The Authors Guild v. Google, Inc.

Filing 6

FORM C, on behalf of Appellant Jim Bouton, Joseph Goulden, Betty Miles and The Authors Guild, FILED. Service date 01/06/2014 by CM/ECF.[1126648] [13-4829]

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S1IUHX] From Dure Tangri 1.888.231.9$62 Mon Dcc Case 1:05-cv-08136-DC 9 16:3711 2013 MST Page 3 of 4 Document 1091 Filed 12/10/13 Page 1 of 2 ’NITFf) T STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YOFUK THE AUTHORS GUILD, di., INC., et JUDGMENT Plaintiffs, . 05 Civ. l3ó L)C) V. DOODLE USDC SDNY INC., DOCUMENT ELECTRONICALLY FILED DOC:_____________ DATE FILED: R /10/13 Defendant. CHIN, Circuit Judge This matter having been duly heard by the parties’ the undersigned on cross—mot ions for summary judgment (the “Motions”) and the Court having considered the memoranda and declarations the parties and auici curiae in support filed by opposition to the Motions and th oral at gurnont presented at the hearing before the Court on September 23, having granted the Motion of Dofendant No. 1031, summary ECF No. 2013, and the Court for summary udrront, PC? arid having denied the Motion of Plaintiffs judgment, NOW, of and in upon 1088, ORDERED, ECF No. 1049, this Court’s opinion, it is entered November 14, hereby AD3UDGD, 1. Plaintiffs’ fr partIal AND DECREED that, Motion for Partial Summary JudgrrLent is don i ed 2. Defendant’s Motion 3. Pjajrcjffs’ for Summary Judgment is granted; claims ar:e diswssed with urojudic:e; 2013, () From Dune Tangri 1.888.231.9862 Mon Dec Case 1:05-cv-08136-DC Document 1091 9 16:37:11 2013 MST Page 4 of 4 Filed 12/10/13 Page 2 of 2 4. Costs in this acLion are awarded to Defendant, prevailing parLy in this action; 5. Any application for attorneys l as the and fees must be made within 14 days of the final resolution of all appeals or, aopeai is taken, Lime for within if rio 14 days after the exiration of filing a noLi ce of appeal SO ORDERED. Dated: New Yi3c, December & New York , 2013 J DiNNY CHI N United SLAtes Circuit Judge Sitting by Designation

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