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donation, n. : Oxford English Dictionary Case: 16-15295, 05/09/2017, ID: 10426702, DktEntry: 44-2, Page 1 of 2 Oxford English Dictionary | The definitive record of the English language donation, n. Pronunciation: /d ne n/ Frequency (in current use): Etymology: < French donation, < Latin d n ti n-em, noun of action < d n re to present. 1. a. The action or faculty of giving or presenting; presentation, bestowal; grant. c1425 WYNTOUN Cron. V. xii. 1207 Ðe kyng..Mad til Saynct Serf donatyowne Of þat Inch. c1525 (title) A Treatyse of the donation or gyfte and endowment of possessyons, gyuen and graunted vnto Sylvester pope of Rhome, by Constantyne. 1597 R. HOOKER Of Lawes Eccl. Politie V. lxii. 149 The grace of Baptisme commeth by donation from God alone. 1667 MILTON Paradise Lost XII. 69 That right we hold By his donation . 1894 J. T. FOWLER in St. Adamnan Vita S. Columbae Introd. 65 Who..made to him aldonation of the and Oak island of Iona. y of Cit 17 e v. ay 4, 20 ng ha on M for C ived a benefice; the b. spec. The action or right of bestowing or conferring cle cy rch ‘gift’. in Re 15295 a cited . 16No 1540 Act 32 Hen. VIII c. 44 The aduouson, donacion and presentacion of the said vicarage shall the kynges hyghnesse. 1735 SWIFT Humble Addr. to Parl. in Wks. IV. 230 Many principal Church Livings, are in the Donation of the Crown. 1785 W. PALEY Moral & Polit. Philos. (1818) II. 222 The offices in the donation of the king. 2. Law. The action or contract by which a person transfers the ownership of a thing from himself to another, as a free gift. 1651 W. G. tr. J. Cowell Inst. Lawes Eng. 106 In Lands..A Feoffment is of a Fee simple to the Donee or Feoffee, and a Donation or Gift is of an Estate taile. 1765 W. BLACKSTONE Comm. Laws Eng. I. (1793) iii. 264 King William, queen Mary, and queen Anne, did not take the crown by hereditary right or descent, but by way of donation or purchase, as the lawyers call it. 1818 W. CRUISE Digest Laws Eng. Real Prop. (ed. 2) I. 5 A feud was a tract of land held by a voluntary and gratuitous donation, on condition of fidelity and certain services. 3. That which is presented; a gift. 5/4/2017 Page 1 of 2 donation, n. : Oxford English Dictionary Case: 16-15295, 05/09/2017, ID: 10426702, DktEntry: 44-2, Page 2 of 2 1577 H. I. tr. H. Bullinger 50 Godlie Serm. III. V. vi. sig. Kkkk.iiij/1, They had a donation giuen vnto ech of them as it were a pledge or earnest. 1629 W. PRYNNE Church of Englands Old Antithesis 82 It makes..all other graces..not the meere donations or free gifts of God. 1757 tr. J. G. Keyssler Trav. III. 38 All the gifts and donations..amounted to no more than six thousand ducats. 1895 Daily News 5 Dec. 3/6 The commissioners had anticipated that the donations would fall off. COMPOUNDS donation act n. U.S. (see quot.) 1894 Congr. Rec. 17 July 7572/2 Certain lands disposed of under the act of Congress approved Sept. 27, 1850, and the acts amendatory and supplemented thereto,..commonly known as the ‘donation act’. donation-governor n. a person constituted a governor of an institution in consideration of a donation to its funds. d klan City 17 e v. ay 4, 20 ng ha M for C ived on donation party n. cle cy rch in Re 15295 a cited 161845 S. JUDD Margaret II. v. 290 . One day there was a donation party at our house. No a 1894 Daily News 13 July 7/4 Preference to candidates recommended by a Donation Governor. of O 1860 J. R. BARTLETT Dict. Americanisms (ed. 3) Donation Party, a party consisting of the friends and parishioners of a country clergyman assembled together, each individual bringing some a present to him..also called a giving party. This entry has not yet been fully updated (first published 1897). Oxford University Press Copyright © 2017 Oxford University Press . All rights reserved. Your access is brought to you by: United States Court of Appeals LIbrary - 9th Circuit 5/4/2017 Page 2 of 2

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