In RE: LLS America LLC (Kriegman v. Stanford Adversary, No. 11-80099-PCW11)

Filing 27

AMENDED JUDGMENT IN A CIVIL ACTION re: 22 Judgment. (Service of Notice on parties not registered as users of the Court CM/ECF system accomplished via USPS mail.) (CLP, Case Administrator Team Lead)

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AO 450 (Rev. 11/11) Judgment in a Civil Action UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT In Re: LLS AMERICA, LLC for the Eastern District of Washington FILED IN THE U.S. DISTRICT COURT EASTERN DISTRICT OF WASHINGTON Nov 18, 2022 Debtor, SEAN F. MCAVOY, CLERK BRUCE P. KRIEGMAN, solely in his capacity as the court­ appomted Chapter 11 Irustee for LLA Amenca, LLC, Plaintiff V BARRY S\NFORD, ) ) ) ) Civil Action No. 2:12-cv-00425-RMP ) Defendant AMENDED JUDGMENT IN A CIVIL ACTION � other: The Judgment is extended for ten (10) years from December 7, 2022. Interest will continue to accrue at the rate of the weekly average of one-year constant maturity (nominal) treasury yield as published by the Federal Reserve System. Pursuant to RCW 6.17.020(3), 4.64.030(2)(a), the following is included on the amended judgment: Judgment Creditor: Plaintiff Bruce P. Kriegman solely in his capacity as the court-appointed Chapter 11 Trustee for LLS America, LLC and the Liquidating Trustee under the Liquidating Trust made pursuant to the Chapter 11 Trustee's and Official Committee of Unsecured Creditor's Second Modified Plan of Liquidation dated as of November 27, 2012 Attorney for Judgment Creditor: Judgment Debtor: Amount Outstanding of Judgment: Interest under Judgment: (12/08/2012 – 10/14/2022) (.18% for 3,598 days) Recoverable Costs – Application Fee: New Total Judgment: Interest Rate: ff decided by Judge Date: ll/18/2022 Witherspoon Kelley Barry Stanford $786,258.95 CAD $ 250.00 USD $ 14,168.08 USD $ 402.00 USD $786,258.95 CAD $ 14,820.08 USD .18% per annum Rosanna Malouf Peterson CLERK OF COURT SEAN F. McAVOY sf Courtney Piazza (By) Deputy Clerk Courtney Piazza

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