '!lAY • • JOS!!.65 Afl£A Of PlllJl>llS£D CPLS R/YI • • • • • • • • • • • • 3.51 AREA Of Plllll'OSED TEW!JRAR't' ll'ORK SPACE • • • • • 5. 90 Ail£A Of PRIJl'asfill TEl.f'OOAR't' ACCESS ROA!) • • • • Q.35 PROPERiY LltlE • • • • • • • • . • • • • • • • • PlJU!T OF INTERSECTION • • • • • • • • • • • • • FEET ACRES ACRES AeflE ~ c:z:z::<1 c:::::::::J - 300 SCALE IN f'EEf ---0- 3. ROADS o-.oo. CAS· PIPE LIE mm u.~ BM. PSI ll!IE Simi. NB Cf ~ IUElf!' m: I\\'. ME If IWGU 'IBNW!r Wit 5P14 lilfJ MEA Ii ~ ~ IJmS llllJ UillSSillll R Flllli91Y 11 Ul:lllf~D mm t cawm.w • _. 1. tl'PIB.L!I nl111oms ~At ~ate.:u:EmtE: ~ 4Z" l!E HAVE NOT D£1ERiaINEll THE FEE illtlERSH IP ti" THE ROADS SHO~. AND FOR M PURPOSES OF nm; EXHIBH HAYE ASSlllEO THAT ADJOINING LANDOWNERS RETAIN AN !llIDlEST IN THE PR!fERTY SUllJECT TO TliE RIGHT OF IV.'f OF All ROADS S!!O\\'N OTHER THAN INTERSTATE HIGll'NAYS. THE lNfORMAHOH SHOll'll Oii Tiils DRAlllNG rs FROM ASSESSOR' s MAI'S 11110 fal TIIE SOLE PURPOSE OF CREATING A RIGHT OF WAY ACQUISITION EXHTSJT AND llEPRESEllTS cmIDITtOOS ilS THEY EX!ST /ff THE COUNTY ClE!ll('S RECtllIDS OFFICE. PROPERTY BWllDARJtS SH!l'lm ARE BASED 00 <:llmTY ASSESSOR'S YAPS DR HELD SURVEYS PERFffillED B~ TRAl¢SCOHT!llENTAl GAS PIPE LINE CCU'ANI' LlC ~ /;DJACENT TRACTS· NO CtVTL SURVEY OF THE EASE!ENT AREJI HAS Bro! PERfORlfl). THE ACREAGES SHiml AAE APl'RalUMA TE· 200 0 100 Ll!llnll Ill! Iii!! !ll!li l- ---= UEB lU1191!P, ~ C!DlfY, STATE\J~b HO. I I OAtt I ~' I jlill I 1e«wmoi:""1Dlt ~ _,, = s::l<i:ln 0 0511311& !SSllE! FOR 11. Q. ll'. 1 U/30/15 KB REISSUE:l FOR R.Q.11'. 100' fil£EI rro: 1r61503 '''*'~" 3 AREA OF PROPOSED TE!<PORAl!Y l!GR!t SPACE #2 . J"7, ?l!!li'OSED 42' CENTRAL l'EliN !.!ME SO!lTH AREA OF Pfllll'OSED CPLS l!/W ~;~!' Jl!SIIH l CAPfIEU.g NtJ SUSAN kAPPifl 16 f 204910900000 ~:' 1 / PA-LA-135-{l,OOO 293 l.F. OF 50' PROl'OSEO TEl4POlWlY ACCESS ROAD #AA-U-612.1 ... .,. _ __,-//"'~/"' ~ ----__:: ~ It: t.: BlF ~ 1. BEARINGS Sll!J\1!i ARE !!ASS! OH TilE PEN!IS'it\'AlHA STATI: l'lAllE COOR1HilATE S¥STBI. 120<l970SOOOOO NAD83• SOOTH ZmE. US FOOT. PA-1.A-135-!!. 000 m llOLTROO LLC 1203230600000 PA-U-137-'ll.OOO ,t; NOTES: ~ ~ e~,~· 2. lENGiH llF PIPELINE FOO l'OOl'GSED RIGHT Of WAY •• 3059.55 FEET AREA OF l'RD!'OSED Cl'LS IVW • • • • • • • • • • • • 3.51 ACRES !!~! AREA OF Pll!ll'OSED Tm'OOARY Jllll!K SPACE • • • • • • AllEA OF l'Rlll'US£0 TE~i' ACCESS RDAO •• , • • 5.90 i\CRES ;:::::::::::,: 0 100 200 300 I Im llllli 1111 E li!!I -----llilllllllllll!llllllllil!i!lllilllll!B SCAU: IN Fm !l.35 ACRE PllG'ERTY UNE • • • • • • • • • • • • • • , • • • P-O!NT OF um:RSECTlOll • • • • • • • • • • • • • • -0-- 3. ROA!ls ll!\lllllllff~ ~lrr.i: ~ WE !iA\IE NOT OHtllMINEll 1HE Ft:E Qll!jEl!S!HI' OF THE ROA!JS SHCillN, AND FllR THE PURPOSES OF TlllS. EXllIBiT HAVE ASS1ll!ED THAT AllJO!IHKG u.tlOOlllERS RETAIN AN llffi.R£ST Ill THE PROPERTY SlJBJECT TO TllE RIGllT Of l!AY OF Al.L RQAl)S SHO\ff OTHER THAN INTERSTATE HlGllWAYS. 1llE !NF~iION Sllil'll!I llf THIS ORAWING rs FD ASSESSOR'S MAPS AN!! FOR THE SO!.E PURPOSE OF CREATJHG A RIGllT O.<" 'IAY ACllll!SITION EX!llB!T AND REPRESENTS CONDITIONS AS THEY EJUST AT THE COIJ?tTY cLEAA 'S llEOOillS OFFict. l'RllPERTY SlJIJl!llARIES SHOWN A.RE BASEll OI! COOllTY ASSESSOO'S llAPS Oil FIELD SURVEYS PERFCR!EO BY TRANSClmT!HENTAL GAS !'Il'E Lll!E- ct»i!'Am' LLC ON A!)JA.OOIT TRACTS. Nil CIVIL SURVEY OF THE EA.."E.llEUT AREA HAS BEEN PERFOOMED. TllE ACREA.GES SHlll!N ARE APPllOJ(llifATE. 1111< I B'I -.c-~ 05113/16 BB ISSUED Fill R.o.w. 1 H/30116 KB RE!SSUEll Fill IMJ.J, m w~1n ~llDTAl SAS PIPE Ult l.DNV llC 42" camw. Pml UllE ami, HA If'~ l!IllT IF WAT. M'S fl l'ID09ED mNWIT Dl SfMl MID m llf ...-'.::II FlllfOB lElfllWY mss !llllO COOSSilca 1ll fmDTf If un11.•..--n JUSTll l CM1PIWJI . . . AWPlaul rrl1INJRJS ~ lDllllSIHP. ~Imm. ~ STA1E IF Hllm.¥MIA ~!" 1) ::100' R!\lS!li<t ·-··- ~·· 1--- -· ·~· ·" 1=2H60i' - 1211.nllli ~I+ 9El Of 4 '.t- '!'fl'_tmmQ_~"i,~1'1:1.0:C.-

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