Perry et al v. Schwarzenegger et al

Filing 235

STATEMENT OF RECENT DECISION pursuant to Civil Local Rule 7-3.d in support of Joint Opposition to Defendant-Intevenors Motion for a Stay Pending Appeal and/or Petition for Writ of Mandamus filed byCity and County of San Francisco, Paul T. Katami, Kristin M. Perry, Sandra B. Stier, Jeffrey J. Zarrillo. (Attachments: #1 Exhibit A)(Related document(s) #225 ) (Olson, Theodore) (Filed on 10/21/2009)

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Case: 09-17241 10/19/2009 Page: 1 of 1 DktEntry: 7098783 e C s30-v022V W D cmet3 Fld O1/9 pg MdlcD yaCe o ae:9c-29-R ou nz l i 1/50 a. oly e 1vL c - w E EK u Us oaoApA . . 'FE R cr t . s 0 I1522 C 29 UNIE S AT SC U TOFAP E LS TD T E O R PA F RT ENI T CRC I O H N H I UT D C EE O KT D DT AE IT L NI IA FE ID L KRITN M.E R SI PR Y Pa tf) lnit, i fs (eioe) Ptinr t Coro ApelDokt . ut f pas ceNo AR O DS HWA Z NE G R N L C RE G E D f dnt, e nat) es (epnet R sodn) Dokt mbrso Coro Apel ceNu et) f ut f pas Co pno ado Crs Apel ( m ain n/r os pas i f ko n nw ) Dir t ut ceNu br s i CorDokt m e tc CV0-2 9 VRW 9022 O -( Y. C utf pelfrh NihCr i Teeod n pelcniig fh tatnci ( oroA pa ote n iut h rcro apa ost oterlr srti s t c. , sn ia pf T e ou etcmpin ter lorcekseodhv be n mbrdicnomac h dcm nso righ ti cutlr'rcr ae en u ee n o fr ne s a o teU.. srt o rd cesetn solb ue freeec proe itebif. n h S Di i C utokthead hud e sd o rfrne up ssnh r s tc e T e culin dtfrhs ou etnh U.. utf pas liiaeh bif g h atafig aeotidcm nite SCoroApelwi nt tte r i l li en shdli c icssic dn hba cru css.Al atsic icsswi r ev ceuen ilae ( l i aes ops ae) lpre n ilae l e ie v nu g iv lc sprt ntiaino tifigdt.l ciiacsstebif gshd l ist yaTi e eaae oict fhs in ae n r nlae,h r i ceue s eb m fo l m en ShdlOre fo teU.. ut f pas ceue drrm h S Coro Apel . DAT D:Ocoe I,09 E tbr 52 0 RCH R W. E IG I A D WIKN CE K LR 780,/1 9 93/9 l/50 //9 82/ ,/00,01/9 0 CE TFC T OFR CORD R IIA E E Ths etiaeisb ie icnomac wi R l l- o teL cl ue o teU.. icrict s um td n o fr ne t ue l2 fh oa R ls fh S f t h DtTasrt) id a r cit Fl : e n ps e ayan ietClrutlkfteU.irtyfrhiepidbfh.pel Tirodi nial t hrlorci 'rcr,. ed oueproe olw apa. hse r s ) dh i c'Ofe seod s s l C tt utf s te a r ac s c aalbente eks f e h S Dir t o r dnie eo v co wi Ruel()fhFdrl lsf pltpoeueT eeou etu braeelce t l 1bote eeaRueoApele rcdr.hsdcm nnm esrrt td h a e A A b :eiiR lb y F l a eo a c DeuyClk pt e r

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