Cose, Roger v. Schrubbe, Belinda et al

Filing 70

Transmission of Notice of Appeal, Order, Judgment, Motion and Docket Sheet to Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals re 67 Notice of Appeal. (Attachments: # 1 Order, # 2 Judgment, # 3 Motion for Use of Release Account Funds to Pay Appeal Filing Fee, # 4 Docket Sheet) (nln),(ps)

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF \nSCWC~lO D'E 'rl' ro I " ~'.Iv ROGER ALLEN COSE, - !. ~, ,- '[llR } \ 11\1' I ••... l- 2 ~J1 10:2 MOTION. FOR, COURT ORDER Plaintiff-Appellant, iJrJ tJ;~ I . ~~ ~ ~J .. rr".ll) , -v- " . lq, It ... Case' NO • '14-CV-540-Jdp .':: dll • MARY GORSKE, CHARLES LARSON, and BELINDA SCRUBBE, Defendants-Appellees. MOTION FOR A MOTION FOR A COURT ORDER TO DIRECT THE DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS TO TAKE COSE'S APPEAL FILING FEES FOR THE ABOVE MENTIONED CASE FROM COSE'S RELEASE ACCOUNT ONLY HEREBY Roger Allen Cose, requests the Court to notify and direct the Inmate Accounts Office at Department of Corrections, Stanley Correctional Institution, 100 Corrections Drive, Stanley, WI 54768-6500, to wi thdraw the appeal fees and costs ($505.00) for the above mentioned case, from Cose' s release account only, per D.A.I. Policy 309.45.02. Cose is requestin<j that the Court order this, due to according to the "NEW" D.A.I. Policy 309.45.02, Cose's re'.Jular account would have to be depleted and the balance taken from the release account and in doing so, would cause undo hardship on to Cose. Cose has included a copy of his Trust Account Statement dated 02-12-2018, Exhibit 01), which shows a balance of $3.31 under Cose's regular account and a balance of $1,101.45 under his release account, which is sufficient to pat the required fees, without depleting Cose's regular account. Cose has also submitted a copy of Disbursement Request, showin'.Jhis request for release account only was denied. (Exhibit 02). Dated this 4th day of March, 2018 • .ectfully submitted: Roger Cose, Pro Se DOC#: 376435 Stanley Correctional Institution 100 Corrections Drive Stanley, WI 54768-6500 EXHIBIT REPORT PAGE: Trust Account Statement WI DOC PROCESSED: NO. IBSR903 - 92 7 of 02112/2018 01 105 12:58 Stanley Correctional Institution From 01/29/2018 through 0211212018 Canteen Statement DOC #, 376435 Name: CaSE, ROGER A DOB, 1954 Location: 131_1 4C/LT Account Balances: End Balance Start Balance Account Type Hold Balance $42.70 REG REL $0.00 $3.31 $1.101.09 SO.OO $1.143.79 Total: $1.101.45 SI,104.76 $0.00 Debts and Obli2alioDs: Total l\"ot yet Distributed: Deposited. $0,00 facility Payable Pf, Balance Info Number % Status Account Activity: Receipt/Info Number Amount Date Acet Type Facility Transaction 01/3112018 REG REG REL REG SCI Record SCI Involuntary SCI Post Inmate Release Withdrawal $0.36 SCI Withhold Release (SO.36) 02/0112018 02/0112018 02/01/2018 • Division of Adult Institution not collecting at this time. Description Canteen Purchase (Contracted Canteen) UnassignedlOO 111/14/18-1/27/18IRcg:72@$O.05 for Inmate Account (542.63) $3.60 DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS Di=:i~on of f~ult Institutions DOC-184 (Rev. 3/2015) DISBURSEMENT REQUEST SOLICITUD DE DESEMBOLSO EXHIBIT OFFENDER SOLlClroD REQUEST. Tobe completed by the offender. Please pnnt or type .allitems except your signature. DE OFENSOR ~ Debe ser com leta do r a!ensor Por !avoc 1m nma todo dxce to su firma > ~• FACILITY NAME (Abbreviate) DOC NUMBER OFFENDER NAME NOMBRE DE OFENSOR NUMERO NOMBRE-/NSTALACION (Abrevie) 376435 Cose. Ro"er ~m<'8t'~,R~~& QU D OUCTUD 1 - Copies Capias Shipping/Freight 02. o PARA: EnviolCarga 3 - Postage Posta de Correa FUNDING SOURCE: STREET ADDRESS o o . • HOUSING 4C/13 CITY CIUDAD STATE ESTADO Madison WI 4 - Photos Fotos D B - Savings Withdrawal Desembolso 5 - State 10 Photo Foto /0 del Estado D 9 - Property Purchase (reason reqlJired)' Savings Bond Purchase Compra Bonos de Ahorro 7 - Savings Deposit Deposito Ahorros XU 10 0 11 - UNIT/FLOOR/CELL UNlOAD I PISO / CELDA S.C.I. DE CALLE 120 N Henr St. Rm 320 06. o DlRECC/ON WISCONSIN Administrative Code Chapter DOC 309 02 Other ZIP COD/GO POSTAL 53703 de Ahorros (reason required). Compra de Propiedad Otro (requiers (requiere Route Check to: Envle cheque a: _ FUENTE DE FONDOS DREG. Regular Account Cuenta Regular DWR. Work Release Account Cuenta de Trabajo "REASON FOR REQUEST (Must complete if you choose 9 or 10 above) INDIVIDUAL "RAZON POR LA SOLICITUD (Debe completarsi escoge casillas 9 010 am'ba) fee ~El - Release Account Cuenta de Liberaci6n Dlegal ITEMS REQUESTED Art/culos Individuates Soficitados loan Prestamo Legal AMOUNT CANT/DAD S $ Fi1in~ fee for ap~a1 $ $ DATE SIGNED FECHA DE FIRMA REQUEST DENIED BY SIGNATURE DISTRIBUTION: raz61W raz6n)" Original (White) - Bu OFFENDER 10 VERIFIED 10 DE OFENSOR QUEADO Staff Initials: 505.00

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