Myers v. Senior Activity Center

Filing 4

ORDER that plaintiff complete and sign the attached addendum to his complaint, and return to the court by 8/10/09. Signed by Honorable James R. Marschewski on July 13, 2009. (Attachments: # 1 Addendum)(lw)

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IN 'THE I]NITED COURI' STATES DIS'IzuCT WESTF,I(N OF DISTRIC'I' AI{KANSAS F{)RT SMITH DIVISION PL,AINTIFF CARL EDWARDMYERS C A S E N o0 9 - Z O 8 5 . ACTIVIl'Y CI]N'IER SF,NIOR DEFIINL}ANT ADI}XND TO EOMPLAINT UM T 0 : CARLIDWARD MYITRS T hi. "fofin is senttd you $othatyoumayassist courtin makinga determination tr)the the as uponthe dcfendants, issue ofwhetherthe conrplaint shouldbe scrved Accordingly,it is requircd thatyou fill ou1this lirrm and scndit hackto thecourt by August 10,2009. Failureto do so will r e s u l t thedismissal yourcomplaint. in of ortypewritten, all qucstions Theresponsc musthelegiblyhandwritten mustbeanswered and provided this t'orm.Il'you needadditional you in on oompletel y theproperspace spacc, mayattach of to additiorrasheets paper this addendum. l RESPONSE the L Provicle dates yorl employment of with the Dcfendant. Answer: 2. Describe your positionasan employec the Defendant. of 3. You have statedthat you filed c har ges with thc Equal EmploymcntOpportunity C o m t n i s s i oandreceived Noticeto Rightt o Sueand,/or Deterrninatiou.Is a conv ofthose n a a materials attached? Answer: 'lres No l f thc answeris no, indicate bclow wliy thosematerialsarc not attached. 4. Yrruhavcalleged Def'endant against onthebasis you discriminatcd racc,color ofyour age, i m dscx. Describe discrimination that bclow. (a) What is yourage? (h) How did the Def'enrlarrt discriminate against on the basisof your age? you (c) Whatisyourrace? (d) How did the Defendant di,r-criminatc against on thebasis your race? you of (e) Wrat is your color? (1)How did the Dcfcndant discriminate you against on the basis ofyour color? ( g )Whatis youtsex'l (h)Howdid the Defendant you discriminate against on thehasisofyour sex? 5. Descrihehelow how your discrimination the Delbndant by was connected your to enrployme nby the Defendant. t providcdbclow,state 6. In the space how theDefendant failcd to proftote you. 7. You havealleged werediscriminated raoialcomments insults. you by and (a) Did this happen duringthe coursc ofyour ernployment thc Dcfcndant? with Answer:Yes_,No-.__ Jf'no, state whenit occurred. (b) Ilid a supervisor performthc actsalleged your complaint? in Answer:Yes No 8 . Describcbeltrw the insults and harassment ytrr.r sufferedas a rcsuh ol'employment discrimination. 9. Describcbclow aty other harm, beyondinsults and harassment, sufTeted you by Defcndant. TNFORMAI]ON TS I L]ERTIFYTIIATTHE CONTAINED I]YTIIE IIEREIN COVHREI] MADE BY MU ON MY INITIAL. VIIRIITICIATION COMPLAINT. CARL EDWARDMEYERS

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