I/P Engine, Inc. v. AOL, Inc. et al

Filing 1090

Transmission of Notice of Appeal to US Federal Circuit re 1089 Notice of Appeal. Appeal Package emailed to the Federal Circuit. (tbro)

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Form 7 FORM 7. Appeal Information Sheet FEDERAL CIRCUIT APPEAL INFORMATION SHEET I I United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia - Norfolk Division 1 | United States Court of International Trade I I United States Court of Federal Claims I I United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims Type of case: PatentInfringement l/P Engine, Inc. v. AOL Inc., etal (List all parties. Use an asterisk to indicate dismissed or withdrawn parties. Use a separate sheet if needed. Explain any discrepancy with the caption used on the judgment, order, or opinion.) Docket No. 2:11cv512-RAJ-TEM Date of Judgment or Order 8/14/13,1/21/14,1/28/14, Cross or related appeal? 13-1307:13'1313 Date of Notice of Appeal Appellant is: I I Plaintiff I / IDefendant FEES: Court of Appeals docket fee paid? U.S. Appeal? In forma pauperis? Is this matter under seal? I IYes I / I 2/5/14 IOther (explain) I / lYes I iNo I lYes I / INo I lYes I / INo INo COUNSEL: (List name, firm, address, and telephone of lead counsel for each party. Indicate party represented. Use separate sheet if needed.) See Docket Sheet COURT REPORTER: (Name and telephone): Sharon Borden 757-222-7072; Jody Stewart 757-222-7071 IMPORTANT: Attach a copy of the judgment or order appealed from and any supporting opinion or memorandum. Forward together with a copy of the notice of appeal and certified docket entries. Clerk of Court United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit 717 Madison Place, NW Washington, DC 20439 120

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