Riches v. Karr et al

Filing 3

COMPLAINT REFERRED (42:1983), filed by Jonathan Lee Riches. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A-TRO Restraining Order)(sh)

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Riches v. Karr et al Doc. 3 Case 2:07-cv-02103-RTD-JRM Document 3 Filed 09/20/2007 Page 1 of 4 FORMTO BE USEDBY PRISONERS FILING A COMPLA]NT IN q THE L T N D E R CIVILRIGHTS ACT.42 U.S.C. 1983 I N THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT W E S I E R N DISTRICT OF ARIftNSAS DI\'ISION wEs+rEFN sEP 202007 BY ( E n t e r abovethe full nameof the plaintitf i n this action.) s $ q l E Lee,Rrc.hsa cltRlf,.,ro{{sfl{, s o.Ef,l( DEPIIYE,LSI( 'Ott P r i s o n e r nro.4 Ot{ttf, ID 5 H * l"lcr K KARF- ,\[KlA 'LrLa F...g^cr'F r r l r n q Ye\t i pllclA trfka r'ofL+r" v, c^slNo. fi7- ),/D3 'r+Lr. t q l r r o Kt-+6ocLAlhlR tor-r" 5 r'+Lo co.otrr,r]:+ AIKIA Coutrnro rle,SL,il{.n t" ( E n t e r nbovethe fu!! name of thc defendant, o r defendants, this action.) ln L Previousl,awsuits A. Have you begunother lnwsuitsin stateor federulcourt dealingwith the srme f a c t s involved in this action? Yes Nr/ I f your nnswerto Aisyer, desrribecachlawsuit in the rpacebelowiucludinq the c x a c t nlaintiffname or aliLs used. (If there is more than one ldwsuit, describe t h e additional Iawsuits$n nnother pieceofptrpcr, using the sameoutlinc,) l. Partieoto this lawsuit Plaintiffs: Defendrnts: ?. Court (lf fcdcral courq namethc districti if strte, nf,methe countyt Case 2:07-cv-02103-RTD-JRM Document 3 Filed 09/20/2007 Page 2 of 4 3. 4. 5. Docket number: N a m eofjudge to whom cflse wasassigned: D i s p o s i t l o n(for example: War thc casedismissed?Wus it rppealed? I s it still pending?) A p p r o x i m a t e date of lillng lflwsuit: A p p r o x i m te date of disposition: 6. '7 il. P I a c eof PresentConfinement; F c t t+i [\ ranJ('s. III. T h e r e is a written prisoner grirvanceprocedure in thc Arkansa$f)epartmentof C o r r e c t i o n and ln your couutyjail. Failure to comDlele griev8nceprocedurc mfly the a f f e c t your casein tederal court. A. Did you present the facts relating to your compleint in the state or county w r i t t e n prisonergrievance procedure? Yes B. no -/ I f your answer is YES, Attach copies of the most recent written g r i c v a n c e ( s ) / r e s p o n s e ( rrelating to your clalms showing completion of the ) g r i e v a n c c procedure, FAILURX T(} ATTACH THE REOUIRED CQPIES I N THE A I OI'Y I f your answer is NO, explain why not: c. lV. Parties ( I n item A below,place your namein the first blank and placeyour prc$cntaddress i n the second blank.) A. Nameof plaintiff: TaArqfl"a", t r l Ieg RtoU'oi F , r @ , t t a r e s i {:u 4 V E * o t E F c \ fs g*e-rS 5 a 8 1 5 9 o w . l l r r o t l ' v r q 0 0 .B o { 3 V O Case 2:07-cv-02103-RTD-JRM Document 3 Filed 09/20/2007 Page 3 of 4 (In Itcm B below,placethe ful! nameof the defendflntin the lirst blank, his officirl p o s i t i o n in the secondblank, his place of employmentin the third blank, nnd his e d d r e s sin the fourth blrnk,) B. Defendrnt: 5o[i" H rtgk k+eR Position: 'Fqil^ef -'!/ ,ru." or" I l e f e n d a n t : Aplte.<& Y1\gl Fosition: P l a c eof Employment: Addressr Defendrrntl Position: F,r.f 5r-,*1" Achq*lgq5 5OO l$or+{,,\Ztq f a5 KLetbot-t P l a c e Employmentl of Addrss: Defendantr Position: P l a c eof Employment: * li v' t{rqr,r E f,l- d't^f So0FNdr{'{',\f1h H ZS Addressr Defendant: Position: P l t r c e Employmcntr of trt 1 {i*.}1,^" A-l^4,'6,^5 t4 -l- A d d r e s s r 4.rrt {r-.,r-I.{n /}"kqr"r.,S 5Oo l/artl.. lz+u F tr5 -3- Case 2:07-cv-02103-RTD-JRM Document 3 Filed 09/20/2007 Page 4 of 4 v. S t a t c m c n tof Claim S t a t ehere as bricfly aspossiblethe ftqf of your cflse,Describehow eflchdefendadtis i n v o l v e d . Include also the narne$ other personsinvolved,datesend pl&cc$,Do not of g i v e eny legalargumentsor cltc any cases ststutet, If you intcnd to tllege a numbcr or o f r e l ted chims, number and sct forth eachclaim in fl separate paragraph. (Usetrs as m u c h space you nced, Attach extra sheets nccessary.) if rftkr ry'.}.,r,, \q1{ ' \q.V.r,.}*.ls Setro.+ ols E+\-" S\*.ts VI. Relief S t a t ebrieflv exdctlvwhat vou lvant the court to d0 fitr you. Makc no legalarguments. C i t c no cases statutes. or I declare(or certify, verify, or state)urder penalty of perjury {18 U,S.C.$ f6?l) is th a t the foregoing true and corrcct, this E x e c u t e d {04 ot aoy ,Tth ' 20*qJ-' P r i n t e d Nameof Plain -4-

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