I/P Engine, Inc. v. AOL, Inc. et al

Filing 205

ORDER GRANTING 204 Motion for Krista Carter to appear Pro hac vice on behalf of I/P Engine, Inc. Entered and filed 8/14/12. (Signed by District Judge Raymond A. Jackson on 8/14/12). (ecav, )

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE EASTERN DISTRICT OF VIRGINIA APPLICATION TO QUALIFY AS A FOREIGN ATTORNEY UNDER LOCAL CIVIL RULE 83.1(D) AND LOCAL CRIMINAL RULE 57.4 In Case Number 2:11-cv00512 , Case Name t/P Engine, Inc. v. AOL, Inc., et al. Party Represented by Applicant: I/P Engine, Inc. . To: The Honorable Judges of the United Stales District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia PERSONAL STATEMENT FULL NAME (no initials, please) Krlsta Carter Bar Identification Number CA 225229 Firm Name Dlcksteln Shapiro UP Firm Phone # (650)690-9500 State California nireel Dial # (650) 690-9544 E-Mail Address carterkff»dlckstelnsha plro.com Office Mailing Address 700 Hansen Way. Palo Alto. CA 94304 Name(s) of federal court(s) in which I have been admitted N. P. California, Federal Circuit 1 certify that the rules of the federal court hi the district in which I maintain my office extend a similar,™ hec vice admission privilege to members of the bar of the Eastern District of Virginia. I have not been reprimanded in any court nor has there been any action in any court pertaining to my conduct or fitness as a member of the bar. Evidence is current. ! ara am not JL a full-time employee of the United States of America, andli^», re^t^gmptionftyn the admission fee. ^Applicant's Signature) i, and petition the court to admit the applicant pro hoc vice /A Bar Number) (Typed or Printed Name) FILED Court Use Only: Clerk's Fee Paid. or Exemption Granted AUG 1 4 2012 The motion for admission is GRANTED US DISTRICT COURT (Judge' Dnjc (Dnj6) 7 fl&RFOLK, VA

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