Cygnus Systems, Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation, et al

Filing 167

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Cygnus Systems, Inc. v. Microsoft Corporation, et al Doc. 167 Att. 5 Odin Pittleman pc VIA COURIER ?eoi m -2 p ^ August 2, 2007 CLlMv U- U!Ģii-i;CV COURT ALEXANDRIA. VIRGINIA Kevin T.OIiveira Attorney at Law Elizabeth H. Paret, Clerk United States District Court 401 Courthouse Square Alexandria, VA 22314 for the Eastern District of Virginia Re: Avitecture, Inc. v. Avtecture, LLC, et al Dear Ms. Paret: Enclosed please find the following to be filed with the Court: 1. 2. An original Complaint plus three (3) copies; An original Civil Cover Sheet plus three (3) copies; 3. 4. Two (2) Summons and two (2) copies of each Summons for each Defendant; An original Financial Interest Disclosure Statement plus one (1) copy; and amount of $350.00. 5. Our firm's check made payable to the Clerk, United States District Court in the pnvate process server. Please be kind enough to assign a case number and date-stamp and return the extra copies to the waiting courier along with the Summons for each of the Defendants to be served bv a rs, ^evin T. Oliveira Enclosures #835627vl 8 2 07UrtoClerkofCourttransComplaint.doc 34276/00055 9302 Lee Highway, Suite 1100, Fairfax, VA 22031-1214 Phone 703-218-2100 Fax 703-218-2160

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