Ward v. Cisco Systems, Inc. et al

Filing 1

COMPLAINT against Cisco Systems, Inc., Rick Frenkel ( Filing fee $ 350 receipt number 4000128.), filed by John Ward, Jr. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A)(cap)

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PatEnt Troll Tmcker P a g e I of I0 C r e a t eEldg I SignIn P a t e n tTroll Tracker T H U R S D I Y ,O C T O E f , I 6 , T O O T B Send em||l ESN EDTX Convlnces Court Clerk To Alter Docume n ts Try To Manufacture To Subject iAatte rJurisdiction WhereNoneExisted polntlnl out thEt I got a couph of anonymous emritr thls mornlnB, tit ddcket In EgNv. Cisco(the Texesdocket. not the Connettlc{rt docket), had been eltered. OneemalL sugg$ted th8t ESH'$ tocal ftuftet cattedthe EDTX court clerk, dnd cdnvincedhih/hEr to chan8etlre doclt to reflect afl Octqber16 flltdg dat , rather thff the October15filinS dEte. I checked,Endsur onough,that's exactty yvhathappened the dffket v?as altered td reflect rn Cktober 16 fitlng date and the complaint wasaltEred to dtrn8$ thE filing dtrte Etaifip ffom October to October Onty$s EDTX 15 16. CburtCterk tould hEvemadesuchchangos. Of courst, there are a coupteof ftrws ln thls consplrucy,FlEt, ESN munset Eric a.tbrlttdnrigned d|e Civil CoverSheetstating thEt tl|e c o m p t r l n thadbeenflted on October Second, 15. ther'stor$ of proof that ESH ntEd on oetober 15. I'M, Dennis crouch m8y be subpoenaed a witrBssl as YoucEn't dlan$ historv, and lt's outrageous ti6t the EEste{nDlEtritt of Ter(as dpparenfly, wittingly dr unwittingty, con$lrlnq vrith e non" is prdrticin3 ntity to try to manufaf,ture FubjeCtlnatter iuriidktlod. 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Af,cordingto Dennfs, cdmpany(a[ed ESt'l Ctrcofor pfftent Infrlngementon october 15thr while the patEnt did not ilsue untit O{tober t6th. I too|(ed,and ESH Eppee]I to b a Ehett efit{ty firandged the PreEidefit CEoof Dtrctrdylce, an ontlne by and financlal,wekite, And, ),er, her a lawyer. He cterkedfor a federaL JudgeIn Confi$tlcut, and was an attom.y at Dry, Beny ft Howard, Now he'r lutng Ciscom bchrtf of a non-practking efitity. Subscrlbe Nqwt Feed lcon ilhrcdlfltr3-Ieaqer C'oo8le ffiGffiI ht$ ://trollt?ckff .blogspot.corrr./ E * h i b ;A * l0/18/2007 PatentTtoll Trmker P a g e of l0 2 Blol Ardrlve I askedrfiyEelf,can ESN thls? | woutd think that the court wuuld do lacr{suttedt rnattef Jurlsdlction, slnceESN dwdedno property rlght at pacsrgeof time shou{dnot cffr" ti8t. the time of thc la*Euit, and the A n d ,in fact, I,:+iar ighi: ,dderl8rdtoryJudgncnt of "invalidity" or -nonlnfringffient' with patentapplicatiofl r e r p e c tto Etkl pending woutdhaveh8d no legE{mEnlng effect. The fact tiat the pttent wac about to or l3$e and would hbve beengrEhtedb+fore the court reachedthe m E r i t s the cdrqls of no $ornefit,Justiclabllity of mustbe Jud3od as of the time of fltlnB, not as of someindeterrninatdfuture date v r h e n courtmlght ftach the merl$ and the prtent hffi $e isEuedwe thrrctore hold t]tat I threat is not snfflElentto crEate . a caseor conttoveffiyuntessit lt fiade with terpect to a Fatent t h a t haslssued beforea cdfiplalnt ls flt6d, Thus,the dlstrlct cduft corrEcttyheld that there wE* no lustfciqble caseor corttfdvefsyift thi6 caseat thE timd the colnplaint wa5fited. GAF c o n t e n d sho\aruver, the lss anceof the'144Fatentcured , that anyJurisdictionaldefect, We dilaBrEo. Later eventsmay not f f e a t e Judrdlctldn wherenoneexlstedat the tlme of fllin8. (83) v 2007 (17) Y October gpHfau4. f;S$f.aoYisrer. EleB-Iq-AIseL. D o c u r n g $.. _ . E TroltJurnos the__Eq!-f,{EL T-oo-Hrrly [,iFrr fr.pllludlnSil{onts-l{4 re,fr WF_[d_L.o]_!Lo.,_qq_d_r_.heL.,,, Qllsfl,-rtetluntfi4 IlEE$Judse.E-an-s. -q$,lDs. Ic@-"latco|ft4ll:ll T.dr,.. A LooK aLffJF.Fff$lt1L1qq-BDd f$e[t1lllSallp!.'J-...' AdEfluLlrLEarll,E.aIIuEe.. f uq A Lookat-tlrlscu.nH.lglib{ PEtent-LitiBRiif*P*". fi t Lastweek Wasfi Eyenl[g lAotedalsCorp. v. Elk Corp,ol lems, 90 F.3d479, 481 GAFBuildhllng (Fed. (cltatlons quotBtions Clr. 19961 and omltt6d). OnFother interestlngtldblt: Clscoappearedto plck up ofl thB, vcry quickty.{isco filcd a dectarEtorytud8ment sction (in cDnnectlcut) yEsterday,the day after ESM fitd tF nul,tcomptalnt. slfte Circol tawsultwrc flLedrlter the patent lssued,lt shoutdstkk tn C0nnecticut. Perhaps reatizlrq thelr fatal flaly (ar a coupteof other btdggers,lnewi (represefitedby Chlcagoflm AlcAMre\,vs Items havepqinted od), ESH Hetd& l attoy and tocat counsclErlc Albrittfl frndT. JohnnyWard) filed an amendod comptalnt In T"x|rl(|ru todry ' arncnding chal|Be to absolutctynotfitn8at atL,by the way, except the fltln8 date of the 'Family Feuf cdhptBint. Survey sryr? )q)ofiX (infert iound here). Sofly, ESN. Yodre on your vray to NewHaven.Wonderhqw Johnny Wardwilt ptay there? j Postedby Trotl Tracker rt 7-i![EU 1 comfie i Elr.f,t.Iime.,Hir[5cavaoe.-Acrch Tarcetr LinuLid Ne$L LflrlldtdgB.inttld{Ha.Pltert Troll SueE Firhf, 8!st'_fiEsofi StevF, Bllt GateE. JSbJ-HISL t{efmr.iEd rv-Elv!-. lff '-L Ils[Sqll.and-ojhff iaxff !helz0* $trt$-f 9r.feptefi o d to PalentTmlli WedfesdsvJtitiEceltAn_Il t Unveitlru TrotlTrdlEE!'J.TjolI be[iBj';Ff,EMEEI* lat-e-$.Bef0tm-trff t-a!4. Ceilerl trslle$.:r. a!!o: l ' Sept|mbcf(?7) F AuBuEt {z0l I TlrsrrFlls.nE I TrollSurflngl, ontr ft Ware, Ward & Ollvo, and : - . ...".. r t s July (rl ) l * June(3) > ftby (5) Simllerto surfing thc web, I stt|ted by checkingout d hunchI had about Arionts ware belng behind at( sorb of trott ca$eJ.Thefl | & trottsuded thrdu8ha bunchof cdses,and I efided up not only wlth . fttdnb E W6re (Datl8r titigatlofl flrm), but ElsoWard & Olivo (pdtent :TTg.11-::iilTii--T'li-1'-'-*"**Y:"-::.i1:: hltp://nolltracker.blogspot.cono/ Sitemeter l0/18/2007

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