Clemons v. Google, Inc.

Filing 9

SUMMONS Returned Executed by Richard Clemons Google, Inc. served on 10/26/2017, answer due 11/16/2017. (dvanm, )

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U.S. Department of Justice PROCESS RECEIPT AND RETURN United States Marshals Service See "Insfniciions for Service of Process bv U.S. hdarshal" FILED TLAfNTIFr HAI COURT CASli NUMBER l:17cv963 Richard demons oL>" Z'6 FM 2Ct7GLPg3 PN DEFENDANT Google. Inc. Z' t'U Service of Summons/Complaint NQRTHi"K;^ NAME (IgjffC(i!Wp'AiiY:icbRPORiWfc®Ai SERVE y Google, Inc. TYPE OF PROCESS OR DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY TO SEIZE OR CONDEMN COURT I ADDIil£b£j:4U,'W 'City. Slate and ZIP Code) •1000 Enterprise Way, 6thFloor, Sunnyvale, CA94098 SEND NOTICE OFSERVICE COPY TO REQUESTER ATNAME AND ADDRESS BELOW Number of process to be served with this Form 285 Richard demons Number of partiest©be Address Unknown served in this case" rii c- tn \ o m o » -a Check for service*. -- '' •p-j -n ro on U.S.A. -— o -*•- ' .n -'-X SPECIA&'^STRUCTI^S CSOTIIER INFORMATION THAT WILL ASSIST IN EXPEDITING SERVICE (Include Busin^^^^lterfJ^ — ' All Teleiilionel^iber^ndtsiiniated Times Availablefor Service): Fold «cc - yj 5g S—• -V* ::j o. O (-u 3 i— CO Fold O CO > C-'_ J si.' i n CTj CD ouo:5 U,i LU L: ! Sign^Vif'e'ftf Aminieyiothcr Cfrigiiiator requesting Sjyvice on behalf of m PLAINTIFF • I acknowledgereceipt for the total number of process indicated. (Signonlyfor USM28S if more than one USM 285 is suhiiiilled) District of District to Origin Total Process DEFENDANT DATE TELEPHONE NUIvfBER 9/20/17 703-299-2101 Date Signature ofAuthorized USMS Deputy orClerk Serve i KnO// !hereby certify and return that ij^vcpersonally served .• have legal evidence of.servi\<• have executed '^.^ho^Win "Remarks^^ on the individual, company, corporation, etc., at the address shown above on the on the individual. company, corporation, ctc. shown at the address inserted bdow. • Ihereby ccrtify and return that Iam unable to locate the individual, company, corporation, etc. named above (See remarks belo^v) Q A person ofsuitable age and discretion Name and title of individual served (if notshown above) then residing indefendant's usual place of abode Time Date Adtlrc*;'! (coiiwleie onlydifferent than shown above) {c? re of U .SfMarshal or Deputy Service Fee Total Mileage Charges Forwarding Fee including endeavors) Total Charges Advance Deposits 3a P Amount owed lo U.S. Mi (.Amountof Refund*) $0.00 REMARKS; PRIiNTSCGI'ILS: 1. CLERK OF THE COURT PRIOR EDITIONS MAY BE USED 2. USMS RECORD 3. NOTICE OF SERVICE 4. BILLING STATEMENT*: To be returned to the U.S. Marshal with payment, ifany amount is owed. PleiLse remit promptly payable to U.S. Marshal. 5. ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF RECEIPT Form USM-285 Rev. 12/15/80 Automated 01/00

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