Blair v. Meter et al

Filing 51

ORDER granting 49 Joint Motion to Dismiss Case. Case dismissed with prejudice, subject to terms of settlement agreement. Signed by Honorable Harry F. Barnes on December 1, 2008. (Attachments: # 1 Release of All Claims) (cap)

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IN THE UNITED STATESDISTRICT COURT W E S T E R NDTST'RIC'I ARKAN$AS OF T E XAR KAN A DWISION L A T A N Y A BI,AIR PLAINTIFF vs. c A s E NO. 06-4099 OTF ICER VAN METER & OI'I.ICIJR KEVIN BOUNDS, cach in his individual capacityand in his officinl cnpacity'and T H E TI'XARHANA, ARKANSASPOLICE DEPARTMENT OEALL ILAIMS RNT,EASE K N O W ALL MEN BY THESEPRESENTS; DEFENI}ANTS docshueby acknowledge receiptoI'TWENTY-FIVETHOUSAND Theundmsigncd is as settlement This sumandagrccmcnt accepted full compromise DOLLARS ($25,000.00). for, antl of andsatisfaction andassoleconsidctation thefinal release dischargo irll rotions, of that of whatsoevet now existot may hcrcatlcraccruc rights,causes action,claims,anddetnands and Arkausas, against JohnVan Metet,Kevin Bounds, the City of1'exarkana, hy the undersigned cmployccs, rcpresentatives, or includingbut not limited to thoscclaimsor dcmands its agents, violationofcivil thatmay havearisen thatmay ariscin the futureasa resultofthe alleged or shallbc thc scttlcmcnt a disputcd of in rightsoontaincd PlaintifFsCornplaint.This payment to of or clainrandshallnot be deerned considered be an admission liability on the partof the Dcfendantherein. s has T hc undcrsigred warrants no prornise induceincnt bccnoffcrcdcxccptas that ot uponanystatemcnt or is withoutreliance hereinsetforth; thatthis Rclcase executed or tJrat is refrrr:scnta ti o n tlroponson pattiesreleascd thcir representatives; thoundersigned of hy or full thereforc; to and legalage,cofirpctcnt cxccutcthis Release, aocepts responsibility to all and of lunds The rurdersigrred agroes hold harmlcss defendants, payors sottlement of claim for subrogation asserted anyU.S. Govemment the State Arkansas by of from anyI'rrture patticularlythc Mcdicaidprograrn; provider, and insuranoe for agrccs. a furtherconsideratioandinducemant this compromisc as The undmsigncd P a g c I of 2 and settlcment,that it shall apply to all known, unknt)wrr,, unanticipatcddamagesresulting frorn P l a i n t i f f s claims ofdcliberate indifferenceand oxcessivelirrcc in rcgardsto thc incident on and disolosed. N o v e m h e t | 8. 2004. as well as to thosc now assefted ' ,l', ^tt ,frnlWtTAN-lc'&tlt LA Y A BLAIR ACKNOWLEDGMI]NI' S T A T EOF ARKANSAS C O U N T YOI' ) )SS SUBS tl R l ts E l lAND SWORNttt befotea NotarvPublicbv LA'I'ANYA BLAIR on this ol I 5{ _duv lJ.4(E+r-&.<-, zoot. t -,1- ,/'a w*?TH?-lipi"'' L I N DWABOLAIV A iVilldCounty r lMy Cdmrniarion Expirds Jun 21,2010 P a g c of 2 2 CATHLEENV. COMPTON LAWYER I I 4 SOUTHPT]LASKI STITEI.]'I' L I T ' II,E Rt)t]Kr AI L{NIjAS 7UZ0t ( 5 0 t . ) 37?-0080 (50I) 372-2999 Farsimile c a r h i . r ' o r np t o u l i ? s h c g l o b a L n c t SETTLEMENT SHEET LATANYA RT,AIR AMOIJNT: SETTLEMENT Cat h iCompton's oosts I 0 - I9-07Travclcxpcnses mileage I 0 - 19-07 Photocopies 1 2 - l9-07Postage l 2 - I 9-07Photocopics 0 7 -I4-08Postage 0 8 - 1 4 - 0Copies 8 ofCD 0 8 -14-08 tirneanddubbing LID Studio $25,000.00 $ 1, 1 5 4 . 9 r 152.00 110.68 4.60 204.03 4.80 I1 /O 0.00 65.04 Subtolrl: 25,000.00 l / 3 Attorney's Fees: $ 8 , 33 . 3 3 3 $r6,666.67 L i e n s(Medioals costs) Releaserl T OT A L TO CL]ENT $ 0.00 $ r6,666.67 nur"-blltt*ltu -,- - - ' - T A/ eN

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