Scott Wood Products, LLC v. Multitrade Rabun Gap, LLC

Filing 15

MEMORANDUM OPINION AND ORDER that 2 Motion for Preliminary Injunction is DENIED. Signed by Hon. Chief Judge Mark E. Fuller on 2/8/2010. (Attachments: # 1 Civil Appeals Checklist)(cb, )

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IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT F O R THE MIDDLE DISTRICT OF ALABAMA E A S T E R N DIVISION S C O T T WOOD PRODUCTS, LLC, P L A IN T IF F , v. M U L T IT R A D E RABUN GAP, LLC, D EFEN D A N T. ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) C A S E NO. 3:10-cv-007-MEF (W O - Do Not Publish) M E M O R A N D U M OPINION AND ORDER P la in tif f Scott Wood Products, LLC ("Scott Wood") brings this action against D e f e n d a n t Multitrade Rabun Gap, LLC ("Multitrade") for damages and injunctive relief a risin g out of the alleged breach of a twenty year contract. It is alleged that, pursuant to this c o n tra c t, Scott Wood was to be the exclusive provider of wood products to Multitrade, but th a t Multitrade informed Scott Wood that it would no longer accept delivery of wood p ro d u c ts from Scott Wood. Scott Wood invokes this Court's subject matter jurisdiction p u rs u a n t to 28 U.S.C. 1332. The action is now before the Court on Scott Wood's Motion f o r Preliminary Injunction (Doc. # 2). Multitrade opposes the motion. The Court has c a re f u lly considered the submissions in support of and in opposition to the motion. For the re a s o n s set forth below, the Court finds that the motion is due to be DENIED. A preliminary injunction is "an extraordinary and drastic remedy" that cannot be g ra n te d unless the moving party clearly establishes the following four prerequisites: (1 ) it has a substantial likelihood of success on the merits; (2) irreparable injury will be suffered unless the injunction issues; (3) the threatened injury to th e movant outweighs whatever damage the proposed injunction may cause the o p p o s in g party; and (4) if issued, the injunction would not be adverse to the p u b lic interest. Siegel v. LePore, 234 F.3d 1163, 1176 (11th Cir. 2000) (en banc). Scott Wood has failed to convincingly argue that it has a substantial likelihood of success on the merits. This is a g la rin g deficiency in its motion and supporting submissions. Scott Wood instead focuses its a rg u m e n ts nearly exclusively on the irreparable injury is claims it will suffer absent the re q u e s te d injunctive relief. Unfortunately, the evidence and legal argument before the Court f a il to establish irreparable harm that could not be adequately compensated by an award of dam ages. Scott Wood does not even address the third and fourth requirements for p re lim in a ry injunctive relief. Scott Wood makes no mention of its willingness to post the n e c e s s a ry bond. In every respect, the pending request for preliminary injunctiver relief is d e f ic ie n t. Accordingly, it is hereby ORDERED that the Motion for Preliminary Injunction (D o c . # 2) is DENIED. DONE this the 8 th day of February, 2010. /s/ Mark E. Fuller CHIEF UNITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGE 2

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