Ecommerce Innovations L.L.C. v. Does 1-10

Filing 24

APPEAL PROCESSED to Ninth Circuit re: 23 Notice of Appeal filed by Xcentric Ventures, LLC. Filed dates for: Notice of Appeal *3/6/2009*, *Complaint/Motion* *9/23/2008*, Appealed Orders *2/10/09; 11/26/08*, Appealed Judgment *None; Misc. action*. Court Reporter *None* Fee Status: *Paid on 3/6/2009 in the amount of $455.00*.************. Appellant Attorney: *Maria Speth* *(Retained)* **. Appellee Attorney: *Donnelly A. Dybus* *(Retained)* ****. Copies sent to all parties and 9th Circuit. (Attachments: # 1 Certificate of Record) (DMT, )

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Ecommerce Innovations L.L.C. v. Does 1-10 Doc. 2 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF ARIZONA OFFICE OF THE CLERK USCA NUMBER: USCA, please fill in your case number on the copy provided and return to the US District Court. TO: FROM: SUBJECT: CLERK, U.S. COURT OF APPEALS CLERK, U.S. DISTRICT COURT NEW APPEALS DOCKETING INFORMATION CASE INFORMATION USDC Number: USDC Judge: USCA Number: Complete Case Title: Type: Complaint/Motion Appealed Order Filed: Appealed Judgment Filed: Notice of Appeal Filed: Court Reporter Information: Fee Information: Appellant Attorney: Appellee Attorney: COA Status: 2:08-MC-00093-DGC JUDGE DAVID G CAMPBELL NEW APPEAL ECOMMERCE INNOVATIONS L.L.C. V. DOES 1-10 MISCELLANEOUS 9/23/2008 2/10/09; 11/26/08 None; Misc. action 3/6/2009 None Paid on 3/6/2009 in the amount of $455.00 Maria Speth (Retained) Donnelly A. Dybus (Retained) Information prepared by: DMT , Deputy Clerk

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