Gohmert et al v. Pence

Filing 40

NOTICE OF APPEAL by MIchele Lundgren. Filing fee $ 505, receipt number 0540-8176887. (Bundren, Wm.)

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Case 6:20-cv-00660-JDK Document 40 Filed 01/02/21 Page 1 of 6 PageID #: 996 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS TYLER DIVISION LOUIE GOHMERT, TYLER BOWYER, NANCY COTTLE, JAKE HOFFMAN, ANTHONY KERN, JAMES R. LAMON, SAM MOORHEAD, ROBERT MONTGOMERY, LORAINE PELLEGRINO, GREG SAFSTEN, KELLI WARD and MICHAEL WARD, Plaintiffs, Civil Action No. 6:20-cv-00660-JDK INTERVENORS’ MICHELE LUNDGREN ET.AL.’S NOTICE OF APPEAL (Election Matter) v. THE HONORABLE MICHAEL R. PENCE, VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, IN HIS OFFICIAL CAPACITY. Defendant, MICHELE LUNDGREN, MARIAN SHERIDAN, MESHAWN MADDOCK, MARI-ANN HENRY, AND AMY FACCHINELLO, IN THEIR OFFICIAL CAPACITY AS PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS, REPRESENTING THEIR RESPECTIVE STATES. Intervenors. INTERVENORS’ NOTICE OF APPEAL TO THE HONORABLE COURT: Case 6:20-cv-00660-JDK Document 40 Filed 01/02/21 Page 2 of 6 PageID #: 997 Pursuant to FED. R. APP. P. 3 and 4, notice is hereby given that Michele Lundgren, Marian Sheridan, Meshawn Maddock Mari-Ann Henry and Amy Facchinello in their official capacities as Presidential Electors for the State of Michigan (hereinafter referred to as the “Michigan Electors”) -- Interveners in the above-captioned action—hereby appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit the Order of Dismissal and the accompanying Final Judgment entered by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas in the above-captioned action on January 1, 2021 (ECF #37 and #38, respectively). January 2, 2021. Respectfully submitted, By: /s/ Charles Bundren BUNDREN LAW GROUP, PLLC Wm. Charles Bundren, Esq. Lead Attorney and Attorney-in Charge State Bar No. 03343200 2591 Dallas Parkway, Suite 300 Frisco, Texas 75034 (214) 808-3555 Telephone (972) 624-5340 Facsimile e-mail: charles@bundrenlaw.net ATTORNEY FOR INTERVENORS: CERTIFICATE OF ELECTRONIC FILING The undersigned hereby certifies that this document has been filed by electronic means through the court's CM/ECF electronic filing system on the date indicated below. 2 Case 6:20-cv-00660-JDK Document 40 Filed 01/02/21 Page 3 of 6 PageID #: 998 CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE UNDER LOCAL RULE Pursuant to LOCAL RULE CV-5 (c)&(d) of the Local Civil Rules of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Notice of Electronic Filing of this document automatically generated by this Court’s CM/ECF system constitutes service of this document under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 5(b)(2)(E) and is sufficient service by serving the parties indicated below. CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE This is to certify that on this 2nd day of January 2021 a true and correct copy of the foregoing document was served in accordance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas Local Rules on all legal counsel of record for any party and all pro se parties by serving the following: William Lewis Sessions Texas Bar No. 18041500 Sessions & Associates, PLLC 14591 North Dallas Parkway, Suite 400 Dallas, TX 75254 Tel: (214) 217-8855 Fax: (214) 723-5346 (fax) Email: lsessions@sessionslaw.net Howard Kleinhendler Howard Kleinhendler Esquire NY Bar No. 2657120 369 Lexington Ave., 12th Floor New York, New York 10017 Tel: (917) 793-1188 Fax: (732) 901-0832 Email: howard@kleinhendler.com Lawrence J. Joseph DC Bar No. 464777 Law Office of Lawrence J. Joseph 1250 Connecticut Ave, NW, Suite 700-1A Washington, DC 20036 Tel: (202) 355-9452 3 Case 6:20-cv-00660-JDK Document 40 Filed 01/02/21 Page 4 of 6 PageID #: 999 Fax: 202) 318-2254 Email: ljoseph@larryjoseph.com J rest Julia Z. Haller DC Bar No. 466921 Brandon Johnson DC Bar No. 491370 Defending the Republic 601 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Suite 900 South Building Washington, DC 20004 Tel: (561) 888-3166 Fax: 202-888-2162 Email: hallerjulia@outlook.com Email: brandoncjohnson6@aol.com ATTORNEYS FOR PLAINTIFFS. JEFFREY BOSSERT CLARK Acting Assistant Attorney General JENNIFER B. DICKEY Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General /s/ John V. Coghlan JOHN V. COGHLAN Deputy Assistant Attorney General Federal Programs Branch U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Division 950 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W. Washington, DC 20530 Tel: (202) 353-2793 Email: john.coghlan2@usdoj.gov ATTORNEYS FOR DEFENDANT.  Caitlin Halligan (NY Bar No. 3933447) Samuel Breidbart (NY Bar No. 5783352) Adam K. Hersh (NY Bar No. 5693064) Max H. Siegel (NY Bar No. 5652235) SELENDY & GAY PLLC 4 Case 6:20-cv-00660-JDK Document 40 Filed 01/02/21 Page 5 of 6 PageID #: 1000 1290 Avenue of the Americas New York, New York 10104 Douglas N. Letter (DC Bar No. 253492) General Counsel Todd B. Tatelman (VA Bar No. 66008) Megan Barbero (MA Bar No. 668854) Josephine Morse (DC Bar No. 1531317) William E. Havemann (VA Bar No. 86961) Eric R. Columbus (DC Bar No. 487736) Lisa K. Helvin (DC Bar No. 988143) Michael R. Dreeben (DC Bar No. 370586) GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY LAW CENTER 600 New Jersey Avenue NW Washington, D.C. 20001 Jonathan B. Schwartz (DC Bar No. 342758) OFFICE OF GENERAL COUNSEL U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 219 Cannon House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 Telephone: (202) 225-9700 Facsimile: (202) 226-1360 douglas.letter@mail.house.gov ATTORNEYS FOR AMICUS U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. John S. Campbell, pro se Amicus Curiae 17 Oakland Terrace Mobile, AL 36604 (251) 605-5675 consultingattorney@yahoo.com AMICUS CURIAE Alan Kennedy Alan Hamilton Kennedy, Esquire Colorado Bar No. 50275 1975 North Grant Street, # 421 Denver, CO 80203 5 Case 6:20-cv-00660-JDK Document 40 Filed 01/02/21 Page 6 of 6 PageID #: 1001 (303) 345-3397 alan.kennedy@aya.yale.edu PROPOSED INTERVENOR-DEFENDANT. Timothy P. Dowling Pro se Texas State Bar No. 06083900 8017 Villefranche Dr. Corpus Christi, TX 78414 (361) 960-3135 Relampago@aol.com PRO SE __x__by the Court's CM/ECF Pacer electronic filing System pursuant to FRCP 5(b)(2)(E) and 5(b)(3), and LOCAL RULE CV-5 (c)&(d), ____ by certified mail return receipt requested deposited with the United States Postal Service on the date indicated above pursuant to FRCP 5(b)(2)(C), ____ by email at the email address indicated above pursuant to FRCP 5(b)(2)(E), and/or ____ by hand delivery service on the date indicated above pursuant to FRCP 5(b(2)(A) and (B). By: /s/ Charles Bundren BUNDREN LAW GROUP, PLLC Wm. Charles Bundren, Esq. ATTORNEY FOR INTERVENORS: 6

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