TechRadium v. Twitter, Inc.

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TechRadium v. Twitter, Inc. Doc. 139 Case 4:09-cv-02490 Document 2 Filed in TXSD on 08/05/09 Page 1 of 1 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT For the Southern District of Texas UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Plaintiff v. Jose Arturo Peralta-Andrade Defendant Case No.: 7:05-po-01758 Magistrate Judge Dorina Ramos JUDGMENT On 4/14/05, the defendant appeared in person and with counsel. Whereupon the defendant entered a plea of guilty to the offense of knowingly and unlawfully entering the United States at a place other than as designated by immigration officers, in violation of Title 8, United States Code, Section 1325(a)(1), as charged in the Complaint; and the Court having found that the defendant is mentally competent, that the defendant's plea is voluntary and that there is a factual basis for the plea; IT IS ADJUDGED that the defendant is guilty as charged and convicted. IT IS ADJUDGED that a term of imprisonment of time served and a special assessment of $10.00 are hereby imposed. DONE at McAllen, Texas, on 4/15/05.

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