Board of Trustees of the Cement Masons & Plasterers Health & Welfare Trust et al v. Plaster Northwest LLC et al

Filing 6

ORDER granting Plaintiff's 4 Motion Requiring Production of ESD Records. Signed by Judge Ricardo S Martinez.(swt)

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1 2 3 4 5 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT WESTERN DISTRICT OF WASHINGTON AT SEATTLE 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE CEMENT MASONS & PLASTERERS HEALTH & WELFARE TRUST, et al., Plaintiffs, v. PLASTER NORTHWEST LLC, A Washington limited liability company, Contractor’s Registration No. PLASTNL861CS, UBI No. 603337517 and CHRISTOPHER W. BRIGHT, 14 NO. 2:16-cv-01918-RSM ORDER REQUIRING PRODUCTION OF EMPLOYMENT SECURITY DEPARTMENT RECORDS Defendants. 15 THIS MATTER, having come on regularly before this court upon motion of plaintiffs, 16 and this court having before it the declaration of counsel filed in support of this motion and 17 being otherwise duly advised in the premises, 18 NOW, THEREFORE, it is ADJUDGED AND ORDERED as follows: 19 1. The production of records in the possession of the Washington State 20 Employment Security Department regarding employees of Plaster Northwest LLC for the 21 period of January 2016 through current is necessary for the prosecution of plaintiffs’ case. 22 ORDER REQUIRING PRODUCTION OF ESD RECORDS – 1 Cause No. 2:16-cv-01918-RSM 5000 342 sb161209 McKENZIE ROTHWELL BARLOW & COUGHRAN, P.S. 1325 FOURTH AVE, SUITE 910 SEATTLE, WA 98101 (206) 224-9900 1 2. This necessity outweighs any interest in the confidentiality or privacy of this 2 information of the individual employees, and counsel for the plaintiffs will treat these records 3 as confidential and disclose only such information as is necessary to prosecute this action. 4 3. Pursuant to RCW 50.13.070, the Washington State Employment Security 5 Department is now ORDERED to produce copies of originals of all documents or records in 6 its possession related to employee reports of Plaster Northwest LLC at a mutually agreed time 7 and place between the Department and attorneys for the plaintiffs, but in any case and failing 8 agreement, at the offices of the attorneys for the plaintiffs within twenty (20) days of the date 9 of service of this Order upon the Department. 10 DATED this 13 day of March 2017. 11 A 12 RICARDO S. MARTINEZ CHIEF UNITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGE 13 14 Presented by: 15 16 17 /s/ Noelle E. Dwarzski Noelle E. Dwarzski, WSBA #40041 McKENZIE ROTHWELL BARLOW & COUGHRAN, P.S. Attorneys for Plaintiffs 18 19 20 21 22 ORDER REQUIRING PRODUCTION OF ESD RECORDS – 2 Cause No. 2:16-cv-01918-RSM 5000 342 sb161209 McKENZIE ROTHWELL BARLOW & COUGHRAN, P.S. 1325 FOURTH AVE, SUITE 910 SEATTLE, WA 98101 (206) 224-9900

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