Perry et al v. Schwarzenegger et al

Filing 673

Administrative Motion to File Under Seal filed by Martin F. Gutierrez, Dennis Hollingsworth, Mark A. Jansson, Gail J. Knight, - Yes on 8, A Project of California Renewal. (Attachments: #1 Attachment 1 -- List of Exhibits, #2 Attachment 2 -- Unrestricted Documents, #3 Attachment 3 -- Redacted Documents, #4 Attachmnet 4 -- Amended Motion to Supplement the Record, #5 Declaration, #6 Proposed Order)(Cooper, Charles) (Filed on 6/2/2010)

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Attachment 3 Exhibits the ACLU agrees may be placed on the public record with redactions: DIX3100 DIX3101 DIX3102 DIX3103 DIX3105 DIX3106 DIX3107 DIX3108 DIX3109 DIX3110 DIX3112 DIX3113 DIX3114 DIX3115 DIX3116 DIX3117 DIX3120 DIX3121 DIX3124 DIX3125 DIX3126 DIX3127 DIX3129 DIX3131 DIX3132 DIX3133 DIX3134 DIX3140 DIX3141 DIX3142 DIX3143 DIX3144 DIX3145 DIX3146 DIX3147 DIX3148 DIX3149 DIX3151 DIX3152 DIX3153 DIX3154 DIX3155 DIX3160 DIX3161 DIX3164 DIX3165 DIX3169 DIX3170 DIX3171 DIX3172 DIX3173 DIX3175 DIX3177 DIX3179 DIX3180 DIX3182 DIX3183 DIX3184 DIX3186 DIX3189 DIX3511 DIX3516 DIX3517 DIX3518 DIX3519 DIX3543 DIX3544 DIX3545 DIX3552 DIX3553 DIX3555 DIX3600 DIX3601 Exhibits Equality California agrees may be placed on the public record with redactions: DIX3118 DIX3138 DIX3139 DIX3150 DIX3157 DIX3159 DIX3500 DIX3503 DIX3504 DIX3507 DIX3508 DIX3509 DIX3510 DIX3513 DIX3515 DIX3529 DIX3535 DIX3536 DIX3602 DIX3603

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