Forrest v. Powell Feed and Milling Co., Inc.

Filing 19

ORDER granting 8 Motion to Compel Discovery, as set forth. Signed by Honorable James R. Marschewski on December 30, 2011. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1 email, # 2 Exhibit 2 email) (lw)

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DavidDixon From: $ent: To: Subject: David Dixon 4:31PM November 28,2011 Monday, 'James Graves' discovery v RE:Forrest Powell andIetyouknow l'll the Thanks. call court Agreed. J. DavldDlxon PLC & Clarlt, Butt,Carithers, Taylor, Davis, St. 19 EastMountain P.O. Box1688 688 AR Fayetteville, 7270?-1 (479)521-7600 Tel: 521-7661 Fax(479) ddixon STATEM ENT CONFIDENTIALITY iecelvedthise|ecttonictl'FJll$lui.o;$lr)|littri;l,tttr.l}|''t{t:il}not|Iy 0 id is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be Notice: Any federat tax advlce contained In this communication, including attachments and enclosures, gnother party any taxpurposB of avoiding tax.related penalties under th6 InternaiRevenue Code or promoting, marketlng or reqommendlng to used, for the herein, matters addressed related rm'com] bassettlawfi From r JamesGraves[mallto:Jgraves@ 28, $ent: Monday,November 2011 rt:28 PM To: DavidDlxon v SubJecil Re: Forrest Powelldiscovery Yes. M.Graves James BassettLawFlrm LLP POBox3618 AR FayettevilJe, Phone; 479-521-9996 479-521-9600 Fax: Emaihisraves@ Sentfrom my lPhone privileged exemptfrom and that is highlyconfidential, contentsmay containinformation and Thismessage all accompanyinE the lf or any lf disclosure. you are not the intendedrecipient, distribution copyingis strictlyprohibited' you havereceived as way to communicate, it email$ may not alwaysbe a totallysecure Also, in messate error,contactthe senderimmediately. who wishto people.Intendedrecipients by it may be copiedby servers travelsthroughor accessed unauthorized shouldcontactthe sender' by other means communicate is to, nothingin this messaEe intended nor mayit, be relied 230,unless expressly statedotherwise, Forpurposes Circular of payments, or purposerelatedto incometax liability, plan,nor for any uponfor the promotionof any entity or investment Code. Revenue penalties may be imposed underthe Internal that PM, at On Nov 28, 20L1., 4126 lames, "DavidDixon"<ddixon@davis-IiqLeQll> wrote $$HW[ffi*T il n* ns l'm will discovery beproduced? thinking later outstanding that to we Can agree a deadline defendant's fromnow.lsthatdoahle? December that10days 8th; thannoon, J. DavldDixon & PLC Butt, Carithers,Taylor, Davis. Clark, St, 19EastMountain Box1688 P.O. AR Fayetteville, 72702-1688 Tel: (479)521-7600 Fax(479)521-7661 com ddixon@davis-firm. STATEMENT CONFIDHNTIALITY "e.mailchain",r"r:ntairrtl froin inf*tnr*{ion in trarrsnri:;siorrsthe game and ffansmisslon, any prioror subsequent mesgege Thi$€leatronic til is privileged. The lnformation irrtsndud ht'tftlr the u$B r-rr PLc, and ig corrfirJrxrrliirl iill"* fi- of Davis,dhrk, Butt,carithersA iaftor, or drstrihtrtittn uqeof copyirll:I, {re that r*r":i1rhrll, arnrore any disclosure' or of the individual entityn"rn"J'above.lf you arl not theintended (479notifyus tly t$l{,rl}hone in thir If is of th8 contsnte this information prohibited. you have received *l*clrrnir: lr;rn$missign error,Please immedlately, 5?1.7600) or is and In{ilrrrrlirrg attachments €nclosures, not intended writtento be ln Notice: Any federaltax edvicecontalned thi$r;or'rrrfirrrriqntieil, or marketing RevenueCode or promoting, pt:rurltles underthe Internal tirx-ritrtiite(J used,and cannotbe used,fof the purposeof avoiitrrfJ lti'reln. itddrcr:;5t'rLl nrattcrs to recommending enotherpartyany tax-related] Graves iltoIioraves(fr Ima FromI James 4:19PM ZB, November 2011 Sent: Monday, Dixon Tor David v discovery Re:Forrest Powell Subject: to or the Will This agreeable. youcontact courtandthenlet me knowwhether not I stillneed Eoto Ft is 5mithtomorrow? M. James Graves Law Bassett FirmLLP POBox3518 AR Fayetteville, Phone: 479-521-9996 Fax: 479-521-9600 Ema lEraves@bassettlawfi il: Sent frommy lPhone privileged confidential, information is highly that may contents contain and This message allaccompanylng is or recipient, distribution copying strictly any lf fromdisclosure.youarenot the intended andexempt Also, may immediately' emails not the in contect sender the lf youhave received message error, prohibited. through accessed or it by asit maybecopied servers travels way secure to communicate, always a totally be the should contact means bi to who recipients wish communicate other people. Intended by unauthorlzed sender. to, ls nothing thismessage intended nor in otherwise, stated expressly 230, of Forpurposes Circular unless to related plan, for anypurpose nor promotion anyentity investment or of uponfor the mayit, berelied Code' Revenue the under Internal payments, penaltiei maybe irnposed that or income liability, tax "David wrote: <d"dj5g1t"@.d.Fyi5.:f|rm.,qp-nn> Dixon" at On Nov28,2011, 4:00PM, James, note see dispute, below,Please that,except our effortto resolve discovery ln a continuing discovery to is intended limitthe respective noneof the below mentioned, asspecifically a request, shouldthe below be considered waiverof anyof plaintiffs rightsre nor discovery. earlier per discovery, our conversation agreedregarding In additlonto what we previously the is willingto furtheragreeto asconcerns defendant today,belowis what I understand plaintiffwill agree' what parties' dispute,and,if correct, discovery Siloam for will information be provided followingindividuals: INT#1: All the requested Jackle Logan, e.8',KirkSr andJr, Landon all employees; corporatemgmt/employees, Springs but does Springs controlat Siloam that exercises Powell;all management Lacey Bosshardt, as in and officerthere; all storemanagers; eachindividual sameposition not maintain and of with exception name,address requested information, plaintiffcomFany-wide. All to corresponds Thisrequest employees. phonewill be providedfor all other company-wide periodof time duringplaintiffemployment' of will records be limitedto employees the Siloam of # RFP 1: Production the personnel that wasableto exercise any location, which includes management/superuisors but Springs to corresponds an but Springs did not maintain officethere.Thlsrequest controlat Siloam employment. period time duringplaintiff of to -Other concerns raisedby letter datedNovember 2011,and now askdefendant 2L, I are: samein a timelymanner, confirmit will be producing plaintiff, i.e.,plaintiffsentire concerning information and INT#2: Compensation benefits of description benefits' payand benefits records, including on, RFP #2: Communications/documents intentfocused but not limitedto, email {with regarding employees representatives) Or defendant's from, and amOnB trafficby, to, ploymentbenefits' plaintiffs application unem for to, (with on, RFP Communications/documents intentfocused but not limited email #3: regarding or employees representatives) from, and amongdefendant's trafficby, to, plaintiffsEEOC charge. (with on, RFp Communications/documents intentfocused but not limitedto, email #6: regarding employees representatives) or by,to, from, and amongdefendant's traffic within to ln or discipline imposed response allegations of investigation defendant's plaintiffs complaint. on, (with RFP Communications/documents lntent focused but not llmltedto, email #7: regarding or employees representativeS) defendant'S frgm, and amOnH trafficby,tO, performance, and termination'lntent denialof promotion, plalntiffshiring,employment, concernlng evidence cornmunications/documents of further includes of this reguest payment vacationpay to plaintiff. of regardingthe betweenplaintiffand defendant RFP #20: Communlcations/documents of subject the case. the and a third party regarding betweendefendant RFp #21; : Communications/documents of subject the case. (with on, #22: : Communications/documents intentfocused but not limitedto, email RFp matter. traffic)that may concernor relateto this termsto aid in search followingare someproposed above, To aid in the immediate potentially relevantemails: retrieving Melinda Forrest requests) Kelly(seemost recentdiscovery requests) Pettv(seemost recentdiscovery Jerald Southern EEOC benefits Unemployment Discrimination Discriminate Harassment Harass Retallation Retallate Sex Sexual Storemanager Gender pay Vacation Promotion (or thereof) Commission any commonabbreviation Opportunity EqualEmployment Two week notice Investigation nor terms are not intendedto be all encompassinB, to limit the actualrequest, These search production onlyemails. to nor to limitactual plaintiffreque$t$ confirmto verifyits initialand supplemental that defendant Lastly, not shouldproduction any ofthe abovedocuments be of responses, that and discovery agrees to contestplaintiffs not defendant produced prior to the upcoming depositions, of for right to continueany suchdeposition a laterdate after production same. Still,plaintiff production of to that shewill not seeka court hearing expedite makeno commitments if not timely. dlscovery let Please me know if the aboveis agreeable. J. Davld Dixon & Davis,Clark,Butt,Carithers, Taylor,P[C St. 19 EastMountain P,O.Box 1688 AR 688 Fayetteville, 72702-1 Tel: (479)521-7600 Fax(479)521-7S61 ddixon@davis:firy.eom ENT STATEM CONFI DHNTIALITY "e-msil chaln", inthe tran$mi$sions garne and prior subsequent or eledronic message transmission, any This or information frbm the law flrm of Oavis,Clark,Butt,Cgrithsrs& Taylor,PLC, snd ls confidential prlvlleged. contains or is to The information Intended be for the use of ths lndlvidual entitynamedabove,lf you are not the intended lf le of distributlon ues af the contentn thls informatlon prohiblted. or copying. recipiont, awarethat any disclosure, be lmmediately. (479"521-7600) in you'haver€c6iv€d this slec{rqnlc transmissibn error,pleasenotifyus by telephone is includlng attachments enclosureg, not and in Notice: Any federaltax advlc€contained this communication, penaltles underthe tax-related Intended writtento be used,and cannotbe used,for the purposeof avoiding oi party tax+elated matt€r$ any mafteting recommending or to another Inlernal Revenue Code promoting, or addressed hsreln.

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