Kings English, The et al v. Shurtleff et al

Filing 43

AMENDED COMPLAINT against Mark Shurtleff, Von J. Christiansen, Amy F. Hugie, N. George Daines, Gene Strate, Dennis Judd, Melvin C. Wilson, Karen Allen, David A. Blackwell, Wallace A. Lee, Happy J. Morgan, Scott F. Garrett, Jared W. Eldridge, Eric S. Lind, Leray Jackson, Kelly M. Wright, Marvin D. Bagley, George W. Preston, David Yocom, Craig C. Halls, Ross C. Blackham, R. Don Brown, David Brickey, Douglas J. Ahlstrom, Joann Stringham, Carlisle Kay Bryson, Thomas L. Low, Brock R. Belnap, Mark Decaria. New Plaintiffs: IPNS of Utah, LLC;,Inc.. Removed Plaintiffs: Computer Solutions International, Inc.; Mountian Wireless Utah, LLC.. New Defendants: Stephen Hadfield; Brian Sidwell; Troy Rawlings; Stephen Foote; Barry L. Huntington; John E. Hummel; Richard Waddingham; Jann L. Farris; Lohra L. Miller; Dale Eyre; Douglas Hogan; Jeffrey Buhman. Removed Defendants: Amy F. Hugie; Dennis L. Judd; Melvin C. Wilson; Karen Allen; Wallace A. Lee; Eric S. Lind; Leray G. Jackson; Kelly M. Wright; David E. Yocom; R. Don Brown; Douglas J. Ahlstrom; Carlyle Kay Bryson., filed by W. Andrew McCullough, Computer Solutions International, Mountain Wireless Utah, Sexual Health Network, The, Utah Progressive Network Education Fund, American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression, American Civil Liberties Union, Kings English, The, Association of American Publishers, Comic Book Legal Defunse Fund, Freedom to Read Foundation, Publishers Marketing Association, Sam Wellers Zion Bookstore, Nathan Florence.(Felix, Wesley)

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