Oracle Corporation et al v. SAP AG et al

Filing 850

Declaration of Jason McDonell in Support of 848 Memorandum in Opposition, Declaration of Jason McDonell in Support of Defendants' Opposition to Plaintiffs' Motion No. 2 to Exclude Expert Testimony of Brian S. Sommer filed bySAP AG, SAP America Inc, Tomorrownow Inc. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1, # 2 Exhibit 2, # 3 Exhibit 3, # 4 Exhibit 4, # 5 Exhibit 5, # 6 Exhibit 6, # 7 Exhibit 7, # 8 Exhibit 8, # 9 Exhibit 9, # 10 Exhibit 10, # 11 Exhibit 11, # 12 Exhibit 12, # 13 Exhibit 13, # 14 Exhibit 14)(Related document(s) 848 ) (McDonell, Jason) (Filed on 9/9/2010)

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Oracle Corporation et al v. SAP AG et al Doc. 850 Att. 10 EXHIBIT 10 Pive simple steps to reduce software maintenance costs Community ComputerworldtiK Page of community Five blogs forrester view application development simple steps to reduce software maintenance programme management costs Posted by Ray Wang ShareThis Maintenance costs represent software ma or part vendors of the software budget and the largest growing source of revenue for In fact an aggregation of the past four quarters of software double digit vendor financial results definitively demonstrates declines in new license revenue dollar for even more based vendors exacerbated by the evils of currency flux from the strong US Not surprisingly vendors maintenance revenues the major concession are hard at work vigorously protecting their 70 to in 80% margin in just as clients target and readers contract of this blog now zero on this line item as to during negotiations Here are five steps you need do now Assemble all the relevant contract that 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got for buying 12% this year and 15% the next year at least $1000/user which years At 1000 user licenses by Craft your overall software software adoption Assemble experts the domain business strategy Consider the business experts drivers that impact adoption legal vendor management and sourcing IT professionals proof apps ownership strategy and determine owners and when and how will team Apply What roles long term apps/ recession licenses will be used will in the software lifecycle What processes be supported an alternative use the software When will you upgrade Can you all the consider Determine alternatives to Depending on your adoption strategy multiple paths party exist If there are no intentions upgrade or enhance the software self support as and third maintenance considered 3PM In If the options from vendors such should Rimini Street and Spinnaker should switching efforts be some cases an upgrade system can the negotiation be completed before over to 3PM will or self support have leverage be replaced If the begin vendor selection system cannot so that you during be replaced consider swapping out unused licenses for credit towards newer reducing or more desirable modules Reduce your CPI for new maintenance Focus on expires Put preparation new license costs at least one quarter to let Follow-up with your account representative on your side and begin before the to contract your sales rep know months in http// cfmbl ogi d25entryid2027 3/23/2010 SAP-BSS-000883 Five simple steps to reduce software maintenance costs Community ComputerworldUK Page of advance that you are unhappy you need with to the current agreement Based on steps to you now have the ammunition negotiate from position of strength The bottom strategy Successful should line align your contract negotiations strategy with your product adoption negotiations will require these steps However more importantly organizations keep current apps strategy and product lack to adoption strategy Without these two key documents that fail of visibility into the business case will lead to shortsighted negotiations meet the true requirements should of the business Sourcing experts contract procurement can provide and vendor management professionals third partner with will domain who party independent and objective contract advice that complement tips negotiations strategy Click here for more negotiation strategy Got more enterprise software for contract negotiations questions Set up call with the inquiry team and ask Ray Wang Your Turn Whats your best practice in reducing maintenance costs Post your comments here or send me private email to Contribute to the 2009 Enterprise Software Licensees Bill of Rights Take the new Bill poll on what rights should be are preferred included in the 2009 Enterprise idea or Software Licensee of Rights Posts For every good we the use your idea well send you the copy of the final report clients comment whether or not Lets put the collective wisdom of the to web to work and help our end user official create in fair win-win playing field with look forward vendors input Well be publishing update Q2 2009 Thanks and your Caveats counsel are as follows official This does not constitute This to legal advice not Please consult your legal for an opinion rules that for and wording must be applied compliance does consider any procurement or vendor management your enterprise negotiation Please work with your insight is vendor management teams into overall Contract are support as provides trends and price points Benchmarks not provided each user scenario unique 2009 Copyright Wang All rights reserved Follow highlights Sign from ComputerworldUK on Newsletter Twitter up for our Daily The UK IT News widget Get it for your site http// cfmblogid25entryid2027 3/23/2010 SAP-BSS-000884 Five simple steps to reduce software maintenance costs Community ComputerworldUK Page of WHITE PAPERS Cloud Computing Take full in Perspective advantage of cloud computing technology 2010 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practices to improve your and strategies to better understand your organisation HP Storage Virtualisation with Centre our Twitter sati Join the conversation resources Solution community Latest news whitepapers videos and on storage Centre virtuali on for Midsized Companies your Making to the best choices the options to leverage for you to company Visit this Techworld solution centre evaluate gain competitive edge over your rivals staff Defend Visit your organisation your customers Oracle and your the ComputerworidUK for the of Security Technology Centre to explore cost effective solutions and tools to defend your organisation Gkars ESET price on ESET Smart Security The leaner faster superior FCprotction Smart Security is tightly integrated solution designed to protect firewall computers from features it online threats Including antispyware antispam and customised will http// cfmbl ogi d25entryid2027 3/23/2010 SAP-BSS-000885 Five simple steps to reduce software maintenance costs 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SAP-BSS-000886

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