Arc Music, Inc. v. Wayne Henderson, Sr., et al

Filing 9

Filed (ECF) Appellant Wayne Henderson, Sr. Motion to dismiss case voluntarily pursuant to FRAP 42(b). Date of service: 06/09/2010. [7365512]--[COURT UPDATE attached proof of service 06/10/2010 by MS] (MBA)

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PROOF OF SERVICE A r c Music, Inc v. WayneHenderson Sr.,Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Case No.10-55644 I declare that I am employedin the Countyof Los Angeles,Stateof C a l i f o r n i a .I am over the ageof l8 and not a partyto the within action.My business address 6401LaPuntaD rive, Los Angeles, is California90068. I furtherdeclare that on June9,2010,I served followine document the described as: W A Y N E HENDERSON, SR.'S VOLUNTARY MOTION TO DISMISS APPEAL o n the partiesor attorneys partiesin this action,usingthe following meansof for service. X X BY APPELLATE ECF ElectronicFiling System. X X By United States Mail on Alan S. Gutman,Esq.(Attorneyfor Arc Music, Inc.) X X I declareunderpenaltyof perjuryunderthe laws of the United States and of t h e Stateof california that the foregoingis true and correct. E x e c u t e d June9,2010,at Los Angeles, on California. / 'r' ,z' ',L,'rw . - ^ - / / F /L-r-kt ,' M I C H A E L B. ACKERMAN

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