Elizabeth Osborn, et al v. John Griffin, et al


OPINION and JUDGMENT filed : AFFIRMED. Decision for publication. Gilbert S. Merritt (DISSENTING), Alice M. Batchelder, and Eric L. Clay (AUTHORING), Circuit Judges. [16-6221, 16-6225, 16-6226, 16-6227]

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Case: 16-6221 Document: 64-3 Filed: 07/28/2017 Page: 1 UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE SIXTH CIRCUIT Nos. 16-6221/6225/6226/6227 ELIZABETH A. OSBORN (16-2221 & 16-6225); LINDA G. HOLT, JUDITH E. PREWITT, and CYNTHIA L. ROEDER (16-2221/6225/6226/6227), Plaintiffs - Appellees, FILED Jul 28, 2017 DEBORAH S. HUNT, Clerk v. JOHN M. GRIFFIN, ESTATE OF DENNIS B. GRIFFIN, and DENNIS B. GRIFFIN REVOCABLE TRUST - 2012 (16-6221 & 16-6226); MARTOM PROPERTIES, LLC (16-6225 & 16-6227), Defendants - Appellants. Before: MERRITT, BATCHELDER, and CLAY, Circuit Judges. JUDGMENT On Appeal from the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky at Covington. THIS CAUSE was heard on the record from the district court and was argued by counsel. IN CONSIDERATION THEREOF, it is ORDERED that the judgment of the district court is AFFIRMED. ENTERED BY ORDER OF THE COURT Deborah S. Hunt, Clerk

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