United States of America v. Maricopa, County of et al

Filing 41

STATEMENT of of Facts in Support of their Response to Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgment by Defendants Joseph M Arpaio, Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. (Attachments: # 1 Index and Exhibits 1-4, # 2 Exhibit 5, # 3 Exhibits 6-8, # 4 Exhibits 9-18, # 5 Exhibits 19-22)(Popolizio, Joseph)

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United States of America v. Maricopa, County of et al Doc. 41 Att. 1 INDEX TO EXHIBITS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. I. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 2I. 22. 03110109 Letter from Loretta 03125109 Letter from King to Sheriff Joseph Arpaio Merrily Friedlander to Clarice McCormick First Request for Documents and Information 08/03/10 Letter from Thomas Perez to Alexandra Gill and Robert Driscoll 06114110 MCSO Position Paper 08/05/10 Letter from Robert Driscoll to Thomas Perez 08113110 Letter from Robert Driscoll to David Smith 05129109 Letter from Robert Driscoll to Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano 06118109 Letter from Robert Driscoll to Shanetta Cutlar 081271I0 Letter from Robert Driscoll to Judy Preston 02112109 Letter from u.S. House of Representatives to Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano 021L3109 Press Release 03/16109 Article from CNSNEWS.oom 07107109 Article from KTAR.com 05112/09 Letter from Clarisse McCormick to Je Yon Jung 08125109 Letter from Robert Driscoll to Richard Reback 09116/09 Letter from Laura Sìerra to Richard Reback 08127110 Letter from Robert Driscoll to Judy preston Affidavit of Robert Driscoll Affidavit of Interim Chief Deputy Gerard Sheridan Affidavit of Lieutenant Ernest Alcala Aff,rdavit of Sergeant James Seibert Dockets.Justia.com EXHIBIT 1 U. S. Departnrent ofJusüce CivilRigbts Divisio'u OnG aIlh. AßUuúAío'f¡6y Oãruaí Wodthgtot. D,C20530 IIAR 10 Ðog VT EIR,ST CÏ,ÁSS MAIL, ShedfJoseph A¡paio Maricopa Couuty Sherif s Oñce t00 lVest lVaehiugton suire 1900 RB: InvestiæÎþn of the Mæicopa Con¡rþ ShedfFs Otrcs DeaSbøifrArpaio: Ihis is to inform pu tbat the United Statcs Dcpa¡lrcût of Jr¡stice ís copmencing æ. ínvestígatiou óf tbe Maricopa County Sh¡rifle Office CMCSO") pursustrt to the paften or practiceprovisio¡s oftheViolent Cfime Cmtol ædl¿wBnfo¡ceoentAct of 1994 42U.S.C. $ 14141 ('Section L4l4L') and the On¡ibus Gtime Contot aurl Saf,e Steets .{ct of 1968, 42 U.S.C. $ 3789d C'Safe StEtE Acf), ædprusuut to theprohùrtions agaínst uational o'igin discriminationiDTitlevlofthecivilRighsAcrof 1964,42u.s.c. $$ 2000dro 2000d-7 (Title .llP) and the Safe Steeb AcÇ 42 U.S.C. 0 3789d(c). Our investigatioa will fosr¡s oa . alleged pattcrns or practices of discriminatorypolice practioes and unco¡stitr¡tioual sescbes al'd seizrues condttcæd by the MCSO, end sr allegations of¡atíonal origin discriniratio4 iuclurl¡ng failue to pmvids nç¡ni¡gñ¡l access to MCSO servioes for limited Englisb pmficicut (l,EP) indivÍdüals. Ia couduoting ftc investigatio4 wè will seek to deteøine qlhefrff tbere are violatio¡e of 'lVe the above las'd by the MCSO. h¿vo not reached, any coucluions about the zubjest Estter of . the investigÉio¡. We beliwe that yo¡ æd otherMCSO officials want to operate tbeMCSO' consislent wÍth the requirenre,nts ofúe Constitrúion md fede,rol law. Druing the coruse of ou investigatioul, we will consider all ¡eler¿rt infonation, patic;ularly the efforts the MCSO b¡s rmdertaker to engure compliæce wiû federdl law. Y/e also s'ill offer to provide . recomme,nd*iqDs on wayr to impovc practioes od procedureg as appropiate hovided thåt the MCSO cobperates fuIly wiù oru investigetiou, if we conchrde tbat therc a¡e lot EÆtemic violatioiu of constit¡¡tíonal orother fede¡al rigüs, wg will notify ¡ou that we are closiag the investigatioo Iiontbeotherbød,wcconcludetberesesuohviolations,weviiIlinforrrpuof we æal attmpt ro wo* with tls MCSO to ¡emedy æy srrcb viol¿tion¡' In additíou. O" ¡"ãioæ any fi'¡',ç¡¿¡, technical, or oüer assistmoe ths UnitÊd Statos may bo able to provide ûo assist tbe MCSO in couecting tbo identiñed defsiEsiæ' *¡lf i¿*Ury Co¡tot æd Law Eufo¡ceonenf Act of 1994'Ëas local law enfu¡aement ageocies, botl llg.e a¡d sEåü' in invoþJ a variety of state a¡d Joocy, Oeorgis'.thegstict of Cohmbi4 md ¡tuiraiotioos ,och æ NewYorl(, Califomia,.Nøw 6fteeu pars of enø¡ciqg this starute, üe gooat faith effprts'of stats æd local bl¡o. l" j,rrirdt"Ë""r ñrË"g rith huuu enabied r¡s routiaely to resolvs or¡t ll.iry witbotf æsorting to -V¡e origû . have h¡d simÍla¡ success addirssing 9YIry totntø Utig,ton steets Act $re aiclÑniige'üidMcso'to cooperfq disc¡iminarion r¡¡dor Title vI æd ths safr gsk to 'niinìñize any potntial disnrptiou with orrinvestþtion oud oai assrue yóir.tlat 'ry".wili seotion will be bave on the óperations of ûè.MCSO. Otr $pccfal Our. enforcement of the Vîoleot Ckime "*ly * "IY[T{ '. oru efiorb møy ha¡dringthc i""*suguot¡"-ilpS¡unoi.*tf p" Coon¿¡oøioo an$Rwi9w Sectióranðw.ill Ete"loll õ"t*il.r¡ offiiæ ó disorJss thç:ieft¡riþs, Thc Ctt¡foftheS,pccialli$gation Sectise $u-rtti V Q¡tlu, n¿y þe ieaclsa¡{t 6z0zJ;t1 +.6265' dryry InrettaKing Aotiug A¡eistÐt AtorneY Geaøal 'Aqd¡èwThomas CountyAttoneY Maricopa Coua$ lvlar'Wilson Chai¡m¡!, Board of County SupervÍsors Maricopa I ¡ Counf Huetewa I The lfouo¡alle Diare J. I Iloited St¿tes AttorneY Disfrict ofArizona trXHIBIT 2 U.S. Deparhent of Justice Civil Rigþts Division Coordlmlton aad.Revtew Scdton 950 Pqntylwtø Averue, NW - NIZ.B lfoshln4onDC 20530 [J|AR 2 5 æ09 vLA, ELECTROMC At{D U.S. I\{AIL Clarice McCormicþ Esq. Mæicopa County 2?2 North Atomey's Office Cental Avenr¡e Suite 1100 Phoenix, AZ 85004 ' Re: Co!+plaintNo. 171-08-21 Ma¡icopa County_1,ôZ,) Sheriff s Offi qg Dear lvls. McCormick: As we Botified you by letter acldressed to SheriffJose,ph Arpaio, dated March 10,2009, ftom Acting Assistant Attorney General Lo¡etta King, the Coordination and Review Section (COfr), Civil Rigtrts Division, U.S. De,partuent of Justice (DOÐ, is initiating an investigatíou of a complaint atlegng discrimination on the basis of natiopal origln (flispanic) by the Maricopa County SherifPs Office (MCSO) in the operation of its jail frcilities. This investigation is being conductecl in cooperation with the Special Litigation Sestion of the Civit Righß Division. Please note that oru decision to initiate an investigation does not reflect any determination æ to the merits of the complaint. Oru goal is to investigafe this matter in a fair and impartial manner, and to work with you to ¡each a productive and amicable resolution. assistance policy for limited Englishproficient (LEP) inmæes as set foftinDOJ'sLEP Recipie,ut Guidance Document (enclosed) and also has an Engtish-only poticy in its jails thaf discriminates ¿igaiust LEP inqates. The conplaint alleges that detention ofñcers, even those who are bilí"gr¡al in Spanish, ¿¡s required to speak to inm,ates ¡¡ F.nglish at all times, except in case of an emergency, the¡eby inrpediug language access for inm¿tes. Further, the complaínt alleges that because of the The conplaint allege{ th¿t the MCSO lacks a language Engllshonly polisy in tbe jails, LEP inmates are at dsk forinadequate medical care due to the language ba¡¡ier (e.g., potential misdiagnosis, incorrect a¿lministation of medications). The complaint also states tbat mandatory classes otr govemment, criminal justice, and other topics discriminate againstLEP iumates becausethry.are conducted in Fngltish The complaintuotæ that the MCSO provides an English language class, but asserts tbat the two-week course is not suñcieut to remedy the problems posed by the F.nglisb-only policy. F\utbermore, the complaint - ¿- alleges that the MCSO s¡chedulæ LEP inmates to meet with their attomeys and court-appointed interpretøs at times wheu interpreters are often rmavailable due to their regular courqoom duties, thereby impeding LBP in¡naæs ûom meetiug with their afiorneys. In addition, the complaint asserts that the MCSO websitq wbich contains dæcriptions of inmate prcgra¡ns, FAQs, and visitatiou information geared to the public, is in English ouly, thereby impeding LEP inmate and visitor access to important i¡formatio¡The complaint fi¡rtlrer alleges that fbe MCSO jail visitation policy discriminates on the. bæis of national origin and linted English proficiency, The complaint asserts that the poliry requiçs visitors to present identification and fill out a visitation request form with dctailed questions about citizenship status and that a citizenship check is required of every visitor. The complaint alleges tb¿t this policy is implemenæd h a ma¡ner that is discriminatory toward Hispanic ancl limited F.nglisþ profoient visito¡s. Inparticular, the complaint claims thag in practice, Hispanic visitors a¡e required to submit tbe forms, whereas others are noÇ a¡d the forrrs a¡e not available in languages othe,r than Englisb" CORis respousible for investigæiqg complaiats againstrecipients of federal fi¡aucial assistance from DOI under Title VI of the Civil Rights Aot of 1964 ("Title VI), as amended, 42 U.S.C. $ 2000d et seq-,a¡rdtheuondiscriminatiouprovisious of the Omnibr¡s Crime Contoland Safe Stects Act of 1968 C'Safe Steets Acf), as ame¡rded" 42 U.S.C. $ 3789d(c). Together, these statutes prohibit disc¡imination on the basis of race, color, uational origq seÐr, or religion by recipients of DOJ assistance, incltding grants provide.d through DOJ's Otrce of Jt¡stice Programs and the Office of Community OrientedPolicing Sentices. Sharcd assets from tìe Criminal Division's Asset Forfeitue and Money Lawrdering Sestion also constitr¡æ federal fir¡ancial assistance from DOJ. The Deparbent's recipie,nts include police asd sherifß' departnents, state depâfrments of cone¡tions, and otber e¡rtities. The MCSO is a recipieot of federal financial assista¡ce from DOJ and, thereforg we have jurisdiction to conduct an investigation of the issues raised in tbis complaínt. the cor¡se of investÍgating atlminisüative complaints against reciþients of DOJ's assistance, COR seeks to determine whether alte¡native dÍspute resolution (ADR) is appropriaæ. The goal of ADR is to enter into a voluntary compliance agreement that resolves the concerns raised without making a formal dete¡minatÌon çoncemiug the medts of the complaint If the recipient does uot wish to engage in ADR or if it is trot possible to achieve a voluntary resolution |¡this matt¡r early in the investigirtion, CORmay conduct aftll investigation ofthe issues raised. (At any time during this iavsstigation, howwer, ADR remains a possíbility if the recþieut should decide it is interesæd in prrzuing a volrrntary resolution of the matter.) Generally, when an administative investigation is completed, the formal results of the investigation æe conveyed to the recipíent and the complainaot in a findings letter. If COR believes tbat its investigation demonstuates r¡nlavfi¡l discrimination, however, attempts æe made to resolve the matte¡ before issuing such a letter. If ao agreement ca¡not be reached on a remedy, an enfo¡cement action may be irdtided. This msy take the fo¡m of a¡ adninistrative heaing to termi¡ate DOJ's ûnancial assistance to the progr¡ms ¿¡d astivities of the recipient agency, or , I¡ -3may involve othe¡ means of çnforcemeut autborized ¡y lew, including rcferral to a DOJ titigating section fo¡ corut enfo¡cemeut. step in oru investþation of this complaint, we tequest that tbe MCSO provide us with a position statemeat responding to tbe allegations of discrimination, as iumnarized above. ln addition, please provide the information reqræsted in ffi 43-51 of the euclosed 'Tirst Request for Ðocr¡meuts a¡d Infomration Please also feel free to send any additionat information that the MCSO wouldlike the DOJ to consider in making a determination As an i¡itial " in this case. inform you that no orte many intimidate, tb¡eaten, coerce, or engage discriminatory or retaliatory condtrct against anyone because he otslre has either taken in other action or particþäæd in an action to secrre rigþts proæAed by the civil rigbts laws we euforce. Any i¡dividr¡al altegng zuch tra¡assment or intimidation may file a complaint with tbe Deparüreut of Justice. We would investi.eate such a cornplaint if tbe situation wa¡¡ants. \Me a¡e obtigated to tl.ris document and Under the F¡eedom of Information Ad it may be necessary to release In the event that we reseive such a request 1ve relæed conespondeuce and reco¡ds upon reguast. will seek to piotecç to the exten:t provided by law, personal informatiou whicb' if release4 could constih¡te a^n unwarrarlted invasion ofprivacy. o If you have any çestions,regarrling this letter, please'contact Ms. Lr¡z Lopez-Ortiz, the 'COR attomey assigned to this case, at (202) 616-5571. Questions abor¡t othel allegations and *I'irst Reqrest for Doc¡¡ments and Inforrnation'' shotfd be submissions in response to the directsd is the Special Liügation Scolion, as desc¡ibcd in thp att¿cbed cover letter. We very mucb aprpreciate your cooperation in this investigatíon. Sincerely, Merrity A. Friedlander Chief Coordin¿tion and Review Section Civil Rigbts Division 'Enclosure trXHIBIT 3 U.S. Deparhent of Jusüce CivÍl Rights Divisiou SYC : DIIV{ : AIi : liIA : pJ c DJ 207-8-8 S¡úl UdgúlonSdon-PÍ18 950 Panrytvøla Avetw, NV Vatlùtgtoa DC 20530 March 25, 2009 1rlÀ ELECIRO¡WC .AIID II.S. !,IAII¡ Clarice McCormÍck, EEq. Marfcopa Countsy Attorney's office 222 NorEla Central Avenue SuÍte 1100 Phoenix, AZ 85004 I RE: Inweet{gatlon of Èhe Maficopa Countw Sheriff'e Office Dear Ms. McCormick: we appre.i.te the MarÍcopa County Sherfff's Office's (MCSO) pledge to cooperale wÍth our investígation, and we renew gur commÍtment Èo conduct the investígatlon 1n a faÍr, objective and effícient, nanner. Ae we dÍecugeed, enclosed pJ.eaee find our "FfrgE Requeot for Documente and InformaÈion.¿ Àlso encloeed is a separaE,e letter from Merrily Friedlander, Chief of the Coordlnation and Review Section, whÍch provides addit,íonal det,aíIg regardinq thosq aspectg of our inyes-LiqatioS related to the prohibitsl-ons agaÍnst, national origin discriminat,ion. We request that you produce all requested documents and maEerials by May 1, 2009. As hte discuesed, please adviee lf any of our requeete is unclear, PLeaee also Ínclude any related additionaL materlal we may not have requesEed, but you wieh us Eo ' coneider. Materials eent electronically should be delivered to åmin.Àminfar@uedoJ.qov. MaEerials beÍng sent by hard copy shoul-d be dellvered to ug at the following addresg: - TrÍal Àt,torney Special Litigation Section Civll Rights Divlsfon 601 D Street, NW Washington, DC 2OOO4 Amin Aminfar !{e reiEerate our offer Èo meet, with you and MCSO otficiat" Eo dÍecuss our invest,igation. Pleaee let us know if you would l-1ke t,o schedule a meeting. Thank you in advance for your -2 continued cooperatlon. 'If you or MCSO staff have any questions or concerns regiardíng Èhe foregoing, please do not heef¡ate to contact ue. You may reach'Deputy Ct¡ief Daníel Weiee at' (2021 616-6594, or me aÈ (202) 5L4-6255. Ly, ta Y. CutLar f Special L,ít,Ígation Sectíon Encloeures IMTESTIGåTION O8 IÌff I,ÍARICOPÀ COI'NTY SEERIFF'S OFFICE please provlde copies of all of the documents and materiale production' I1sEed. below, from,Januara! L,2008, Eo the date of lnformation maÍntained in lrrri""" otherwiee etated. For informat'íon electronic formaE. !ìte reç[uest that you provide theand version ln formats .o¿ iaetrf]ify the soitware Program Ehe eame ;q,ri;;ã io read. the f1le, a¡rd also provide any erq>J-anato4r (in the inforrnagior, ,r".""sary to pnderetand Lhe stnrcture ofnot. file example) . For eüã-."". of databaseË, for pleaãe provide riaterlale h3td copies' .If- y?Y elect'ionlcal.1y, ,*irri"it"a no¡ iden¡ified bel.ieve that any ãáãt *è"Lå ãr Ínfo-rmatíon thac areae set forth of reLevant Íssuee, ;;l; would, aesiet our revlew ñl;;, lIuu". do noÈ heslEaEe to provide euch documente and i informatsion, questsions or P1ease feel free to contact us to ùiscuss any tshis request' If reeponsive documenfs or us .ooutttà regarding af,firmatively i"iãr*"tion do no[ exiet, we aek thaE youEhat contain Ínform documente of the sarne or provide ue $tith subsEant ially eimilar ínf ormat'íop. withÍn the Maricãta county Sheriff's Office ("McSo") ' iiãi"äi"si-"pèiitiänar eub--divisions, - such -:1si"*11^1I"""' dieEricte, ot pi""incte (or comparabl'e sectors) ' P1ease = indÍcate Mcso'"-ièpotting relationship to Ehe reet of Ehe Maricopa Cor:nty ("County') governmental EtrllcEure' 2.ForeachunltorcomponenLwíthintheMcgoorganizat'ional eEruct,ure,íncIudÍngbutnot]-imÍtedtÉtatslonaorzBrecincLospecl l.i edunj.Es that are not aesignãa to a ppecificrecponse teams) include (g--g*, swAT; vice-units, an'd rapid ' a deecrlPtion of: a. The fr¡¡rction of each unít; b. The locatÍon of each unit'¡ deployed; c. The area where each unit io each u¡¡iE; d.. The protocol for activaEingrank' ín each r'rnit; and ê. ttre number of officers' byEo eelect person'el for f,. tf¡e wriiten criteria used aesignmenE Eo these dutiee' 3. funct,ion and reporLing authority Identify and degcrlbe the gÖvernment entit'les (iuEernal or \ of all MCSO cornponents or of ã*rãã"il rhats invesLigaEe or review al.legaríonsand seízures searchee *ï"ãã"¿"äu, incLuding únconstitutional and discriminaEory Policing' The 4. current number of gwonr and unsworn McSo pergonnel, comparable Eectors), broken down by preclncte, dístrlcte (orparrol officers, ã;ii;"iing titie, íncluding recruigs, ;õil;-fniesctgaÈor", 5. ser"gãanr,e, Iieugenangs, capt,ains, inspeetsors, comm.ndetå, coÍonele, ar''ciliary euperintenden¡g' at d any ot'her "coÍma¡td sEaf f . " of aJl The currenE numberoposse,"members of the voluntary group(s) or other eimÍIar gËoups,.broken MCSO known ae the sectors), ae ã"*" ¡y preclncie, ãíut"icus (or comt¡arabLe and giroupinge ;il ã; Ly epeciaíize¿ aseigrnment PLease provide the authorization to caxî! fíreárms' the ånd proceduräs, or oÈherwise identifv' such ñii;i; for members of ãelection crilerla and training voluntary groups. 6_ cerEified The eurrent number and names of all MCSO personnel'the county ('MOA") between under the Memorandum of AgrreemenE and United Stat'es frnmigraÈion and Customs Enforcement FicÈ;1, fnclud.lng a 1-teting of persorurel assigrned to: b. c. d. e- AnLÍ-Gang UniE Dnrg Enforcement Unit CommunitY AcEion Tea¡ns CrimÍnal InvestígaEion SecEioa 7. The number and names thelr certification under the MoA revoked pursuant to õãction rx, whether by MCSO or by ICE' Include any documentatign related to guch revocaEion' of all MCSO personngl thats have had 8. AllrninutesofmeetingsoftheSEeeringCommitLeeconwened under Sectlon XVI of Ehe MOÀ' current'ly covering MCSO All cotlect'ive bargaining agreementasËaff 9. lncLuding conuneind p"riãå- personnel, to 10. Any rePorgs or Étumnaries relatedfor MCSO's accreditatlon by r¡aw Enforcement Àgencieo the com¡ais"rãn on accreditation o 11 MCSO in , and. any oElrer. accredit'aEion sought by thereceÍved MCSO ulUimately Èhe rast fiwe years, whethei-ãi-tt"t ( sCALEA,') euch accreditratsion' reforms' . ÀJI reportrs, pLane, and ot'lrer documente proposing opgr?tignal e¡rhancementg' ot . organizacioåai-i"åit"tt'uring' iäiciaÈlves that are currently other perrormãnce improve*"iü rheir oq>ect,ed date of under -relatÍng.to: "or,"rãäiä;r";;-includingaearches ãnd eelzures' eç[ua1 implement.t,iã", -ãïf i .nd- internal complaints,' of f icer proEectioo, "ått recruigmènt ;;á sel-ectíon; Ínternal inveggigationst --. officers admlnieEraciiã aãt,ion or dÍselplinary 6y8temÊ for t'raining; and or other MCSO employeest supeÑieioni accounEabilit'Y. 12. À1I studiee, analyees, aud'1tg' inspecLions' memoranda' al'I docu¡nents from mÍnuEes of, meeÈlnge, reporta,'or olher revieworfnveeligat'ivecoÛE)relaLing.Èo nEltles'intandnal onentB.oÏe gearches er and/or u*t,"irr.t'tã etre Mcso; including thoEe relating uo seizuree anl equal protecciån, any the MCSO ZSZ ßi progran and accompanying MoA. Include iesponse to such documents' c;""tt-""ã/or-l'rcso 13.Ifappl.icable,allInter-GoveznmentalsqryiceeAgreement,g wtth ICE. a l. L4. If aPPllcable, a descriPtion of XIoftechnologicaL Purchaeea Ehe MOA, incJ-uding the made-ËY ICE PurËuanE Èo Section the current uaeS 0 iocation of tn" purchased Eechnology' purctrased EechnologY' 15. -"tO-åppficable, À deecrÍption of MCSO's docìJ¡nent reEention retention the documen! where dífferents policieg and' 16. policies of the CounÈY' All pol-iciee, procedures and ma¡ruals' including but not proceduree, limited to general orderg, standard operaEingand lntsernaL orderg, Eeret)E);;, ñii;iitt¡, butregal-unqat9s, -iå"i"ãi"g, ttót riirted Eo¡ searches and correepondence, eeizuregt sËopg¡ irlgksi-arrestss (including those for of -;"bit9 int'oxicatÍon' obEEnrccion disorderry cooaú";, juotsfce, .e""rrr-Jå ãìãii"" offlcer, resistÍng arregE, and É;**ty' of f enseÀ) ; aet-ention-; . Eransport of prieoners '' and phyeical t""t,t"Ir.ati-¡="ttaf"ttittg of firearms; sêízure -3- handling of evidence; handling of informal and formal officers' wheEher filed bv compraint" ";;il;¿-tårr"" personneJ; investsigations mieeonduct civilians or MCSO -.d*it'iËtrat Àve ài sc ipI íne- and/or correct' ive compl aínE ; " action; .o*t**ity rel-atione; and equal proÈecEion' MCSO to document iEe L7. 'IEample copiee of all fo¡rns used by tshe-bu! not limlted to aw enfot".ããtt .ctivitlee, including con¡roL ot-fãi"ons teport', torce reporcing forms, incident field incident, reports, patro3.. reportss, "=ã"ãË-rãpã4"1 ËaLl i9"", arre6t-l9gs,-eeizure reBorts loät, raaio-iãge, and loge, j.Ii"iågu, deek-sergeair.t loge and repopts, á"* -iË-"Irv of the foregolng forms do not exist, evldence iõ;: please ao Etate' 18. ÀII poLícies and proceduree regarding-Ele tsralning bv ICE ãã].äii"trlnãmination of MCS9 pãrsonnel for pursuênt tso'Nhe MOA' 19. A1-l pollcies and procedures relaÈed tso Èhe enforcement' -"i . executíon of the autshorized funcEions príoritiz"ir"rr, in Section V of the MOÀ' äesignat'ed 20. 4L1 policies or procedures related to notifylng ICE- MOA, l**iãratfon enfoicement activity autborized r.urder the as déecribed in Section XI' tso MCSO'e transportaEion 2L - Al-1 Policiee and proceduree related to ^ ¡^Èã{na¡t raz âñ1r ïêãÉiôn at MCSO f,acilities ICE detentlon faeilitles' ilt'ake' 22. .411 pollcles, procedures and ma¡rt'als governing of citsizen dlspoeítion inveetigaciãn,- è'tagsificatlon, andProvide a copy or other complaint" tfirf"rr*J. oq formai.) .other documentatíon deefgned ';;;#;-;";ðLt;; and exemplar "f fn che tni'akel investfgatlol: di.spositfon' and to for use review ot ciiizen complainus, I'ncluding-by noü Limlted and ali' policies Ehe McSo.r-ãfifãè"-conpf.ittt form. lnèIude proceduree rel-aEed co the complaints Procese ouEllned 1n Appendix s ãi-ih" taoa, fncluùing Ehe- coo-rdination of, tã',çf"itU handì.1ng between ICE and Ehe MCSO' 23.Atlpolicieeandprocedureerelatotherwise' to o,sprovfÈbaE it' edtsotheMcs pergone sion of interpreterg, telephonic or hasdetained,reeizedrarrested,orotlterwiseresLrainedin movement. -4- 24.ÀIlwriÈt,enmaEerlaleorreeourceaavailab].eorgivent,o citÍzen members or rüã public that elçlaln the Mcso's comPJ.ainE Procee 6 ' 23.ProvideaI}documenEEoroEherinformationrelatíngEo all including management-oi-irt. risk of políce Il::"ttdl:t' provided to all MCSO duperr¡isore, na¡ragers' *tiii"" guldance or executi.rããl--s'r.piain how MCS9 oupe¡rrieors monitor the risk of or--ãr oft--duty misconduct or policy violatiorr'. incl.udingtorÈioueorunconE'tituElonalbehavior,excessive force, discriminat'ory law enforcemenE' corruption' an -*óiãr turpicuae, or conduct r.¡¡¡becoming diehonesEv, officer by MCSO officére, iacluding managers and suPe:rrisore. TRÀII{ING for new recruíts or in26. A current, echeduLe of traíningMcsQ.persorrnel' from ifuly 1' for exÍsting eetîvice t=;ililg t'opics to 2008 throuõf. J.ri"-ã0, zoog, Includilg the training locatÍon of the be covereal and the àace, Eime' and training. for voluntseer membere of 27. Àpcurrent schedule of traininggroupg' .. og6e" or simllar wolunteer 2E.AllcurrentEralningcurricu}aforrrewrecruftsandcurrent officers (i-;;;-i;-ãervice training)' lncl"udíng roIJ'-cal'I updated 29.'411 tralning maEerials, includ'ing initia1.and ICE' In t9 thl training m"Ë"ti"fs, reiatingrelaEed MOA.wit'h trainlng' as addition, i"ãf"a. materiale Ehe MoA' to local descrlbed ín SecEÍon VII of raEe 30. Inforrnatlon indicating MÇSo,e officer arrnual compliance f,rom 'Ianuar-l¡ 1, 2OOB unt''L for requir"d Írr-r.rr¡ióe tråining Ehe Present' 3l.TheFieldTrainingOfflcer("FTO')manualanchellFToher da oE grogram, documents pãit"r"lrrg to tlre criteria for the incl.uding ú"i-r"t fimfte¿ !o: - Ehe select,ion of FTOB, to the cralning oi rto", and sample documents relatlng FTO Program- reporEing,recotdíngrmanagementsandaccounE'abilttyforÈhe nr¡mber 32. The current of FTOs, broken down by precinct (or comparable Êector) ' pergonnel' 33. A coPy of evaluation forms usêd to evaluate MCSO eupervisory staff . rhrough ïrã*.iráuat,ioni.7 officers be accomp"ttigd by clear Froducgior, ãi f"i*s should e:çIana¡ior,-ãf freguency- of ãvaluation (annual', eemi-annual) endorsed ae $¡e1l as hãw,-r"å ¡V ilhom, form is_revíewed and tban Èhe direct eupervieor ¡v fåiron,er órner (ev"ã**."a) ' aluator arresE6' 34. Provide aLt documents relating to MCSO officer blottrer not Lfmlted Eo' arrest reportrE' eupporting ÍncLuding, b;È entrieg, incidenc leport8, arregt warraneg and materials, boolcing 1äge, pat'ro1 logs' radío loge¿ videotaper,-*¿ àiy oErr..documentã relaÈed t,o arresEe by to Ehe preeent'. MCSO officer from Sanuary 1, 2008 35.Arleso1ul.iaintsfandaceom'panyior¡d'ocwmesearchaind}ueiízure ' l compJ o n,í any,r clat ed'ts ng nla u ful nEatíon, nc e d ng including anv complaínts or ;;-ãi;ir*ittãi"t:r- poiioittg,eubmitÈed or generated pureuanL accompanyi"ã-ãããü*åniac ioñ to ÀPPendtx B of t'he MoA' ÀCCOUÑTABITJITY 36. Deecribe dieclplínary and appeal procesaes for MCSO to review 3?. Identífy those personnel-or entitsiee authotízed or correctiwe action recommend årãi"ã-i*poee disclpLinary related to eearches and ""1;;;; anä equat protection' Practices bY MCSO Personnel' 3S.AlistofallincldenteinwhÍchconflictshavearlsen the order or and between ucsõ-nràs, ecanaar¿s, and policiesdescrfbed 1n as dírection of a eupervfeoq¡ ICË offiãer' of tlre nature secEion xI of ÈhJMoÀ. rnclude a deecription part,ies afrd directlves of Lhe "orrii"Il-the speciflcof the conflict, if any. involved, ã"ã-tir. reeoiution or (whether 39. A list of all filed criminal dismieged' pending'or arregÈa' caees' Índictmente resolved) ãitif and sworn ' of or against t'he count'y and/or Ehe.MCSo and/or any or eguaL offfcere tã:'ãtãã-to eealches and' seizuree presenÈ' Include prot,ectsion from ilanuary rl-áoO8 unÈil the -6- the caee nr:¡nber of Ehe alleged incidents and conplaint' i¡rdicÈmenÈ, or arreat, the namee of the offlcere epecifled in Ehe compl-aint, índictnent, or arreeÈ, and t'he ouE'come' Algo include any daEa in Ehe posseesíon of Ehe MCSO that capt,uree the nuirber of prosecutione dismleeed aa a ïesult of a ]udicial or proaecutoifal flndlng of . of ficer rn-ieconduct reiated t.o effèctuaging searchee or eeÍzures a¡'¡d equal protectíon PracEicee. 40. Descript,ion of MCSO's syetem for moniEoring or audíting the pracgÍães of indivldual MCSO officere, grouPs of off,icers and vol-r.¡¡rEeer rnembers of "po8É98!" or sÍmiIar groups, with reapecE Èo searchee afrd. seizuree or egual protectíon ptuãtíCe" (g,^g-, an "early warning, " oearly fdentif lcation,'/ är "red-flagging" system) and the proEocole, if any, eetablíghed-Eor-deattng with "ag-ri6k" officerg. Identify the pereonnel,and/or unft responeible for ínpuEtíng_data lnto- the sysEem; for preparing any reports ldentífying "atrisk" offÍèere,. and for reviewing inf,ormat'íon, managemenE ' and dÍecÍpline/corrective action rel.aÈed to Eheee report6. 41. À list of'al1 current or former MCSO personnel recommended for terminaÈion/diociplíne or correct'lve action, Ehe reason for Ehe t"cor,unetded dlecipline or corrective aclion, whether dieeiplÍne or corrective actfon 'r¡ae Ímpoeed, and Èhe nature an¿ duratlon of any d,iscipline oi corrective action imposed Êrom ,January 1, 2008 to the preeent' maintsained bY t'he MCSO pursua¡rL to rnainÈain'ing conpliance with Ehe MoA. Include äny requeete made by rCE for speciflc and/or tracklng data- r,fMrTED ENGÍJTSH PRQFTCIENCT please provide the following information and, with req)ect Eo any po11{, plan, procedure oi datt regueeÈed, provlde eopies of any îereións- in effect for Èhe t,Írne períod ,Xanuary 1, 20O7 Eo tbe preseat, r¡nIess oEhe::v¡1ee staEed: 43. The breakdown Of Lhe number of inmates/detaineee held ín each of the MCSo Jaile, including the tsent' ciEy, by race -and naEional origin, IndÍcate how nrany, withln each race and languagee. national origin, are I.¡EP. Identify Ehe primarywithin each persons and. the EotaL number spoken by thé ¡EP -7- o I Iangruage group. P1ease ProvÍde this 1 and March L5, 2009, and .fanuaî! L ' ocE,ober 1, 2008 . April 1, rfulY 1, Ínformation for'January and 44.CopieeofallMcsojail.policilncludingoanydEnglieh-onlv ing esandpr ce uresregard rules' rJEp inma¡""-ã"ã-ni"iÈãt"l relaced Eo Ehe rncLude ."v pãii"ies and'procedureeparagraph of Ehe letEer ããããiiuã¿ l" iur rtira allegaeio", related to from Merriíy ;;r;dtã"¿Àt (aÈrached)-and thoeein pereon' persons over the phone' interacting'wlth LEP of vital through trh¿ Mcéô web ãÍte, the translationInclude a copy of and' any other reievant media' documenge, pr.ttl-ir one exists' and the_date 1E MCSO'" l,"rrgl"ã.ã".å", pleaee aieo øqllaín how Mcso staff are wenE into effect. the polfciee nade awar.';;-¿h; provlslone of ehe PIan' If jails, please MCSO or procedurãã ¿fftèr betweeu any of_Lheeach jaÍI' provide ;;;y-;i-er'r" lnformat'ion for " 45.CopieeofallMCsopol.icieeandprocd.escriptlonardinguhe edureereg of allegatlons visiEaEion forme mentÍoned-in thã tshe letter in the tlr:.tã-päiagi"ptt ofrn addition'from Merrily staEe t'he pur¡roee for Friedlandu-"ùãr.-tfre ' i- tãilããrreä) ¡"tôSO began using tshe forms, and whether Ehe forms, co atl iisicore. Àlso, pleaee.pt?-tL9e Ehe forms MCSÖ ""Ë-äirã" thar viEiiors eubmítted àt each ofthe copies ot ãii iã"*" year prior to ja1ls, irr.lnãing uhe tent city' for the daÈe of thts request ' visits with LEP pre6ence allotr f,or in*áiËe/aetainees are sct¡eduled to an interPreter. 47.Copíeeofa].IcomplainEsagainstMCsorequest,drelatinghIn any receiwe duringL e Ewo yearB pii"= tä tne daté of Lhie from ãr-lrrã-airegatione described ln the letterBteps way Eo the incrude riiããr""ã.i- ("Ëru"hed) . Pleaee of the findings of ilãiriÍv "rry compiainr, a copy raken r" complaint, "á¿r.r"-ããrri any invesrig"tiã"ut !h" .üãã"t. stasuã of eacli gathered in connection with õf any informatlon and coptee Èhe comPlaint. 48. A copy of MCSO'e poJ'icf-eE and procedures for handling complaint",--ir.irräing thoae alleging diecrlmlnaEion or the faíIure ro'ptä.riãã-eãñ¡ices to péreóne $tho are LEP. If inEo have procedure" ã"ã¡ãi compl,ain! foimepleasebeen t,ransLaEed of provide a copy any language other tttutt gogtlsh' Ehoee translations' -8- rl.å selt\rice agreemenE with a 49. À copy. if applicable, of MCSo'sag well ae data ehowing Eelephonic interpreter service' Èhe Èerephonic señ'ice and number or .ãïi" äonduceed ettro"gr, ghe I'anguagee utilized' maEerlals and recorde of t'raining 50. Copies of tralning Eo Mcso giatr on Ehe uge of the telephonic seestons provided encou¡¡tere with IJEP inEelpreEat'ion ae:lrice, and on trandlingencounter statistíce, liete and peraona, ."-rãfi ae atiendèe if available. of all MCSO jall-staf,f lÍsEed 51. pat'a on language capabiliÈiee pracÈices' including and Uv-iacrricvl ñiii"g-þ]f* incentive"'åfïã"-ïár-bflin$*1- ekips used on Ehe Job' and staff . any proceauíãe.relartng to"àssfgnmenÈ of bllingual o -9- ? I EXHIBIT 4 U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division ffice dthe Asslrltan AnomeY Gencml Waslungto4 D C 20530 AlJ6 - 3 ?010 Alexandra J. Gill Ogletree Deakins 2415 E. Camelback Rd., Suite 800 Phoenix, AZ 85016 Robert N. Driscoll Alston & Brrd LLP 950 F Street, Washrngton, NW DC 20004 Notrce of noncompliance with the obligatron to cooperate wrth the Department Justrce rnvestigation pursuant to Title VI of the Civrl Rlghts Act of 1964 Re Dear Counsel' of _ Th¡s is to notiff you that the Mancopa County Shenffs Office (MCSO) is not in complrance wrth lts obligations under Title VI of the Crvil Rights Act of 1964,42 U.S C. $$ 2000d to 2000d-7, to cooperate rn the investigation of alleged national origrn discnmination undertaken by the Department of Justice Civrl Rights Divrsion (the Drvision). Absent MCSO's voluntary cooperation with this investrgatron within two weçks - by August 17, 2010 - the Department wrll file a Title VI civil action to compel access to the requested documents, facrlltres, and personnel. The legal and factual bases for thrs Trtle VI determination follow. MCSO's Response to the Requests for Information. On Ma¡ch 10, 2009, the Divlsion notrfied MCSO that it was investrgatrng alleged vrolatrons of Title VI, the Omnrbus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968,42 U S C $ 3789d, and the Vrolent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of I 994, 42 U S C $ I 4l 4l The Division's investigation pertarns to allegatrons of unlawful searches and seizures, discrrminatory police conduct, and fa¡lure to provide basrc servlces to indrviduals wth hmrted Enghsh proficrency. On March 25,2009,the Divrs¡on supphed MCSO with its First Request for Documents and Informat¡on (Frrst Request), detarlrng the document and lnformat¡on requests necessary to carry out lts rnvestrgatron On several subsequent occastons, both in writing and by telephone, the Dlvision also requested access to MCSO facilltres and personnel necessary to investigate the clatms of national ongin dlscr¡mrnatlon -2On May 12,2009, MCSO provided the Division with eleven pages of documents that it deemed partially responsive to th¡ee of the frfty-one requests in the First Request. MCSO advised the Division that "MCSO will ñ¡rther respond to the DOJ's First Request once MCSO has completed installation and aaining on [its litigation support] system." On May 29,2009, however, counsel informed DOJ in writing that MCSO would "not respond to any document requests from DOJ . . . until appropriate assurances are made" that DOJ \¡/as not improperly coordinating its investigation with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).f In a zubsequent telephone conversation on June zz,z}Og,counsel for MCSO reite¡ated that MCSO would not produce any documents or provide access to MCSO personnel. And on July 7, 2009, MCSO held a press conference at which MCSO SheriffJoe Aqpaio and counsel stated that MCSO would not cooperate with the Division's investigation, would not produce additional documents, and would not provide any access to MCSO facilities or personnel Subsequent communications from counsel reiterated MCSO's position. Since these communications, MCSO has continued its unwarranted refusal to cooperate with DOJ in this investigation. On June 14, 2010, fifteen months after the Division's request, MCSO provided for the first time a position statement regarding the operation of its jail facilities. But this positron statement falls far shof of complying with MCSO's obligation to cooperate with the Division's investigation: it addresses only the allegatrons regarding.¡ail servrces while saying nothing at all about the allegations of discrimrnatory pohce practices; it does not include any agreement to provide access to MCSO facilities and personnel; and the limrted production of accompanying documents fails to respond to the Fust Request.z MCSO's Denial of A,ccess Violates Title VI. Title VI prohibrts discrimination in federally-assisted programs on the ground of race, color, or national origin. 42 U.S.C. $ 2000d DOJ's Title VI implementing regulations require, among other obligations, that reciprents of federal financial assistance permit access by DOJ to sources of information and facilities as may be pertinent to ascertain compliance wrth Title VI and the implementing regulations 28 C.F.R. $$ 42 106 and 42.108. The Title VI rmplementing regulations also require that every apphcation for federal financial assistance be accompanied by an assurance that the program will be conducted in compliance with all requrrements rmposed by Title VI and the rmplementing regulatrons 28 C.F.R, $ a2.105(a)(l), Pursuant to thrs requirement, MCSO signed contractual assurances agreeing to permrt DOJ to examine relevanl records. MCSO is also bound by the contractual assurances sígned by any recipient, such as Maricopa County, through whrch MCSO is a subrecipient. I In the same tetter, counsel requested that the DOJ Office of Professlonal Responsrbrhfy (OPR) rnvestrgate alleged attomey mrsconduct rn connectron w¡th the Drv¡s¡on's tnvest¡galron of MCSO MCSO's unfounded allegatrons are not a basls for MCSO's refusal to comply w¡th lts obhgatron to cooperate w¡th the Dtvlsron's rnvestrgatton ln any evenl, as explatned tn OPR's June 16, 201 0, letter to MCSO, OPR conducted an rnvestrgatron of MCSO's clatms and concluded that no Drvrsron anomey comm¡tted professronal mrsconduct or exercrse¡lpoor judgment ln conneclion wrth the D¡vrsron's rnvestrgatron of MCSO r MCSO rncluded approximately 800 pages of documents as exhlbrts to rts posrtion statement, but those documents are not - and do not purport to be - a complete response to the Frrst Request. 2 -3MCSO's refusal to cooperate with the Division's investigation is a violation of Title VI, VI implementing regulations, and related assurance agreements. The Division accordingly notifies you that absent MCSO's voluntary compliance to correct these violations within two weeks, the United States will conclude that compliance has not been achieved by voluntary means and will irutiate civil litigation under Title VI to compel compliance. See 28 C.F.R. $ 42.108(d), In the interest of seeking, to the ft¡llest extent practicable, to assist MCSO in complying voluntarily with its obligations, the Division remains open to MCSO's cooperation with our request for information. ln order to avoid litigation, please provide a complete response to the First Request and an agreement to permit access to all pertinent MCSO facilities and personnel no later than August 17,2010. the Title MCSO's refi¡sal to cooperate fully with the Division's investigation makes it an extreme outlier when compared with other recipients of federal financial assistance, which have uniformly recognized their obligation to cooperate with the Division's investigations of alleged discrimination. Although we would prefer voluntary compliance in this case as well, we wll not hesitate to commence litigation after August 17,2010, if MCSO continues to take the position that it need not cooperate with the Divrsion's investigation. If you have any questions, please contact Judy Preston, Acting Chief of the Special Litigation Section, at202-514-6258. q-t.ßr Thomas E.Perez Assistant Attorney General Clarisse McCormick Sincerely, Mancopa County Afiomey's Office The Honorable Dennis K. Burke United States Attorney District of Arizona

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