USA v. Anne Hankins



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Case: 15-30345, 06/06/2017, ID: 10460859, DktEntry: 27-2, Page 1 of 5 Introduction to Fiscal Careers A-Z Index Home Glossary About Us Training & Events Our Programs Related Websites Reports & Publications Our Services Search: News Contact Us Our Services Government Agencies Payments Revenue Collections Investments Treasury Offset Program (TOP) Debt Collection DMS Programs Do Not Pay Centralized Receivables Service Treasury Offset Program Debt Collection Legal Authorities Quick Reference Charts TOP State Programs TOP Child-Support Enforcement NOTICE: If you recently received a letter from the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) notifying you that a payment may be intercepted through the Treasury Offset Program (TOP) to a pay a delinquent debt owed to the VHA, please visit this link for more information. What Is the Treasury Offset Program? 7 ns anki 31, 201 .H v y USA d on Ma in cited archive 5 How Does3034Work? 5- TOP 1 No. Fiscal Service disburses federal payments, such as federal tax refunds, for agencies making federal payments The Treasury Offset Program is a centralized offset program, administered by the Bureau of the Fiscal Service's Debt Management Services (DMS), to collect delinquent debts owed to federal agencies and states (including past-due child support), in accordance with 26 U.S.C. § 6402(d) (collection of debts owed to federal agencies), 31 U.S.C. § 3720A (reduction of tax refund by amount of the debts), and other applicable laws. (known as "payment agencies"), such as the Internal Revenue Service. "Creditor agencies," such as the Department of Education, submit delinquent debts to the Fiscal Service for collection and inclusion in TOP and certify that such debts qualify for collection by offset (the reduction or withholding of a payment). State Agencies in TOP as Debtors: How to Resolve Debts Owed by States to the Federal Government State Unemployment Insurance Compensation Debts TOP "Offsets Matter" Newsletter Translate Cross-Servicing Resources & Tools Contact DMS Frequently Asked Questions Payment agencies prepare and certify payment vouchers to Fiscal Service and disbursing officials at other federal agencies that are non-Treasury disbursed (such as the Department of Defense), who then disburse payments. The payment vouchers contain information about the payment including the Tax Identification Number (TIN) and name of the recipient. Before an eligible federal payment is disbursed to a payee, disbursing officials compare the payment information with debtor information, which has been supplied by the creditor agency, in Fiscal Service's delinquent debtor database. If the payee's TIN and name match the TIN and name of a debtor, the disbursing Case: 15-30345, 06/06/2017, ID: 10460859, DktEntry: 27-2, Page 2 of 5 Government-wide Accounting official offsets (withholds) the payment, in whole or in part, to satisfy the debt, to the extent legally allowed. Fiscal Service transmits amounts collected through offset to the appropriate creditor agencies. Fiscal Service maintains information about the delinquent debt in the TOP delinquent debtor database and continues to offset eligible federal payments until the creditor agency suspends or terminates debt collection or offset activity for the debt. Financial Innovation & Transformation Institutions & Businesses A creditor agency will suspend collection if the debt is subject to a bankruptcy stay or if other reasons justify suspension. A creditor agency will terminate collection of a debt if it is paid in full, compromised, discharged, or if other reasons justify termination. Individuals Where Does the Fiscal Service Get the Authority to Offset Federal Payments? The federal government's administrative debt collection activities are governed by a number of federal laws. Fiscal Service, as the central disbursing agency of the federal government is required to perform such offset pursuant to 31 U.S.C. § 3716(c). Other applicable legal authorities for TOP can be viewed in the TOP Legal Authorities Quick Reference. What are TOP's Program Rules, Requirements and Payment Exemptions? Fiscal Service's Summary of TOP's Program Rules and Requirements explains the general rules applicable to TOP, due process prerequisites, offset amounts (percent of payments that may be offset by debt type) and TOP payment exemptions. Payments Exempt from Offset by Federal Law Frequently Asked Questions about TOP 7 ns anki 31, 201 .H v y For Federal Agencies USA d on Ma in cited archive For State Agencies 345 5-30 o. 1 IfN have questions regarding the offset of your federal tax refund or offset of another U.S. governmentyou TOP General Information issued payment, you can call our Treasury Offset Program (TOP) Call Center to obtain agency contact information during our customer service hours. Have Questions about an Offset? Toll Free: 800-304-3107 Hearing impaired customers may use the Federal Relay Service by dialing 800-877-8339 to reach a Communications Assistant (CA) who will dial the toll free number. Related Topics & Helpful Links Offset of EAJA Payments Overview of the centralized offset of payments representing reimbursement of attorney's fees and costs under the Equal Access to Justice Act. Fiscal Service Items Home About Us Fiscal Service Websites FAQs Other Treasury Bureaus Other Government Websites The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau Administrative Resource Center Case: 15-30345, 06/06/2017, ID: 10460859, DktEntry: 27-2, Page 3 of 5 Careers (ARC) Bureau of Engraving & Printing Do Not Pay Community Development Financial Institutions Fund Freedom of Information Act Related Websites Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCen) News Internal Revenue Service Contact Us Office of The Comptroller of the Currency Site Map Accessibility Statement U.S. Mint Our Programs A-Z Index Reports & Publications Glossary Our Services Training & Events Privacy Policy Privacy Impact Assessments Last Updated March 17, 2017 7 ns anki 31, 201 .H v y USA d on Ma in cited archive 345 5-30 1 No. No Fear Act Case: 15-30345, 06/06/2017, ID: 10460859, DktEntry: 27-2, Page 4 of 5 Contact Us Help Home : Business Services : Corp Search : Corp Information Entity Summary Information Print Page Select the buttons below to file or place an order. HORTON & ASSOCIATES L.L.C. To view Entity Details there will be a $5.00 charge and you will need to click on VIEW ENTITY DETAILS button at the bottom of the page. Details Filing Number: 3500644719 If you are ordering documents such as a "Certificate of Good Standing" or "copies" you will need to click on the ORDER DOCUMENTS button at the bottom of the page. Name Type: Legal Name If you are filing a legal document such as a trade name, amendment, annual certificate, etc., you will need to click on FILE A DOCUMENT button at the bottom of the page. Status: Inactive Corp type: Domestic Limited Liability Company Jurisdiction: Oklahoma Formation Date: 11 May 2000 7 ns anki 31, 201 .H v y USA d on Ma in cited archive 345 5-30 1 No. Registered Agent Information Name: Effective: N/A Address: 3232 NW 20TH City, State , ZipCode: View Entity Detail S DEWAYNE HORTON OKC File a Document Order Documents OK 73107 New Search Business Services Executive Legislative Agricultural Liens Open Meetings Administrative Rules Entity Filings Orders Bulk Data Records / Search Summons Apostilles Forms Territorial Images Contact Information State Questions Legislature Executive Branch Pardon and Parole Oaths Tribal Agreements and Compacts Foreign Protection Order Statutes Constitution Election Board Contact Information Effective Financing Statement Secured Party Update Online Services Contact Information Search Meetings Daily Calendar Post Meetings Request ID/Password Notice Forms Contact Information Online Code and Register View Code Search Code View Registers (html) View Registers (pdf) Search Registers Order Forms Resources for Agencies Resources for the Public Citizen Participation in Oklahoma’s Rulemaking Process About the Office of Administrative Rules Contact Information The Secretary of Native American Affairs International Protocol Secretary Lopez My Account Protocol Oklahoma Consular Corps Sister States/Cities Oklahoma and the World Contact Information Biography Shopping Cart My Work Briefcase Help Charitable Organizations Charity Search Charity Filings Forms Contact Information Trademark Trademark Filings Orders Bulk Data Notary Notary Getting Started Notary Filings Orders Notary Search Bulk Data Notary FAQS Tribal Leaders Annual Report Events Tribal Compacts and Agreements Tribal Settlement Contact Information About Secretary of State Secretaries of State - Past and Present Contact Us Direction/ Location Helpful Links State Holidays Case: 15-30345, 06/06/2017, ID: 10460859, DktEntry: 27-2, Page 5 of 5 Site Map Visit Copyright © 2013 Oklahoma Secretary of State Contact Us Privacy Policy Accessibility Disclaimer 7 ns anki 31, 201 .H v y USA d on Ma in cited archive 345 5-30 1 No. Help

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