Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC v. Hotz et al

Filing 104

DECLARATION of Ryan Bricker in Sopport of 103 Opposition/Response to Motion filed bySony Computer Entertainment America LLC. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A to Bricker Decl., # 2 Exhibit B to Bricker Decl, # 3 Exhibit C to Bricker Decl, # 4 Exhibit D to Bricker Decl, # 5 Exhibit E to Bricker Decl, # 6 Exhibit F to Bricker Decl, # 7 Exhibit G to Bricker Decl, # 8 Exhibit H to Bricker Decl, # 9 Exhibit I to Bricker Decl, # 10 Exhibit J to Bricker Decl, # 11 Exhibit K to Bricker Decl, # 12 Exhibit L to Bricker Decl, # 13 Exhibit M to Bricker Decl, # 14 Exhibit N to Bricker Decl, # 15 Exhibit O to Bricker Decl, # 16 Exhibit P to Bricker Decl, # 17 Exhibit Q to Bricker Decl, # 18 Exhibit R to Bricker Decl, # 19 Exhibit S to Bricker Decl, # 20 Exhibit T to Bricker Decl, # 21 Exhibit U to Bricker Decl)(Related document(s) 103 ) (Smith, Mehrnaz) (Filed on 3/18/2011) Modified on 3/21/2011 (ys, COURT STAFF).

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Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC v. Hotz et al Doc. 104 Att. 18 EXHIBIT R DECLARATION OF RYAN BRICKER IN SUPPORT OF PLAINTIFF SONY COMPUTER ENTERTAINMENT AMERICA LLC'S OPPOSITION TO DEFENDANT GEORGE HOTZ'S MOTION TO DISMISS FOR LACK OF PERSONAL JURISDICTION AND IMPROPER VENUE 3/18/2011 Home Corporate About SCEA About SCEA - The PlayStation® Story,... SHARE THIS About SCEA Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SCEA) is responsible for keeping PlayStation® growing and thriving in the United States, Canada and Latin America. Based in Foster City, California, SCEA serves as headquarters for all North American operations and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America Inc. We make advanced hardware that enables the most talented developers to produce vanguard titles and set new standards in interactive entertainment. Our goal is to make a family of products that completely changes the definition of home entertainment. It doesn't matter if you're a hard-core gamer whose thumb calluses that can deflect machine gun fire or if you just love Blu-ray movies, PlayStation® entertainment products have something for you. Management Milestones PlayStation® Story Meet Our Customers PlayStation® Story Long before there was such a thing as affordable CD-ROM gaming or 3D polygonal graphics, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) set the nottoo-humble goal of creating a gaming platform that would become as pervasive as the VCR and change the industry forever. Read the full story 1/3 3/18/2011 About SCEA - The PlayStation® Story,... Our Offices Foster City CA San Diego CA Santa Monica CA Bend OR Get directions Motion Capture One of the most sophisticated Motion Capture studios in the world is nestled right in SCEA's San Diego campus. Vast as an aircraft hangar, the 120'x120' space is filled with 124 cameras and divided by a nonreflective, acoustic absorbing curtain that drapes from the 35ft ceiling. This high-tech partition enables the studio to offer the popular service of synchronous Motion Capture and audio recording. With one side dedicated to multi person in game and stunt action, the other side is devoted to detailed facial and body capture with markers as small as 3mm. The walls are quilted with pillowed columns of soundproofing material that help to absorb the agonized screams of actors like Matt Delnegro and Mr. Nathan Drake himself, Nolan North. Audio is a huge part of gaming, and the actors are making sure their pixilated counterparts sound appropriately tortured while getting shot in the guts in games like Resistance 2, the SOCOM series, and God of War. Learn More Support Knowledge Center Product Manuals Warranty Information Register Your Product Information for Parents Corporate About SCEA Contact Us Careers Press Releases Consumer Alerts Community Forums PlayStation® Blog PlayStation® Home RSS Feeds Events 2/3 3/18/2011 © 2011 Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC About SCEA - The PlayStation® Story,... Site Feedback | Site Map | Where to Buy | Terms of Serv ice | Priv acy Policy | Country Selector 3/3

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