Myers v. Fort Smith Police Department

Filing 4

ORDER that plaintiff complete and sign the attached addendum to his complaint, and return to the court by 8/10/09. Signed by Honorable James R. Marschewski on July 13, 2009. (Attachments: # 1 Addendum)(lw)

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S1'A'IES DISTzuCT COURT IN THI] I.JNITED t]IS'I'RICT NRKANSAS OF WI]STERN F O R TSMI'I'HI]IVISION C A R L EDWARI] MYERS PLAINTITF C A S E N o . ZoLtf 09F T , SMITII POLICE ]JEPARTMENT DEFENDANT A D D E N D I ] M TO COMPLAINT L O :CARLDIIWARDMYERS as the This l'ormis sefltto you sothatyou mayassist couftin makinga detennination to thc it uponthe defendants. Acoordirrgly, is tequircd issue whetherthecoffplaint shouldbeserved of thatyorrfill out this form and sendit backto the couttby August 10,2009. Failurcto do so will rcsultin thedismissal yourconrplairrl. of tfiustheanswcrcd mustbc lcgiblyhandwritten typewritten, all questions or ald Theresponse you providcdon this form. Ifyou need in additional spaoe, rnayattach completely theproperspace additionasheets paperto this atlclerrdum. l of RL,SPONSE of with theDefendant. 1. Providethe dates your cmployment Answer: 2. Describe vour uositionasan emulovee theDel'endant. of with the Eqr,ral Opportr.rnity F,mploymcnt 3. You have statedthat you filed charges flomrnission and received Notice to Right to Sueand/ota f)etetmination. ls a copy of thosc a matcrials attached? A n s w e r :Yes No I f the answcr is no, indicatc bclow why those materialsare not attached. you on the basisof your age,race, 4. You haveallegedDelbndant discriminated against color,sex,religion,andnational origin. Describe discrimination that below. (a) What is your age?_ (b) How tlid theDel'endant you discriminate against on the basisof your agc? (c)Whatisyourracc? (d) How did the Defendant you discriminate against on thc basisofyour race? ( e ) Whatis yourcolor? (l) How did theDei'endant you discriminate against on the basis your color? of ( g )Wrat isyoursex? 3. You have statedthat you filed c har ges ()pportunity with the Equal Employrnent Cornmissi o n rcceivcdir Notice to Right t o Sueand/ora Determination.Is a coov of those and nraterials attachcd? Ans w c r:Yes No If the ariswer no, indicate is helowwhy thoscmaterials not attachetl. are 4. You haveallcgedf)el'endant i s c r i m i nat ed d you against on the basisof your age,race, c o l o r ,sex,religion, national and origin. D c s c r i b e discriminatitrn that below. (a) Whatis your age?_ (h) How did thc Defendant discriminate you against on thebasisofyour age? ( c )What yourracc is ? (d) How did theDefendant discrirninate you against on the basis ofyour race? ( e )Whatis yourcolor? (f) How did theDcfendant discriminate against on the basisofyour color? you ( g ) What yoursex? is (h)How did the Dcfcndant discriminatc againstyou on the basisrrl'your sex? ( i ) Whatis yourreligion? discriminate you against on thebasisofyour teligion? fi) How did thc Deibndant ( k ) Whal. yournational is origin? (/) How did theDefcndant discriminatc against on the basis you ofyour nationalorigin? 5 . Dcscrihe below how your discrimination by the Defcndant was connccted t6 your e r n p l o y r n c n tby the l)efendanr. 6. In the space provided below,statchow theDefendanr lailedto promote vou. 7' You havealleged you weresubjected "continued to stopsharassmentsdrawned[sicl guns." (a) Ilid this happen duringflrecourse your ernployme'twith thc De.lbnda't? of Answer:Ycs No [ f n o , statc wheni1occurued. (b) Did a supervisor pcrforfiltheactsalleged your complaint? in A n s w e rYes ; No I CERTIFY]'HAT TIIE IN}.ORMATIONCONTAINI.]IJ HEREINIfJCOVEREI]I]Y TTIE V l - i R I F I C A T I O N IIE BY ME ON My INI'ItAL COMPLATNT. Mn C N R I ,EDWARDMEYERS DATE

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