American Civil Liberties Union, et al v. John Kroger, et al

Filing 29

Filed (ECF) Appellees Steve Atchison, Elizabeth Ballard, Jack Banta, Bernice Barnett, Walter M. Beglau, Brad Berry, Edwin I. Caleb, Stephen D. Campbell, Jason Carlile, Tim Colahan, Thomas W. Cutsforth, Peter L. Deuel, Everett Dial, Michael Dugan, John Fisher, John Foote, Paul Frasier, Dean Gushwa, Douglass Harcleroad, John Haroldson, Robert Hermann, Mark Huddleston, Ryan Joslin, John Kroger, Joshua Marquis, Wade M. McLeod, Eric J. Nisley, Dan Norris, Daniel Ousley, William Bryan Porter, Michael D. Schrunk, David A. Schutt, John Sewell, Matt Shirtcliff, Tim Thompson, Marion Weatherford and Gary Williams Motion to extend time to file Answering brief until 09/25/2009 at 05:00 pm. Date of service: 08/10/2009. [7022228] (Casper, Michael) [Entered: 08/10/2009 03:13 PM]

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