USA v. Kelly Miller


OPINION filed : We AFFIRM defendants' convictions. As to DeJesus and Ruffin, we REMAND their cases to the district court for re-sentencing, decision not for publication. Gilbert S. Merritt, Authoring Circuit Judge; Jeffrey S. Sutton, Circuit Judge and Jane Branstetter Stranch, Circuit Judge. [11-5829, 11-5837, 11-5860, 11-6191, 11-6192, 11-6196, 11-6198]

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Case: 11-5829 Document: 140-2 Filed: 04/01/2014 Page: 1 UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE SIXTH CIRCUIT Deborah S. Hunt Clerk 100 EAST FIFTH STREET, ROOM 540 POTTER STEWART U.S. COURTHOUSE CINCINNATI, OHIO 45202-3988 Tel. (513) 564-7000 Filed: April 01, 2014 Mr. David L. Leonard Mr. James J. Lonon Mr. Paul L. Nelson Ms. Renee Paradis Mr. Charles Mark Pickrell Mr. James Russell Pryor Ms. Melissa M. Salinas Mr. Donald Wayne Taylor Case No. 11-5829/11-5837/11-5860/11-6191/11-6192 11-6196/11-6198, USA v. Kelly Miller; Adrian Dorsey; Lee Carr; Re: Sunnah Maddox; Ronnie Cooper; Keith Paris Ruffin; and Jason Peter DeJesus Originating Case No. : 2:09-CR-45-5 Dear Sir or Madam, The Court issued the enclosed (Order/Opinion) today in this case. Sincerely yours, s/Robin Duncan Case Manager Direct Dial No. 513-564-7027 cc: Ms. Debra Poplin Mr. Dennis G. Terez Enclosure Mandate to issue

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