Courthouse News Service v. Michael Planet

Filing 49

Filed (ECF) Appellee Michael D. Planet Correspondence: Update re AB 2073 Action by Judicial Council. Date of service: 07/08/2013 [8695086]--[COURT UPDATE: Attached certificate of service. Resent NDA. 07/09/2013 by RY] (RAN)

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JONES DAY 3161 MICHELSON DRIVE • SUITE 800 • IRV INE, CALIFORNIA 926 12.4408 TELEPHONE: +1.949.851.3939 • FACSIMILE: +1.949.553.7539 July 8, 2013 VIA CM / ECF FILING Ms. Molly C. Dwyer, Clerk of the Court United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit The James R. Browning Courthouse 95 7th Street San Francisco, California 94103 Re: Courthouse News Service v. Planet Case No. 11-57187 Dear Ms. Dwyer: We reported in our October 31, 2013 Rule 28(j) letter (Docket 30-1) that amended California Code of Civil Procedure section 1010.6(f) obligated the Judicial Council to issue statewide mandatory e-filing rules. We write to provide an update. On June 21, 2013, the Court Technology and the Civil and Small Claims Advisory Committees submitted a report to the Judicial Council which recommended that the Council amend the California Rules of Court regarding electronic filing and service in civil cases. The report, not surprisingly entitled Electronic Filing and Service: Rules Allowing the Superior Courts to Mandate Electronic Filing and Service in Civil Cases,” is available through the Judicial Council’s website at We address the Court’s attention to pages 33 through 36 of the Report, as well as the amended definition of “electronic filing” in Rule of Court 2.250(b)(7), which show how the Judicial Branch continues to grapple with the issue of access to court filings. On June 28, 2013, the Judicial Council approved the committees’ recommended amendments to the rules that allow the superior courts to mandate electronic filing for civil cases. The new rules became effective July 1, 2013, a year before the deadline established under section 1010.6(f).” The Judicial Council web page announcing the new rule can be accessed at The MP3 recording of the Judicial Council’s June 28 meeting during which the amended rules as well as access to court records is discussed is available at ALKHOBAR FRANKFURT MILAN SAN  ATLANTA   HONG MOSCOW FRANCISCO   BEIJING KONG  SÃO  MUNI CH PAULO  BOSTON HOUSTO N   NEW SHANGHAI  BRUSSELS I RVINE  DELHI    SILICON  CHICAGO JEDDAH NEW  YORK VALLEY   LONDON  CLEVELAND LOS  PARI S SINGAPORE    COLUMBUS  ANGELES  PITTSBURGH  DALLAS MADRID RIYADH SYDNEY  TAIPEI  TOKYO  MEXICO  SAN   DUBAI CITY DI EGO WASHINGTON

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