Albert Snyder v. Fred Phelps, Sr.

Filing 52

AMICUS CURIAE/INTERVENOR BRIEF filed by Appellee Albert SnyderJeffrey I. Shulman, Amicus in electronic and paper format. Type of Brief: Amicus Curiae. Method of Filing Paper Copies: mail. Date Paper Copies Mailed, Dispatched, or Delivered to Court: 07/30/2008. [997905183] [08-1026] (JIS)

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UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE FOURTH CIRCUIT APPEARANCE OF COUNSEL FORM 08-1026 No. _____________________ THE CLERK WILL ENTER MY APPEARANCE AS COUNSEL ON BEHALF OF: Al __ t Snyder __ber_____________________________________________________________as the (party name) appellant(s) appellee(s) petitioner(s) respondent(s) amicus curiae intervenor(s) s/ Jeffrey I. _______ _________Shulman ______________________ (signature) If you have not been admitted to practice before the Fourth Circuit, you must complete and return an application for admission with this form. If you were admitted to practice under a different name than you are using now, you must include your former name when completing this form so that we can locate you on the attorney roll. Jef r ___ Shulman ___f_ey I. ___________________________ 202- ___9 ___ ____662-_000 ____ Name (printed or typed) Voice Phone __________________________________ Firm Name (if applicable) 600 New Jersey Ave., NW __________________________________ W _____ on___ _____ __ashingt__, DC_20001 ________________ _______________ Fax Number _________________________________ E-mail address (print or type) Address I am not participating in this case. Appellate counsel is: Margie I. Phelps __________________________________________________________ (Name) (Phone) REGISTRATION AS AN APPELLATE ECF FILER Effective June 1, 2008, counsel must file documents electronically in Fourth Circuit cases using the Appellate Case Management/Electronic Case Filing System (CM/ECF). Beginning March 10, 2008, attorneys admitted to practice in the Fourth Circuit may register with the PACER Service Center,, for an ECF Filer account. The PACER Service Center will transmit counsel's registration form to the Court for approval of filing privileges. The Court requires counsel to certify that they have familiarized themselves with the Court's CM/ECF System and procedures by completing either a (i) training class or (ii) on-line electronic learning modules and policies and procedures review, available on the Court's web site, Counsel can begin filing documents electronically on the Fourth Circuit's CM/ECF system beginning April 1, 2008. Between April 1, 2008, and June 1, 2008, documents filed electronically must be served conventionally on all participants in the case. When electronic filing becomes mandatory on June 1, 2008, conventional service is required only on counsel and parties who have not been served through CM/ECF, as identified on the Notice of Docket Activity. I have previously registered as an Appellate ECF Filer. I have not yet registered as an Appellate ECF Filer. Reset Form

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