The Facebook, Inc., et al v. ConnectU, Inc., et al

Filing 7

Filed order (ALEX KOZINSKI, RICHARD A. PAEZ and RICHARD C. TALLMAN) The motion of ConnectU, Inc. to substitute new counsel in consolidated appeals Nos. 08-16745, 08-16849, 08-16873 is granted. These consolidated and related appeals and cross-appeals are remanded to the district court for the limited purpose of enabling the district court to consider the issues raised in ConnectU, Inc.’s motion to disqualify counsel, the opposition thereto and the reply filed in support of the motion. The Clerk shall forward to the district court ConnectU, Inc.’s motion to disqualify counsel, the Founders’ response thereto and ConnectU, Inc.’s reply, received on January 20, 2009, February 13, 2009 and February 26, 2009, respectively. Proceedings in these consolidated and related appeals are stayed pending further order of the court. Within 60 days of the filing date of this order or within 7 days of the district court’s ruling on the motion to disqualify, whichever occurs first, the parties shall file a report on the status of district court proceedings and motion for appropriate relief. [6976558] [08-16745, 09-15021, 09-15133, 08-16873, 08-16849] (WL)

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