Parrish et al v. National Football League Players Incorporated

Filing 85

AMENDED COMPLAINT -- Second Amended Complaint for Breach of Contract, Unjust Enrichment, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Violation of California Business & Professions Code § 17200, and an Accounting against National Football League Players Incorporated. Filed byBernard Paul Parrish, Walter Roberts, III, Herbert Anthony Adderley. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A# 2 Exhibit B# 3 Exhibit C# 4 Exhibit D# 5 Exhibit E# 6 Exhibit F# 7 Exhibit G# 8 Exhibit H# 9 Exhibit I)(Hilbert, Ryan) (Filed on 6/21/2007)

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Parrish et al v. National Football League Players Incorporated Doc. 85 Att. 6 Case 3:07-cv-00943-WHA Document 85-7 Filed 06/21/2007 Page 1 of 12 Exhibit F To The Second Amended Complaint For Breach Of Contract, Unjust Enrichment, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Violation of California Business & Professions Code § 17200, And An Accounting e : Vr _j f y : C I n d _t { Case 3:07-cv-00943-WHA Document 85-7 Filed 06/21/2007 Page 2 of 12 ABO U T U S PLAY E R S EXT RA JOU RNAL$ t yftµ iT f"i Otte? ^^ tr 1011,I 2 1' off', utinf M-1 t' rf'i 0 r`c rsts thl. ? tool, ) eekofSu r _':v Search laam or poslon: Or by name, MA ;^3 k:1he t+jjj^,e, Fur;{t i 4F _ ^i( very ate ea 1^ d irl f(i r Toile tlc-_., n 1 (Q! F; '('j !_ The f1! . * Frr of FLT i a> : f.t, jlr f N(is to lak e l: b,3^ h;eI Mot':..ofr' NF l f-sitfirti k'r= ° grid is "r,,i,,, ttfll rTi r f^ f ^<< f1 a^C?^ j®k7$l qtr ," a ( . P YE f ie, E J -9 7--ad marketing -ljb,,;^ldjary of th f W'"71L A, has three i n I _If°Y 1: To he lp grmA^ th9 a e of.footbl It b Unging the fads ;'zta 'i trJ Fff ^,Pf, t±a ^TCFF^Irl thlY fr Nr F:1a #l·^i' ,`OfffrJ lrlt'ly, . of 3ne esr 41"^, _ 3rilt r1rf-11-TfE :i rti aj', , L-jr":' Urf ,>=rvice and riven , at,. 1^Uf-t rf ad ALL-ACCESS R ign iJ . '? tE IC hate } i 2_ Te increase rareness and I f dars dtng of the tan PLr!`iERS INC bra nd through c1J segments of the. company's bud 3 ^ PLAYER ED' INC mere 6 i,IFLP"r .: To generate rm u farth l Prs, `i e N>rLF'A, and "LAYERS INC, SHAT M PLAYERS IN S : a a im ^ P a 1 Case 3:07-cv-00943-WHA Document 85-7 Filed 06/21/2007 Page 3 of 12 PLAYERS t _ SAT I PLAY I NC? N- afidnal f otball League Players Irimpiarated, oftr°d;aMi ·'rtown as o PLM INN, js th? fur-prufit Ill:erjs t g and mark e'ting 3ufjs id]a allw NF n T994, its rn;-7aicm is to 100 Me tt.?IPi Qb D the players strX. setZirkOthPrn 3 pe rn elWe as .+z1t ^. t k-^Je!1 F'L .j ER'; UNIC, whic h r epreseMst riD;:attaati.y,'-00 ar ae r la,?ers and over ZOOM ret118d c la'y'ers, has been aggressli v i its OwI to ie-_pe1nd playor ts trr,a^ ": r1 ^^It^+4ftr^rill,vi_. WNW mWo rata 11r( piing, special averts, ujj poi'VA '_Pens.r.skra red1o and te I evi s 1 1j n p'qj ?pu1)1 tilri , a ebo , Qt1WayYP:=:_r nail and other LATERS I NC. }-i beg, Earne afully te,d maReung urnpan4r`fora`Wp-^Od rehad NFL playm^_ tr'-^ ^'iItIF r r<<r ^tW guawlWed royaltras to rUro'EPS NO and Me plaver^-,, j,m ;gad t.on to pry}:sjda^q rimanc i sumodw tyre NFAA. Tni.e eor-nmitted to rneating the nscd ut all I J, L Y; er_; in the I l a"_,=krral Foutt all UE-ague by : eat ng Player hiiarty-Knq: n ppcrrtunlt,i reasit g bfi:--nrd a'vvarener« and ds teI ,.:rig Hualle t)v·'a a _:.pad ,·v1 os, F'1 MS N ti I ysitOned Itself us= t C['['arn^tEtlyi7 NIFL tl{.rBtUf SHOP PRID67RAM Rt 4 ::i^,Ih{I<<rl: YO M F L Abb y y; .prrailrar ss s NFL rEF',: II C Maras! The Qhl, ,p-cognizable Pt repmeMs all pfaywa in the NFL, ha!^, recug n EZabl2 icon 4rI r > aht'pon^oor ,.· used i annoction PL. VER II IL events a nd pmoe"Is.. It ^; aor.tears all carne a } alp;-ab 1 acid p ad r rotwit`-s t'rd l Case 3:07-cv-00943-WHA Document 85-7 Filed 06/21/2007 Page 4 of 12 f ^^ g 1 i T ; kt r l , 1 4 o t -. ^ [ Case 3:07-cv-00943-WHA Document 85-7 Filed 06/21/2007 Page 5 of 12 ABO UT US PLAYER S EXT RA JOURNAL S CE 11 F No I;!eI1ind- f`? SUL hlt7tt^ 1 ti1 'i.ytt^,i,t ^! '.x.01 s:Ll't: nre i f' .Ch byteam, I T t: ors: n_ Press K^t Or by name: " GN SI RY EVENT'S,&PR PERTIES FAQ 0 IWIA PLAYER tRIYIA. hit+ trio! Fli^^Y1Y. to td F E; OUE NT Y ASK L ali: hit _,#i^ Itl tr fo ff the ? I f 1,. PLA*En POLL ` -.11 tr"j LIFT- ni'itlclI i.fl Th e L i P-TIf. tI 4 bw is PLAYER N RELATIOWHIP TO 117 NFLRA': 1 ett E^w ersfrcirn PIA.(E R I II r, t^L al th s a sjb lfciary ofth e NFL Ao: aft NF L pl tut = up ;a tN;iti.,4t p otlic,n =i r,° fIn^ r^gerlu0 fjf,ne t:d * iltN*-r F 1. y-t LL-A C C FSS DEPORT ii dk-j f l U t. e the I^^t 4 t a,-s and r(1atk t n 1I 4..d ^tt f114^11 i1T t t i'1 fm'i 1) . if W:,t i1'L A,.F :,-S 151"'S RIELA7tOM,HW T F #Hff at"A,,.? : . ln:ku_tusI, 2000, F'L .)ERS C IC:: anj.i the NFL entered into a hisfotrtc nte-T)FAand span si3r_hil, ,^ Errµr }ir; : NFLF` ayei_.sQrn lvvua e. . : hart of Mte NFL internel k^r'Ee atld f-]FL p ;',jars ber arrla, A ble i t# fI S to NFL., sponsor; e I hrougYt -PL4,)'-ER" fNC, p attrjetslVp, F'LAYER"S IN and the t rx ^al^tt^ the 1`·iFL than on etJ:<<^ind PLAY E RS 1 icenses NFL cem's tang _;y football -ga me . A 1 n l p Ip ' t_ u t t rl ^ f" Oy c iu a 5 u r Case 3:07-cv-00943-WHA Document 85-7 Filed 06/21/2007 Page 6 of 12 game. 11 Y+^1=. ^ ^)P LICE 1 14FL tat fBOY ;-SHOP 1"`R^M $ Cop) t7.,+t C rs on th h onq yg y ^j a ,y y y^q g g 7#y G1G uj,.j ^^Z' il;h[LF prop t?ro Sint ddne3 as7 tYese p rograms In YYhith s ; c ±l ,ww.^Y,r ` r L NFL ] Tl ^.^b a llc rri':ee rthE[ es a t t M ('^ zr rnore F p rI r NL 6 E n 3C C17 11Jii , tit'M witl"f u p ^ 11 : fadu l-zt [3t are polo at reWl o used as, 1y sed prcjrn , ;axaa= it premium items- Tha player's may be depicted indjvidual a apru d u rt -as a pert of a s exesr_rroh9ecfuehp IM Som e ;='L,^_Y ERSI1YC group f scow ingprogmrri- ;JU4z as:fewps > 1 1 i^ri -?m.l others as nrrwiy'a5: 1,300 le uu^^ ra^C , PLAYED h Way, RAW i: ? '' YTW !r ysa more than 60 h o we 45 h ou E9roL uds %Wds: Trading cards (500t fal ay s Meogarnes l 6 0 ,u+ play Appafel (11.00 0 -+ ail mar= ; ;Arid Cahectibhes (76$- pla ers}_ Vttl A i r HE r RO P L EW.31f i{c -ktjREEi` I ?f ) ers), Wh as a i yer sl(In In W&A C00up Wen , n AsSi rrrt"'Whf (GLA) or c#z^-! Igns his group 1 e2^,mg righlt^, to th the NFLPA t r rrCl[l jVe WL narm _ ; 'her, llk nes^ ' =-ir b[auraphi tl voice, ia . ^rr fle rrigrlalum, phssagr phi pP cture an IrLfonvaunn (CONa covel;''"lrc_^gein licensed nvolyirig six i nrrnan .:#r-.- The NFLF'Alas'assjgned, and vrilh wntlrue'ita a'3 gri, slyus e rghl is to PLAYERS 1 C. i J ,^+I..:kr' .ii:^emLZl{ m ^;'^ d o lintp rt"a v:i I !` a t om p t ^YY^E?1 a rdayees < ndhitduM rr'1aw0 g upcirtun;dies, Ill q, Ign t1_. l ^, h+ .r Err: opportunit,+4 N ~ai j hler^'r :or t a particular ; pri:ig m, otiriy, t11e 1'' FY ,or F L-Vi'ERS ::atthey h1,-we an eA'sIngildWiduah'e..du--Iv dsal1xiihr a r;i3t- ijef tgCompany..fOra -1 PfOgTa aafaratl e[iadae five o; rtke_.,er>pla.yers. cf'4 >w OFS Pt t%tr-RS' it ENERATE REVENUE f'l,..t°,iE'R's} M does buxime with care tan 80 companws, hndui:: 9 fic- nay i Llt l'I"f1 18._ a7a'˘tkT rflQre t·Iair Ml t _te f f l ; In a'0-1 ,;fs trading c-. - and CGhh_itlb!lE°, ,. r-Fgarnes, i MMa tY wibQ apparel and nurvaltie , and othre;rt cer=sed produi ls. Those t PLAYERS JNC- e the sale oftlhe t u'4 u1`t Tice yJ ,_ r.u te:0r,r.?117P=,-mp it=YFUMARSIS[k'r by ket7^_ d aid Gurrt1 amesf'rrt.ho use onA mr" 'ir rues and ]magecThese 'f es A u =h '),,..ed on a r e ni g of :sr Irv+; rwe ue r^co ed byr the hj,'ri';: ? ,[ crtrnp^lny+Or di Wt ale of the Jj, FenYj^d product.`."" PLAYERS l^ r o tec><? v , r,=µPrr^r on an 7 a 13_^ ^ ^ai.3 from the PJFL Mine! and Sponsjor h ^':rtreernenN. ny r]h';^-`. erhif are singlFd u tr_r Prcrnote ficense-d prodli tom; arp_ paid aNde: nar Te 3 for beir ! ^it ; lighted Lin {jjnodlffl p3cl,agi q, Y p aint o .hq l?r l rlt a d s f_'jrMe cWhIr ::ilMWOL W autogrdphs,. Op;llr'4. :a t'a` S, prod 3Lt r tt3ar 1t`Wnt ai'ICl Guar' i 3F 't lA:. PLAYERS Ear also evei wir frpr6 it'i New yes a nd spdnsars, to u ppon loons pw ramisuch as e': NFL Fl aess Rookie Prenniete, Lie MFL Players.Grid Iron Gala eCt 3I t u c R pF A t ^ " rr P p tq 1 ^ r { t si M ] ^ Case 3:07-cv-00943-WHA Document 85-7 Filed 06/21/2007 Page 7 of 12 lFL Players Rbo e PreMiere, e N.F.i:. Ft rs Grid lmn ala. fee^iulq #hp- JD wards, PLAYER IN Lire atthe NF'l,Exp artenca, NFL Mayers Wea, on VAe i ffortune an'd.00er pr n-' lllon l 17- E 1 4 riE ^ INc' iY ;br-pr^jfiI Sv4' tdiaey o tt' y NPLP;`, It vi-nled b';+a 8c)a :d Crt'L Ire a^ and ernjj!a.,.,_ i staff, of 5 prof 1 EcinaIs ,ro· ide rn-zn.^^errtent.anj adrriirls,_tfat ? sup «stfor+ .'1ci s F-bWEF" i {>, idepa[Irn+-,Ms-Thn-,e derjail-IRM rr,Wile tr:ad1n!g r..arr 5 aria i io3 ec lb l' r-null^'-Tdi-a ;rr [_° @ntW°^i ctitire. app-tri^ l, s, pI^ :i , went , >,f. E ,r rate, fn,^ r;''t-I q, f r' r fil'19, irgernet 11d 'womrrlUn l al .^ ) The Be;arCi pffJ1TE- °tres lrlk Ijdf.`a Gene Ups av,!,v lto sa .as r . -man off LANER It'1 _ .; :`;ell as E e, ^m r!ke Dir'eUarofthe `.13 r ;flu semes-s r'esjalp-- of PLA 'EP INC and .a NFLP e N--LF , P"' allkll zi tarttE..r;t tt^ D'Ife(Uir President and Chief Operafin:gy Officer of l0LWEREJ HJ ^, = ' , arS0 `,'.^ri, ffCittl *',.r·' - c-rourn 0,naup in ItA.!a binglon D-1:., ^ rj ' 7 i r!)0;Fl °t -rl.l fl, 4 ChI',; ci g f hla. f mr. n'45 9 f^Ir c. Sw ^_ t ; cc ,u _ef t? the t^' LF` , nd PLA't E S INC, 1 ba rn nl'tir 30 yearsthe r 1.O. F'i m I INC. Eb a ^ I'm staff iclutesth e fal<lovOng: °y ie } ^ pr - t5^.4. ^^1117^ %k I, PTT-;-, Jnt Find O -cC e· ? Opeii^fini ` alvin ^:^ ^ T ,^ Cyr^s'h^yni . f^i·llrrT"r^ril A Li / . ry#^p. OLtl Spar Pa A,:ftElph -15cr President, Apratc't '^ I 1- erlVorts 0 - E'r;antris - l _F' re Ider'ttIElan{ertOa r-,fnLl K 'rG4'i f rlt, ^t l: .Fete e ;ctne A_S atantMe,e Fn-3,1dant, BrietIaI Events Llra d t:al^t k^ ?ISt t1 t i?` ' F C1^Idurit ='·ultrrEtedja _-is tarlt~ ce re-,Jde1.`, Flay{-r109 ATi rar,--la oI^b3 c3'l r3t^/ICr" 1 t U, r Potler if flt, a rrlc rC. tl 33 rtg'. U i`L A Case 3:07-cv-00943-WHA Document 85-7 Filed 06/21/2007 Page 8 of 12 1 r7 F } 1a j U s ; e = o i Y Case 3:07-cv-00943-WHA Document 85-7 Filed 06/21/2007 Page 9 of 12 5 R1 TIRF- FANTASY GAMES AUDIO / VIDEO A BOUT US uRLs a XT r'_r f rat +_ BJ'WJ i7 T ELEVISU ti{6^^t{ttl 011-1 ans & pFxJpFA'< S' L Ft tN5 4-'011 At, f FISTORV I F i a`_1; II LA-,^rti; FMyx , LE ;.+ ilpiOn% .QIJU =eR tNQ, Ila 61ty"";I 0^rrii: ltc Iri:i ^i.i^ rrr; t F,t;C1'; .ri if _3 ^^r 7i =:° I r ·: t ii:n. 1-IV o_9.i SPA NO idrp aTanFbO:;rr3 V ed rof easing r _hlc s t 53tsPIL. 't`iff' E t.:+,it7,^ 1 R r ra i t r ii ht:'-'t r p _':If g ivar. Jilty'1994' il.;4wE ,' 1NC t a refs 111 .Sr e #& r#`I1M'4 to p''odu a . a 24-I' a spe hI .. ti r. It. t =a vaagazine, aYng 11 :11 "a it iI!AT-m^f_ utthe N F L Ptyyeiss ir ^ a i,,. fidT9A n !' . 1!=IM ja i itiavV 19 F F`r'ada in t 1 (.: .1N r anntll. rEcepient Grp [ Y'^ S W, I `f tit , r. -?,.9}US STOAY carrieta Va .tc",rf` t7 the trout : page of I _. L.^ a nib s s. 40?+1^00. ApM 1995 P AE .`3 INC Ia ,t{tl et -: F-15' e. trYTt tf ig riopat ent to q r-rate trtarkefinU ['4^]^i[9&al3nff n for NP nd t3 8 11rnnc,t its lien Ir 1- deparirrlenla : Miw *19"15 °'f. kYF ' Z INC r ^LTIQ- Sp .attS1 V a a ti i? "QfhQial Oil IjZl E to is Same o the 1,1 FL ;<' I a +Fr_ "PL A ERS Ko .: fir.~g o7ai, iaf ri' ade,,vaila ble lfuti_ulill v^^%v,spot 08 GortI ME IiCl`f AN D I Julie 1995 P1.. ` ` ING ectres G ht and pudsli e 4 i tsrst i bm 4tiuns Nm ,r t3ri'`= f=Mh i t 9 PLAYERS INC Iaul hes e NFL lw/ors FanMsy F l `. , , II ShMN an Prim& Spy M-:, r f ,' F OX SPORTS NCT.: October 1995 PLAYERS INC ari,i^-.^t>c sit first 10a c ornpan sp6k85me i yin G.reeni. rim Brown, Ee ch el Walker, and Steve I*L l{OE i'S' I-tOI-';-'FiOQRAFt V a L f ?[ ,...rnri t fl, `. 1.1 c .a 1 lhl ^ La r l rt a n s `r a r ta _ Case 3:07-cv-00943-WHA Document 85-7 Filed 06/21/2007 Page 10 of 12 spokesmen, Kevin G reen, Tim Brown, Herschel Walker, and Stave. 8eu_ elr, it a press conference in Ne York Cities Madison Sga.7ari? c-^arden. J mixy 1996 www- tiptayers.corm bsitee is laun ched- Ja nuazy 1996 50;1000 fans attend the NFL Players Part during caper Bowl we kan in Phoenix. Mo 1^9 PI,,A'Y'EF 8 1 Q rreate9 Me NFL Players og4'r,,.4 Premi:Ere. even' and te..'skin , ^ c i M -1urroun ding the annu#^I g. wherfng bt. top iFL draft picks. PLAYERS 11',K` 'rading card IiE en- ees utilize the. event as ipporturrity capture ph loo ofthe draft picks in their uniforms for the firsttirri M y l"6 PLAYE RS IRA' ( ^ lgn:a. sl ai 4 G r°z-hlp o it "9i ^Ib Lt ...F i F :all ofth* AFLPla. er" he'... r^^^t n . 1 - 0 00 MCA uses the`spuv ^ An4) to create tr_a `Dieam Dad. :3vreefastakes ".withi':=Ll_I^';r arsar,d aye es of "Brady Bu nch" telr Aon commerci al : Say,+1h N-1... plap.,'s:: ;a^rt+ a4 '.:^; tit fteCl f ^`1 ,! r°6 t#r'r t11^ Auqus! .. hG'[ 9 PLfk >huw is Or& ine 8P.P s R; lio Network "Tlie arf inal co-hosted b Matt Rg3li,e-o and Dan 3 r1;P,_.. n Jaima ry 4997 The t a!_-riall _;·yn ,Jitt^:aad hebI ofFuitu e NFL_ is b roa-Ja.r tfrorth,efiTSIIWAS-, Jm-u4i rv,l1Y)7 FIL el-7P',-2^ MIC n^rnes ;a=.2tt; k ruise Lines, s-1 -the U.Cl i aaf ui in e af th e NFL'Playv _.. June 1q9_PLAT"EPS I NC 's brenri,_,d e`ŁEthing lime ispic ed Font Lrrck_er, 0l'y+r'r pla, spans uer`tars, 3 c freaI.s A` ria J Per,,: ^y sl or'as. Mow 1997 The annual NFL Pla et ; Rockie Prr ;iT r tevision sho,,v egfns airing na rinally on FO SPORTS, NET. r aat^ n'irrt ttras d I Fcerr, *c1 97 U ,Y__ERgIIU %Mvith petty sr4 clrprls s, PIE sr: on oe-Shlh' ,:an! ATni,h } Fer i lifivirai le.nep 7. Derr anFie°r,rri; 'flh PL.^, ^y^5 fPdr: i^^^^^ ^a1$'^ P^tt1r i,^r , v^^E:t f^rr ^ :,pY^I3t^aEr^#sd 1='LAYER IN HT_t ^ _?eeis diec: ast to Flay 1998 PLA:`,`E4 ^NE slaon an rn e^grated licensjiV and rt1at.'-rn` i:4 deal thCAIo-e F_dtl_ate8 Spaldw-:'atfle "Ofr,t'.1ad Foi,Itballof the °'F L P 4ye rs." June 1993 PLAYERS i t Opensthe .NFL Players Ot ill theme rnLi .Jn1 in QrIand p, Florida. 1 June V)93 PLAYER t ,i si p s r RP" ^ tE a 11 ye y p ar, muni-milljon do I ,ifit t ri,- ors hip. ^ - ^r^rerit. FU'°f'i' R !NC nam es, "-,IaNA the "C?ffli,a^ ":redit +arrt 6F1FL t'l.a,Y:`, 1d M ld al hy: er3r,T^ rip to inclu to NFL la'^r'er, a.ya es on afrir1if;tcre d it cards. Septemher 1 1398 P't.,;YERS IN! Signs Snickers as a corporate ' 5r'onD;isr nlcket l e,- I^FL rjia -I Mth_·sI,r"ns-rShipto Cre al^e e "Sn1Cker , 'FOCVZone'El;+roa-t;,.7trr7'nalC; trflp-xugn rri3i.fici ers l .luo dears on rtrorarr P'E'I Land; bar wrappers. r ^m t rE 0 f p 3 -or _o 1 1vrsl ^ t Case 3:07-cv-00943-WHA Document 85-7 Filed 06/21/2007 Page 11 of 12 curdyar wrappers. 1999 PLAYERS IN e.s.8all Toll Fitnc s s as the e "O oral Training F blity of the NFL Player" M.PTCtr 11,199 PLAYERS INC enters into a ne--=, Publishin a ^# ^ Gip rtt+ =,tt l a t ESCh Of At},",._ 'a annual foMball pvt,vit+,=F rn1 ii izin es M11. nowc n In a.s Cri = I Y S 1,We iitodal Section_ ;t wk 1999 PLAYERS INC kma Coors lire :^i .CampaAyt G a drier ulls-rn<t;<on dnllar Boor sor-thrk : g r"eeme nt Coors lever,-; , the ^-pQ racjr^qhtlp b cr a'Ing the C s,rrs Light FIL Pt 1^r^. St-irtin:, Linaup"fantas- Ibotliall ptumaffon on it :2-tracks In the fa 11, t tr rr ^ t. tr't lr'rlro ur _: the tl l r: ^^4rrxt Plus ,za reditQar,.l "n fFr^`tcredilcard ta1"eil i.=a MePLLXVER IN ,. 10-g3_ 4 1 : 1 . 0 1 9 0 F - 1 -4W F P S V 1 7 ,Flr^ wi t h Ppjp "itl gN F srtn ,_. r^lllit^rr Buz ^ ^ ^ At. L^iUd <<1 >Jr^ri;l 1r^'^ rF^tliail^l] ^a^et^`rt^nn ^.^ } aT?.'.1(tl r^,j1_ ^P'r, PL EI :S II l . br'snd ar71:ie ir1 on m ore th oiffsh Brand r{a k;er ptodu Artipisl 2000 PU- R3' ]ftl ,,_ tlr NFLs't t^rrrtto lr r;? i li1t^.^,.^:? at·,^1 ^}^^r·:^=...^.11i^r ^ytl^,:' ^hlp, I^1P1rP^ '^^h .L^^,1^i^, L.;+r^^^'i^s ra}t^j' ii IJFL}r', do 2tlV t f.;:; rr i'JF1 ^ ,rs ate rrn rn ;. ]^ .. Ci i' 1F1 S rnSOr^ r:rPf'^^, t ˘i ^·','E=r. INC. 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