In re: James LeBlanc, et al


UNPUBLISHED OPINION ORDER FILED. [14-30198 Affirmed] (ISSUED AS & FOR THE MANDATE) Judge: PEH , Judge: JLD , Judge: JEG; denying petition for writ of mandamus filed by Petitioners Mr. James M. LeBlanc, Mr. Burl Cain, Warden, Louisiana State Penitentiary, Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections and Ms. Angela Norwood; the temporary stay of the district court's order is lifted. [7584016-2] [14-30198]

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Case: 14-30198 Document: 00512576360 Page: 1 Date Filed: 03/27/2014 United States Court of Appeals FIFTH CIRCUIT OFFICE OF THE CLERK LYLE W. CAYCE CLERK TEL. 504-310-7700 600 S. MAESTRI PLACE NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130 March 27, 2014 Ms. Donna Gregory Middle District of Louisiana, Baton Rouge United States District Court 777 Florida Street Room 139 Baton Rouge, LA 70801 No. 14-30198 In re: James LeBlanc, et al USDC No. 3:12-CV-796 Dear Ms. Gregory, Enclosed is a copy of an opinion-order entered on 03/27/2014. have closed the case in this court. Sincerely, LYLE W. CAYCE, Clerk By: _________________________ Jamei R. Cheramie, Deputy Clerk Enclosure(s) cc: Honorable James J. Brady Mr. Gary Patrick Clements Mr. Jeffrey K. Cody Ms. Letty Spring Di Giulio Mr. James Leslie Hilburn Ms. Kathleen Ann Kelly Ms. Mercedes Hardy Montagnes Mr. Michael David Rubenstein Mr. Edmond Wade Shows Mr. Jonathan Samuel Sweeney Mrs. Cecelia Trenticosta Kappel Mr. Nicholas Joseph Trenticosta Mr. Jacqueline Bordelon Wilson We

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