Anascape, Ltd v. Microsoft Corp. et al

Filing 381

Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Ron Clark: Motion Hearing held in Beaumont on 7/18/2008 re 359 SEALED PATENT MOTION ANASCAPE, LTD.'S MOTION FOR PERMANENT INJUNCTION AND AN ONGOING ROYALTY filed by Anascape, Ltd, 358 SEALED MOTION -- Nintendo of America's Motion Regarding Ongoing Royalties filed filed by Nintendo of America, Inc., 360 MOTION FOR (1) PREJUDGMENT INTEREST; (2) POSTJUDGMENT INTEREST; AND (3) COSTS MOTION FOR (1) PREJUDGMENT INTEREST; (2) POSTJUDGMENT INTEREST; AND (3) COSTS filed by Anascape, Ltd, 355 MOTION to Sever PURSUANT TO FEDERAL RULE OF CIVIL PROCEDURE 21 filed by Anascape, Ltd. (Court Reporter Chris Bickham.) (fal, )

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Anascape, Ltd v. Microsoft Corp. et al Doc. 381 Case 9:06-cv-00158-RC Document 381 Filed 07/18/2008 Page 1 of 2 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT EASTERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS DIVISION: LUFKIN JUDGE: RON CLARK ANASCAPE, LTD. P L A IN T IF F MICROSOFT CORP., ET AL DEFENDANT DATE: 7/18/08 REPORTER: CHRIS BICKHAM CIVIL NO.: 9:06CV158 C/R DEPUTY: Faith Ann Laurents Attorneys for Plaintiff: Doug Cawley, Anthony Garza, Chris Bunt, Brad Armstrong, Steve Callahan Attorneys for Defendant: Robert Gunther, Jim Blank, Larry Germer, Robert Farris THIS DAY CAME THE PARTIES BY THEIR ATTORNEYS AND THE FOLLOWING PROCEEDINGS WERE HAD: Post-Trial Motions Hearing held in Beaumont. 9:10 am Court began. Counsel made announcements. Court heard arguments on whether their should be an injunction or royalty. 9:15 am Mr. Cawley presented plt's argument. 9:33 am Mr. Gunther presented dft's argument. 9:42 am Witness, Kelly Tyler, appeared via telephone, was sworn and direct by Mr. Garza began. Mr. Gunther objected, overruled. Objection, overruled. Objection, overruled. 9:55 am Cross by Mr. Gunther. 10:03 am Witness excused. Witness, Brad Armstrong, sworn and direct by Mr. Cawley began. 10:15 am Court recessed. 10:25 am Court resumed. 10:47 am Cross by Mr. Gunther. Mr. Cawley objected, Court instructed. 11:12 am Witness excused. 11:15 am Court recessed. 11:25 am Court resumed. Mr. Cawley gave a summary of plt's argument. 11:42 am Mr. Gunther gave a summary of dft's argument. 12:00 pm Mr. Gunther concluded. DAVID J. MALAND, CLERK /s/ Faith Ann Laurents Deputy Clerk TOTAL TIME: 2 hrs. 35 mins. U See Addt'l. Proceedings Case 9:06-cv-00158-RC Case # 9:06cv158 Document 381 Date: 7/18/08 Filed 07/18/2008 Page 2 of 2 of 2 Page 2 ADDITIONAL PROCEEDINGS: The Court made the following rulings for reasons stated on the record. Nintendo's Motion Regarding Ongoing Royalties [Doc. #358] is DENIED, Anascape's Motion for Permanent Injunction and an Ongoing Royalty [Doc. #359] is GRANTED IN PART, Anascape's Motion for Prejudgment Interest, Postjudgment Interest and Costs [Doc. #360] is GRANTED, and Anascape's Motion to Sever [Doc. #355] is GRANTED. 12:45 pm Steve Callahan addressed Court regarding jurisdiction. 12:55 pm Court adjourned.

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