RBC Bank USA v. Epps et al

Filing 225


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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF SOUTH CAROLINA FLORENCE DIVISION 4:11-CV-124-RBH RBC BANK (USA), Plaintiff, v. THOMAS DARIN EPPS, DUNES MORTGAGE LLC, SYNERGY INVESTMENT GROUP LLC, JEREMY EASON, JJE ENTERPRISES LLC a/k/a J&J ENTERPRISES, MALIA MCCAFFREY, PRODIGY CONSULTING, LLC, LINDA L. STEELE, LINBRANDT, LLC, JOSEPH GRAY, JACQUELINE GRAY, WEST COAST FUNDING, LLC, THERESA FESCHUK, MAJ, LLC, ZAG, LLC, ALISSA SMITH, EAST COAST FUNDING, LLC, CASA MIA, INC. a/k/a/ CASA MIA DEVELOPMENT, LLC, J&M MORTGAGE SERVICES, INC. a/k/a/ CHALLENGE HOME EQUITY, MIKE WIMBERLY, ZEREKO NEVADA, INC., YOUVAL GERINGER, STONEGATE PROPERTIES, INC., JOHN M. WARNER, JR., WARFIN DEVELOPERS, LLC, THERON FLOYD, TRINITY DEVELOPMENT, LLC, LARRY PROSSER, DUPLEX DEVELOPMENT, INC., JOHN MARKS, ACTION BUILDERS OF MYRTLE BEACH, LLC, DAVID L. BRIDGES, JR., ALVIN H. SHUMAN, MCKEAN PROPERTIES, LLC, DAVID THOMAS HIX, JR., MYRTLE BEACH VILLAS, LLC, DAVID O’CONNELL, JEFFERY TODD SHOUP, ATLANTIS VILLAS OF NMB, LLC, MATTHEW SKINNER, and BILLY JAMES BARFIELD, Defendants. CONSENT ORDER DISMISSING PLAINTIFF’S CLAIMS AGAINST ALVIN SHUMAN AND MCKEAN PROPERTIES, LLC This matter comes before me upon the motion by Plaintiff RBC Bank to dismiss with prejudice the Plaintiff’s claims against Defendants Alvin Shuman and McKean Properties, LLC. Defendants Alvin Shuman and McKean Properties, LLC consent to this motion. It having been made to appear to the court that RBC Bank and Alvin Shuman and McKean Properties, LLC agree and consent to the dismissal of the claims with prejudice against Defendants Alvin Shuman and McKean Properties, LLC, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that the claims of RBC Bank against Defendants Alvin Shuman and McKean Properties, LLC are hereby dismissed with prejudice. IT IS SO ORDERED. December 19, 2012 s/R. Bryan Harwell R. Bryan Harwell United States District Judge I SO MOVE: Poyner Spruill LLP I SO CONSENT: By: CARLOCK, COPELAND & STAIR, LLP s/ Thomas L. Ogburn III Thomas L. Ogburn III District Court ID No. 6743 301 South College Street, Suite 2300 Charlotte, NC 28202 Telephone: 704.342.5250 Facsimile: 704.342.5264 Email: togburn@poyners.com ATTORNEYS FOR PLAINTIFF By: 2 s/Amanda K. Dudgeon Amanda K. Dudgeon Federal Bar No.: 9681 40 Calhoun Street, Suite 400 Charleston, SC 29401 Telephone: 843-727-0307 Email: adudgeon@carlockcopeland.com ATTORNEYS FOR DEFENDANTS

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