Cats and Dogs Animal Hospital, Inc. v. Yelp! Inc.

Filing 29

NOTICE AND REQUEST of Settlement Procedure Selection (Sp3); parties request to appear before a retired judicial officer or other dispute resolution body for mediation type settlement proceedings. Filed by Plaintiff Cats and Dogs Animal Hospital, Inc. (Attachments: # 1 Proposed Order on Settlement Procedure Selection)(Weston, Gregory)

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Name, Address and Telephone Number of Attorney(s): Gregory S. Weston, Jack Fitzgerald. The Weston Firm, 888 Turquoise Street, San Diego, Ca 92109. 858.488.1672. Jared H. Beck, Elizabeth Lee Beck. Beck & Lee Business Trial Lawyers, 28 West Flagler Street, Sweet 555, Miami, FL 33130. 305.789.0072. CLEAR FORM UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA CATS AND DOGS ANIMAL HOSPITAL, INC., et al., on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated, Plaintiff(s) CASE NUMBER 2:10-cv-1340 VBF SS v. YELP! INC., SETTLEMENT PROCEDURE SELECTION: REQUEST AND NOTICE D e f e n d a n t ( s ). Pursuant to Local Rule 16-15, the parties recommend that the Court approve the following settlement procedure: G SETTLEMENT PROCEDURE NO. 1 - The parties shall appear before the G district judge or G magistrate judge assigned to the case for such settlement proceedings as the judge may conduct or direct. SETTLEMENT PROCEDURE NO. 2 - The parties shall appear before an attorney selected from the Attorney Settlement Officer Panel for all further settlement proceedings. SETTLEMENT PROCEDURE NO. 3 - The parties shall appear before a retired judicial officer or other private or non-profit dispute resolution body for mediationtype settlement proceedings. s_Gregory S. Weston _/ _____________________________________________ s and the Proposed Classes Attorney for Plaintiff ______________________________ G G April 13, 2010 Dated: _____________________ Dated: _____________________ April 13, 2010 Dated: _____________________ ________________________________________________ Attorney for Plaintiff _______________________________ s/_Matthew ___Brown_______________________________ _ _______ D. _____ Attorney for Defendant Yelp! Inc. ____________________________ ________________________________________________ Attorney for Defendant ____________________________ ________________________________________________ Attorney for Defendant ____________________________ Dated: _____________________ Dated: _____________________ NOTE: The (ADR-01 ORDER): ORDER RE: SETTLEMENT PROCEDURE SELECTION: REQUEST AND NOTICE must be submitted with this Request. If additional signatures are required, attach an additional page to this request. ADR­01 (03/07) SETTLEMENT PROCEDURE SELECTION: REQUEST AND NOTICE I 2 ., J C E R T I F I C A T E OF SERVICE I am an employee the officeof a member the bar of this courtat whose in of d i s c r e t i o n service made. am a resident the State California, this was I of of overthe 4 ageof eighteen years,andnot a partyto the within action.My business address is 5 8 8 8 TurquoiseStreet,San Diego, CA 92109.on April 13, 2010,I servedthe 6 f o l l o w i n gdocuments: 7 8 9 10 1 . FORM ADR-01: SETTLEMENT PROCEDURE SELECTION: R E Q U E S TAND NOTICE 2 . [PROPOSED] ORDER RE: SETTLEMENT PROCEDURE AND S E L E C T I O N : REQUESTAND NOTICE 1 1 b y notice of ElectronicFiling, which is a notice automatically generated the by T 2 C M / E C Fsystem the time the documents at listedabove werefiled with this Court, I 3 t o leadcounsel listedby CM/ECFas*ATTORNEY BE NOTICED." TO I4 I declare underpenaltyof perjuryunderthe laws of the Stateof California E x e c u t e d April 13,2010in SanDiego,California. on 1 5 thatthe foregoingis true andcorrect. 16 I7 18 T9 20 2I 22 23 24 25 26 27 L?L E v a n Lee DogsAnimat'"'o'3L#iif31\L6{tsJfliiicaseNo2:10-cv-

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