Kimberly Stewart, et al v. NLRB


OPINION [1666951] filed (Pages: 21) for the Court by Judge Srinivasan, DISSENTING OPINION (Pages: 7) by Judge Silberman. [15-1102]

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USCA Case #15-1102 Document #1666951 Filed: 03/21/2017 Page 1 of 1 United States Court of Appeals FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA CIRCUIT ____________ No. 15-1102 September Term, 2016 NLRB-28CA22836 Filed On: March 23, 2017 Kimberly Stewart, et al., Petitioners v. National Labor Relations Board, Respondent -----------------------------United Food & Commercial Workers Local 99, Intervenor BEFORE: Srinivasan and Wilkins, Circuit Judges; Silberman, Senior Circuit Judge AMENDING ORDER It is ORDERED, on the court’s own motion, that the opinion issued March 21, 2017 be amended as follows: Slip Op., p. 2, lines 4-5: Delete “Dissenting opinion filed by Senior Circuit Judge Silberman” and insert in lieu thereof: “Opinion concurring in the judgment and dissenting filed by Senior Circuit Judge Silberman.” Slip Op., on the first page of Senior Circuit Judge Silberman’s opinion: line 1, add “concurring in the judgment and” after the comma and before “dissenting”. The line now reads “ Silberman, Senior Circuit Judge, concurring in the judgment and dissenting.” Per Curiam FOR THE COURT: Mark J. Langer, Clerk BY: /s/ Ken Meadows Deputy Clerk

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