Innovative Automation LLC v. Apple, Inc.

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COMPLAINT FOR PATENT INFRINGEMENT against Apple, Inc. ( Filing fee $ 350 receipt number 0540-3877327.), filed by Innovative Automation LLC. (Attachments: # 1 Civil Cover Sheet, # 2 Exhibit A, # 3 Exhibit B)(Ainsworth, Charles)

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Exhibit B 111111111川川川川 川川川恻恻111川川川川恻删川l川阳川川川11川川川川川l川川配川 川l川11111川|川川11111111111 川川 川川川川川恻恻川恻唰唰|川川睛 l川M川川川川川川川川 11川川|川川 川川 1 11川 11川川 川川川 川川川 川川l l川川 川川川 11 1111111 11l川 11l川 11川 川川川|川川川川 11111 11 11111 1 111川川|川川川 11 川川 川 111 11 111 (54) (76) ( *) United States Patent (10) Lee (1 2) (45) METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SUPPLYING PRODUCTS FROM PRE-STORED DIGITAL DATA IN RESPONSE TO DEMANDS TRANSMITTED VIA COMPUTER NETWORK Inventor Notice Subject s toeaxt1y 8dlaoir lj theten110fthis endd1巳 c mae司 patent is extended or adjusted under 35 U.S. c. 154(b) by 0 days (57) App l. No.: 11/653,150 (22) Filed Jan. 11, 2007 Prior Publication Data US 2007/0180054 Al (52) (58) Aug. 2 , 2007 Int. C l. G06F 15/16 (2006.01) U.S. C l. ......................... 7091203; 709/217; 709/219 Field of Classification Search ............. 369/84-85; 709/200-203 , 217-227 See application 自le for complete search history (56) * cited by ex缸nmer Primary Examine严 Moustafa M Meky (74) Attorney, Agent, or Firm-Jeffrey SonnabendLaw (21) (51) 7,174 ,362 B1 * 2/2007 Lee ............................ 709/203 7,277 ,903 B2 * 10/2007 Petrocelli. ... ... ..... ... ..... 707/204 Sungil Lee , 606 N. First St., San Jose , CA (US) 95112 Tclla11i8 teIH is subject to a terminal dismpera. (65) Patent No.: US 7,392 ,283 B2 Date of Patent: *Jun.24, 2008 References Cited U.S. PATENT DOCUMENTS 6,2 08 ,612 B1 * 3/2001 Miller ABSTRACT The present invention relates to a digital data duplication system that utilizes one or more computer networks to automate the process from order-taking to delivery, eliminating the need for human supervision. Customers enter requests for a given number of machine-readable articles containing digital data , typically compact disks. The requests are transferred to a website, which sends to a server electronic mails containing the details ofthe requests. Upon receiving an electronic mail , the server directs a printing device to produce mailing labels for shipment. The server has an internal archive of all data it uses to convert blank CD-Rs into the requested CDs , and is connωted to a series of CD-R writing machines. The server schedules 四ch request, downloads necessary data onto the CD-R writing machine that is assigned a particular request , and sends a write command. The CD-R writing machine subsequently transfers the data in its cache onto the pre-Ioaded CD-Rs. After the data transfer is complete , the CDs embodying the requested information are automatically placed in a bin for shipment 14 Claims , 4 Drawing Sheets 369/30.19 CDW 制 4牛〉。 4~ 。 44。 Sïo Sonnabend; # 01 driv回 #olprinter #blank CDRs CDimages 陪m. 面 paclty 5碍。 u.s. Patent Juo.24 , 2008 Sheet 1 of 4 US 7,392 ,283 B2 /ω CD-Writer Server log Manager -2..-0 0 300 , Resourω Manager 400 CD Writer Control FIG.1 可 · ∞- 10 M》 巳 伟 国 畔 』 回 句。 CD Wrlter Control (4 00) !xamine job 109 3!.O CDW 制 ., of printer CDW #l2 #1 of drives #1 ofprinter #1 blank CDRs #1 blankCDRs CDimages CD images rem. caDaci' rem. 回 pacity 44。 N h # of drives 4仲。 -国 Re80urce Manager lloØ) archive of CDsounds and images F。 N 。∞ ∞ 田 园 l 。 。N l- Þ 。畔 同 3lo h p CD Wrlter2 (则 CD Wrlter 1 (~币o) s" to CDWriterN (白的 可 5'4- 0 ∞ J FIG.2 古鸣。 F也 NU eW ∞ Nh N w国 u.s. Patent Juo.24 , 2008 Sheet 3 of 4 US 7,392 ,283 B2 200 Log Manager ~.o ')..'LV :l ~O M垣 interp陪!t e-mail times幅mp e-mail line up the jobs in order 用ce阳ed send ∞mmand to address label printer FIG.3 u.s. Patent Juo.24 , 2008 Sheet 4 of 4 US 7,392 ,283 B2 ~~ ~\'l- ""1飞 4'"' -ç: aecide type of re∞rding medìum' (e息· CD-ROM , mini-CD , DVD, CD-R) de饱rmine pro饵部 time determine order of process and any groupings check availability of machines for the particular r部到ording medium 荆吃 create 民hedule for each CD Wr忧伤斗,今l:。 ~loO find and retrieve a subset from the archive no , 441 display a mess啕e: "please load mo陪 C D-Rs" 制者 4岛 FIG.4 US 7,392 ,283 B2 1 2 METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR SUPPLYING PRODUCTS FROM PRE-STORED DIGITAL DATA IN RESPONSE TO DEMANDS TRANSMITTED VIA COMPUTER NETWORK requests based 'O n estimated pr'O cess time , availability 'O f the appropriate 'O utput device , suitability 'O f particular devices for handling a particular request , am 'Ong 'O ther characteristics Informati 'O n 'On process tim巳 is 'O btained from an intemal 5 archive 'O f the digital data used t 'O pr'O duce the ordered CDs BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Likewise , the informati 'O n c 'Oncerning the availability 'O f each 'O utput device in the system is f'O und in intemal res 'O urce files 1. Technical Field When scheduling is c'O mplete , the CD Writer Server c 'O nverts The present inventi 'O n relates t 'O a digital data duplicati 'O n the e-mail requests int'O machine language and sends write system that utilize咀'One or m 'O re c 'O mputer networks t'O aut'O- 10 c 'Ommands t'O designated 'O utput devices. mate the process 企'Om order-taking t 'O pr'O duct delivery. More One imp 'O rtant 'Objωt 'O f the present inventi 'O n is t 'O c 'O stspecifically, the inventi 'O n permits users 'O f CD duplicati 'O n effectively duplicate CDs using CD writers in resp 'Onse t 'O services t 'O directly place requests int 'O a server, which then requests received from rem 'Ote cust'O mers. The present invenschedules pr'O ducti 'O n , all 'O cates res 'O urces , executes duplicati 'On rem 'Oves the inefficiency ass 'O ciated with human superti 'O n , and s'O rts the pr'O ducts for shipment. 15 visi 'O n , and eliminates the need for invent'O ry 2. Descripti 'O n 'O f Related Art As will be readily underst 'O'O d by 'One 'O f ordinary skill in the Before the advent 'O f r巳'cordable digital c'O mpact disks art , any available r.巳cording media can be used in place 'O f CD (hereina武er "CD-Rs") , the transfer 'O f data 'Ont'O c 'Ompact digidisks , DVD disks and like media. Other such media types include but are n 'O t limited t 'O HDVD disks , Bl u-Ray disks , tal disks was a c 'O stly procedure , ec 'O n 'O mically feasible 'O nly when manufacturing a large number 'O f c 'Opies. Users wh'O se 20 n 'On-v'O latile c 'O mputer mem'O ry, flash mem'O ry, NAND gate applicati 'O ns required relatively few c 'O pies or required fremem'Ory, hard disk drives and fl 'O ppy disk drives. Likewise , quent data updates c'O uld n 'O t r四p the benefits 'O f this c 'O mpact micr'Oprocessor based devices such as "palm-t'Op" c 'Omputers , disk duplicati 'O n techn'Ol 'O町, even th'O ugh l'Ow-c 'O st disk-read"lapt'Op" c 'Omputers and the like may functi 'O n as media in the ers were readily available. instant inventi 'O n. The advent 'O f CD-R was intended t 'O all 'Ow users t 'O record 25 In additi 'On t 'O the requested c'O ntent , the system 'O f the their 'Own disks and thereby achieve significant savi BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic depicti 'O n 'O fthe three m 'O dules c 'O mprising a CD Writer Server. FIG. 2 is a bl 'O ck diagram depicting the pr'O cess fl 'Ow from order receipt t 'O producti 'On FIG.3 is a schematic depicti 'O n 'O fthe functi 'O ns 'O fthe L 'O g 肌1anager. FIG. 4 is a schematic depicti 'O n 'O f the functi 'Ons 'O f CD Writer C 'O ntrol SUM鸟也气RY The present inventi 'O n relates t 'O a meth'O d and system 'O f taking cust'O mer requests and writing the requested digital data 'O nt'O vari 'O usdigitalrecordingmedia , suchasCD-ROMs , CDs , mini-CDs , or DVDs. U sing this meth'O d , a cust 'O mer can request any quantity 'O f a spωific CD , mini-CD , or DVD thr'Ough an electronic c 'Ommerce transacti 'O n system or a website andhave a server aut 'O matically pr'O cess the request s'O that it is ready for delivery. Up 'On order entry, the cust'O mer interface website first sends an electr'Onic mail (e-mail) t 'O a CD Writer Server. The e-mail triggers the CD Writer Server t 'O update a l'O g 'O f requests and send signals t 'O 'One or more printing devices that prepare address labels for delivery. Once the l'O g is updated , the CD Writer Server schedules the 55 60 65 DETAILED DESCRIPTION The present meth'O d and system relate t 'O c 'Onducting a business that supplies any type 'O f written or printed material , such as invitati 'O ns , b 'O'O ks , cards , and similar materials that can be mechanically produced from an archive 'O f digital informati 'O n. In 'O ne emb 'O diment , the present inventi 'On is adapted t 'O produce vari 'O us digital recording media , such as CD-ROMs , CDs , mini-CDs , and DVDs (hereina武er c 'O llectively referred t 'O as CDs). The inventi 'O n is implemented thr'Ough a c 'Omputer system herein referred t 'O as CD Writer Server. CD Writer Server 100 processes cust'O mer requests by using three m 'O dules that work t 'O gether: L'O g Manager 200 , US 7,392 ,283 B2 3 4 Resource Manager 300 , and CD Writer Control400 (see FIG. important when some data needs to be purged in order to 1). A "module ," as used herein, refers to the functionality and downloadnew data. As FIG. 2 shows , Resource Manager 300 and CD Writer Control 400 maintain close communication not the configuration of components. The CD Writer Server 100 typically resides on an e-mail 330 so that every time CD Writer Control 400 sends a write server b巳,cause the CD Writer Server commonly communi- 5 command 440 to one ofthe CD Writers 500 , Resource Mancates with the customer interface 10 via e-mails. The order ager 300 can update the resource file 310 for that CD Writer. fulfillment process is triggered when a customer enters a As mentioned above, Resource Manager 300 also stores an request through a customer interface 10. A customer interface archive 320 of all the sounds , images , and characters used to includes but is not limited to a website , a web server, an produce the requested CDs. The archive can be intemally electronic commerce transaction system , a customized start 10 indexed by part numbers , each part number being associated page , or an e-mail subsystem. At the interface , the customer is with a path name. In one , the hard drive ofResource Manager prompted to provide 1) the content(s) hewants duplicated,for 300 was designed to hold at least 1,000 CD contents along ex缸呻le identifiers of songs , movies , or sofì阳are , 2) the with corresponding graphics , which are to be physically desired quantity, 3) personal information such as the nam已 printed on the CDs (the number of contents the archive can address , and phone number of the custom町, 4) the desired 15 hold depends on the amount of data that each content corresponds to). In order to change or update the contents of the shipping method, 5) the due date , and 6) a payment or a method of payment, such as a cr巳dit card number, among archives an operatorwouldhave to delete some ofthe existing other information. After the request has been entered and the data and download new data from a network or a digital storage medium CD Writer Server 100 has scheduled the request , the customer may be able to see an estimat巳,d delivery date at the interface 20 CD Writer Control 400 retrieves information from both 10. Log Manager 200 and Resource Manager 300 to schedule The present system manages payment at the customer production for each CD Writer 500 connected to the system interface 10 , either through an US 7,392 ,283 B2 5 6 there are enough blank CD-Rs , CD Writer Control will send an expandable indexed archive of digital data , said data the write command for the proper number of CDs 440. Note representing contents available for request by customers; and that the maximum number of CDs that can be written and at least one resource file for each of said output devices in printed with one "write" command is equal to the number of drives in the CD Writerthat is processing the order (shown as 5 communication with said computer. n in FIG. 4). Thus , CD Writer Control repeat巳dly sends 446 a 5. The method of claim 4 , wherein said data in each said "write" command to the designated machine until the resource file comprise name and type of said output devices; requested number of CDs have been produced. When a request is fulfilled , CD Writer Control 400 proceeds to the network address of said output device; next request scheduled for the particular CD Writer. 10 number of drives in said output device; In the event that no CD Writer of the appropriate type availability of said output device; contains the requested data in its cache , CD Writer Control number of recording mediums pre-loaded in said output must check whether there is enough cache space left in the device; machine and download 432 the necessary data onto that index of digital data that has been downloaded onto said machine from the Resource Manager internal archive. Only 15 output device; and after downloading is complete can the CD Writer Control hard drive capacity remaining in said output device send its "write" command, which directs the CD Writers to 6. A system for duplication of data onto digital recording media, the system comprising transfer a specific subset of data from their cache to the blank a customer interface; and CD-Rs In one embodiment, each CD Writer is designed to hold up to about 200 CD images and printer graphics (de- 20 a communication network connecting said customer interpending on the size of the images). face to a server that schedules and process duplication; Writing a CD entails not only transferring digital data from wherein said server comprises the cache 520 to the blank CD-Rs 540 , but also printing first module for creating a log of customer requests; certain graphics on the surface of the mediums. Thus ,因ch second module for storing the data to be duplicated; CD W riter must be equipped with at least one printing device 25 third module for scheduling the duplication of each req

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