Slep-Tone Entertainment Corp., et al v. Wired for Sound Karaoke and DJ, et al


FILED PER CURIAM OPINION (SUSAN P. GRABER, ANDREW D. HURWITZ and RICHARD F. BOULWARE) AFFIRMED in part; REVERSED in part and REMANDED. The parties shall bear their own costs on appeal. FILED AND ENTERED JUDGMENT. [10269233]

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Case: 14-17229, 01/18/2017, ID: 10269233, DktEntry: 40-2, Page 1 of 2 Home About What's new Contact us Subscriber services Help My OED (personal profile): Sign in Quick search: Find word in dictionary Search Create profile Browse: Advanced search Help Dictionary Sources Categories Lost for Words? Historical Thesaurus Timelines Help on Dictionary Entry Save Email Cite My entries (1) karaoke, n. Text size: View as: Outline | Full entry Pronunciation: /kar Print Quotations: Show all | Hide all Keywords: On | Off ki/ /kari ki/ This entry has not yet been fully updated (first published 1993). Publication history My searches (0) Jump to: Entry profile Frequency (in current use): Etymology: < Japanese, < kara empty, void + ke(sutora ( < English orchestra). In this entry: A form of entertainment, originating in Japan, in which a person sings the vocal line of a popular song to the accompaniment of a pre-recorded backing tape, and the voice is electronically amplified through the loudspeaker system for the audience; (also) the audio (and video) equipment used for this. Freq. attrib., esp. as karaoke bar, karaoke music. karaoke bar Thesaurus » Categories » Entry Kara-Kirghiz, n. karaoke music karakul, n. 1853 karakurt, n. 1932 Karamojo, n. 1911 karamu, n. 1874 In other dictionaries: 1879 equipment. 1983 McAllen (Texas) Monitor 30 Oct. 8 C/1 Karaoke music is recorded on cassette, 8-track tape, laser video disc and compact digital disc... The rock scorings closely duplicate the original hit recordings, with just the vocal missing. 1985 J. RANDLE & M. WATANABE Coping with Japan 58 Karaoke songs are usually lyrical and sentimental. 1987 Daily Tel. 30 Mar. 17/7 Karaoke is important as a ‘lubricant for human relationships within the company’. 1990 Independent 24 Apr. 27/8 The brewers are now introducing Karaoke into selected pubs on a trial basis. 1992 Premiere Jan. 59/3 (advt.) This new combi player plays hundreds of karaoke music video song titles, hits from the '50s through the '80s, all with on-screen lyrics. (Hide quotations) 1806 karanteen, n. d DJ e an raok Ka ound for S , 2017 red 0 1979 Sunday Mail (Brisbane) 23 Sept. 33/1 The ‘Karaoke’ (literally ‘empty . v. Wi ary 1 Corp on Janu orchestra’) bars are popular with Japanese office workers. ent d ainm a industry is hive 1982 Japan Times 11 July 10/3 The Japanese consumer electronics rc ntert , ne E -17229 o The Electronics Industries now cashing in on the sing-it-yourself p-t e boom...o. 14 N in Sl ited Association of Japan has c official production or sales data on karaoke no 1936 1905 Karankawa, n. and adj. karaoke: view definition in Oxford Dictionaries (?) karana, n. karanga, n. 1977 Japan Times 8 Nov. 2/3 Businessmen taking their cue from the Japanese predilection to break into song after having a few drinks have built up a booming trade in ‘karaoke’ musical backup tape sets. Back to top Date 1905 karaoke, n. 1977 karat, n. 1901 karatas, n. 1728 karate, n. 1955 karate, v. 1966 karat-tree, n. 1868 karaya, n. 1883 karbi, n. 1884 kardester, n. 1363 kareao | kareau, n. 1845 k 1815 Case: 14-17229, 01/18/2017, ID: 10269233, DktEntry: 40-2, Page 2 of 2 Copyright © 2017 Oxford University Press . All rights reserved. | Privacy policy and legal notice Credits Your access is brought to you by: United States Court of Appeals LIbrary - 9th Circuit Log out d DJ e an raok Ka ound for S , 2017 ired y 10 . v. W ar Corp on Janu nt inme rchived rta Ente 29, a -tone . 14-172 lep No in S cited

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