Petroliam Nasional Berhad v., Inc.

Filing 113

Declaration of John L. Slafsky in Support of 112 MOTION for Summary Judgment Notice of Motion, Motion, and Memorandum of Points and Authorities ISO Go Daddy's Motion for Summary Judgment filed, Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1, # 2 Exhibit 2, # 3 Exhibit 3, # 4 Exhibit 4, # 5 Exhibit 5, # 6 Exhibit 6, # 7 Exhibit 7, # 8 Exhibit 8, # 9 Exhibit 9, # 10 Exhibit 10, # 11 Exhibit 11, # 12 Exhibit 12, # 13 Exhibit 13, # 14 Exhibit 14, # 15 Exhibit 15)(Related document(s) 112 ) (Slafsky, John) (Filed on 11/2/2011)

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EXHIBIT 5 IP Addresses To Which Disputed Domain Names Resolved DATE 3-May-04 NA 4-May-04 NA 5-May-04 NA 6-May-04 NA 7-May-04 NA 8-May-04 NA 9-May-04 NA 10-May-04 NA 11-May-04 NA 12-May-04 NA 13-May-04 NA 14-May-04 NA 15-May-04 NA 16-May-04 NA 17-May-04 NA 18-May-04 NA 19-May-04 NA 20-May-04 NA 21-May-04 NA 22-May-04 NA 23-May-04 NA 24-May-04 NA 25-May-04 NA 26-May-04 NA 27-May-04 NA 28-May-04 NA 29-May-04 NA 30-May-04 NA 31-May-04 NA 1-Jun-04 NA 2-Jun-04 NA 3-Jun-04 NA 4-Jun-04 NA 5-Jun-04 NA 6-Jun-04 NA 7-Jun-04 NA 8-Jun-04 NA 9-Jun-04 NA 10-Jun-04 NA 11-Jun-04 NA 12-Jun-04 NA 13-Jun-04 NA 14-Jun-04 NA 15-Jun-04 NA 16-Jun-04 NA 17-Jun-04 NA 18-Jun-04 NA 19-Jun-04 NA 20-Jun-04 NA 21-Jun-04 NA 22-Jun-04 NA 23-Jun-04 NA 24-Jun-04 NA 25-Jun-04 NA 26-Jun-04 NA Page 1 IP Addresses To Which Disputed Domain Names Resolved DATE 27-Jun-04 NA 28-Jun-04 NA 29-Jun-04 NA 30-Jun-04 NA 1-Jul-04 NA 2-Jul-04 NA 3-Jul-04 NA 4-Jul-04 NA 5-Jul-04 NA 6-Jul-04 NA 7-Jul-04 NA 8-Jul-04 NA 9-Jul-04 NA 10-Jul-04 NA 11-Jul-04 NA 12-Jul-04 NA 13-Jul-04 NA 14-Jul-04 NA 15-Jul-04 NA 16-Jul-04 NA 17-Jul-04 NA 18-Jul-04 NA 19-Jul-04 NA 20-Jul-04 NA 21-Jul-04 NA 22-Jul-04 NA 23-Jul-04 NA 24-Jul-04 NA 25-Jul-04 NA 26-Jul-04 NA 27-Jul-04 NA 28-Jul-04 NA 29-Jul-04 NA 30-Jul-04 NA 31-Jul-04 NA 1-Aug-04 NA 2-Aug-04 NA 3-Aug-04 NA 4-Aug-04 NA 5-Aug-04 NA 6-Aug-04 NA 7-Aug-04 NA 8-Aug-04 NA 9-Aug-04 NA 10-Aug-04 NA 11-Aug-04 NA 12-Aug-04 NA 13-Aug-04 NA 14-Aug-04 NA 15-Aug-04 NA 16-Aug-04 NA 17-Aug-04 NA 18-Aug-04 NA 19-Aug-04 NA 20-Aug-04 NA Page 2 IP Addresses To Which Disputed Domain Names Resolved DATE 21-Aug-04 NA 22-Aug-04 NA 23-Aug-04 NA 24-Aug-04 NA 25-Aug-04 NA 26-Aug-04 NA 27-Aug-04 NA 28-Aug-04 NA 29-Aug-04 NA 30-Aug-04 NA 31-Aug-04 NA 1-Sep-04 NA 2-Sep-04 NA 3-Sep-04 NA 4-Sep-04 NA 5-Sep-04 NA 6-Sep-04 NA 7-Sep-04 NA 8-Sep-04 NA 9-Sep-04 NA 10-Sep-04 NA 11-Sep-04 NA 12-Sep-04 NA 13-Sep-04 NA 14-Sep-04 NA 15-Sep-04 NA 16-Sep-04 NA 17-Sep-04 NA 18-Sep-04 NA 19-Sep-04 NA 20-Sep-04 NA 21-Sep-04 NA 22-Sep-04 NA 23-Sep-04 NA 24-Sep-04 NA 25-Sep-04 NA 26-Sep-04 NA 27-Sep-04 NA 28-Sep-04 NA 29-Sep-04 NA 30-Sep-04 NA 1-Oct-04 NA 2-Oct-04 NA 3-Oct-04 NA 4-Oct-04 NA 5-Oct-04 NA 6-Oct-04 NA 7-Oct-04 NA 8-Oct-04 NA 9-Oct-04 NA 10-Oct-04 NA 11-Oct-04 NA 12-Oct-04 NA 13-Oct-04 NA 14-Oct-04 NA Page 3 IP Addresses To Which Disputed Domain Names Resolved DATE 15-Oct-04 NA 16-Oct-04 NA 17-Oct-04 NA 18-Oct-04 NA 19-Oct-04 NA 20-Oct-04 NA 21-Oct-04 NA 22-Oct-04 NA 23-Oct-04 NA 24-Oct-04 NA 25-Oct-04 NA 26-Oct-04 NA 27-Oct-04 NA 28-Oct-04 NA 29-Oct-04 NA 30-Oct-04 NA 31-Oct-04 NA 1-Nov-04 NA 2-Nov-04 NA 3-Nov-04 NA 4-Nov-04 NA 5-Nov-04 NA 6-Nov-04 NA 7-Nov-04 NA 8-Nov-04 NA 9-Nov-04 NA 10-Nov-04 NA 11-Nov-04 NA 12-Nov-04 NA 13-Nov-04 NA 14-Nov-04 NA 15-Nov-04 NA 16-Nov-04 NA 17-Nov-04 NA 18-Nov-04 NA 19-Nov-04 NA 20-Nov-04 NA 21-Nov-04 NA 22-Nov-04 NA 23-Nov-04 NA 24-Nov-04 NA 25-Nov-04 NA 26-Nov-04 NA 27-Nov-04 NA 28-Nov-04 NA 29-Nov-04 NA 30-Nov-04 NA 1-Dec-04 NA 2-Dec-04 NA 3-Dec-04 NA 4-Dec-04 NA 5-Dec-04 NA 6-Dec-04 NA 7-Dec-04 NA 8-Dec-04 NA Page 4 IP Addresses To Which Disputed Domain Names Resolved DATE 9-Dec-04 NA 10-Dec-04 NA 11-Dec-04 NA 12-Dec-04 NA 13-Dec-04 NA 14-Dec-04 NA 15-Dec-04 NA 16-Dec-04 NA 17-Dec-04 NA 18-Dec-04 NA 19-Dec-04 NA 20-Dec-04 NA 21-Dec-04 NA 22-Dec-04 NA 23-Dec-04 NA 24-Dec-04 NA 25-Dec-04 NA 26-Dec-04 NA 27-Dec-04 NA 28-Dec-04 NA 29-Dec-04 NA 30-Dec-04 NA 31-Dec-04 NA 1-Jan-05 NA 2-Jan-05 NA 3-Jan-05 NA 4-Jan-05 NA 5-Jan-05 NA 6-Jan-05 NA 7-Jan-05 NA 8-Jan-05 NA 9-Jan-05 NA 10-Jan-05 NA 11-Jan-05 NA 12-Jan-05 NA 13-Jan-05 NA 14-Jan-05 NA 15-Jan-05 NA 16-Jan-05 NA 17-Jan-05 NA 18-Jan-05 NA 19-Jan-05 NA 20-Jan-05 NA 21-Jan-05 NA 22-Jan-05 NA 23-Jan-05 NA 24-Jan-05 NA 25-Jan-05 NA 26-Jan-05 NA 27-Jan-05 NA 28-Jan-05 NA 29-Jan-05 NA 30-Jan-05 NA 31-Jan-05 NA 1-Feb-05 NA Page 5 IP Addresses To Which Disputed Domain Names Resolved DATE 2-Feb-05 NA 3-Feb-05 NA 4-Feb-05 NA 5-Feb-05 NA 6-Feb-05 NA 7-Feb-05 NA 8-Feb-05 NA 9-Feb-05 NA 10-Feb-05 NA 11-Feb-05 NA 12-Feb-05 NA 13-Feb-05 NA 14-Feb-05 NA 15-Feb-05 NA 16-Feb-05 NA 17-Feb-05 NA 18-Feb-05 NA 19-Feb-05 NA 20-Feb-05 NA 21-Feb-05 NA 22-Feb-05 NA 23-Feb-05 NA 24-Feb-05 NA 25-Feb-05 NA 26-Feb-05 NA 27-Feb-05 NA 28-Feb-05 NA 1-Mar-05 NA 2-Mar-05 NA 3-Mar-05 NA 4-Mar-05 NA 5-Mar-05 NA 6-Mar-05 NA 7-Mar-05 NA 8-Mar-05 NA 9-Mar-05 NA 10-Mar-05 NA 11-Mar-05 NA 12-Mar-05 NA 13-Mar-05 NA 14-Mar-05 NA 15-Mar-05 NA 16-Mar-05 NA 17-Mar-05 NA 18-Mar-05 NA 19-Mar-05 NA 20-Mar-05 NA 21-Mar-05 NA 22-Mar-05 NA 23-Mar-05 NA 24-Mar-05 NA 25-Mar-05 NA 26-Mar-05 NA 27-Mar-05 NA 28-Mar-05 NA Page 6 IP Addresses To Which Disputed Domain Names Resolved DATE 29-Mar-05 NA 30-Mar-05 NA 31-Mar-05 NA 1-Apr-05 NA 2-Apr-05 NA 3-Apr-05 NA 4-Apr-05 NA 5-Apr-05 NA 6-Apr-05 NA 7-Apr-05 NA 8-Apr-05 NA 9-Apr-05 NA 10-Apr-05 NA 11-Apr-05 NA 12-Apr-05 NA 13-Apr-05 NA 14-Apr-05 NA 15-Apr-05 NA 16-Apr-05 NA 17-Apr-05 NA 18-Apr-05 NA 19-Apr-05 NA 20-Apr-05 NA 21-Apr-05 NA 22-Apr-05 NA 23-Apr-05 NA 24-Apr-05 NA 25-Apr-05 NA 26-Apr-05 NA 27-Apr-05 NA 28-Apr-05 NA 29-Apr-05 NA 30-Apr-05 NA 1-May-05 NA 2-May-05 NA 3-May-05 NA 4-May-05 NA 5-May-05 NA 6-May-05 NA 7-May-05 NA 8-May-05 NA 9-May-05 NA 10-May-05 NA 11-May-05 NA 12-May-05 NA 13-May-05 NA 14-May-05 NA 15-May-05 NA 16-May-05 NA 17-May-05 NA 18-May-05 NA 19-May-05 NA 20-May-05 NA 21-May-05 NA 22-May-05 NA Page 7 IP Addresses To Which Disputed Domain Names Resolved DATE 23-May-05 NA 24-May-05 NA 25-May-05 NA 26-May-05 NA 27-May-05 NA 28-May-05 NA 29-May-05 NA 30-May-05 NA 31-May-05 NA 1-Jun-05 NA 2-Jun-05 NA 3-Jun-05 NA 4-Jun-05 NA 5-Jun-05 NA 6-Jun-05 NA 7-Jun-05 NA 8-Jun-05 NA 9-Jun-05 NA 10-Jun-05 NA 11-Jun-05 NA 12-Jun-05 NA 13-Jun-05 NA 14-Jun-05 NA 15-Jun-05 NA 16-Jun-05 NA 17-Jun-05 NA 18-Jun-05 NA 19-Jun-05 NA 20-Jun-05 NA 21-Jun-05 NA 22-Jun-05 NA 23-Jun-05 NA 24-Jun-05 NA 25-Jun-05 NA 26-Jun-05 NA 27-Jun-05 NA 28-Jun-05 NA 29-Jun-05 NA 30-Jun-05 NA 1-Jul-05 NA 2-Jul-05 NA 3-Jul-05 NA 4-Jul-05 NA 5-Jul-05 NA 6-Jul-05 NA 7-Jul-05 NA 8-Jul-05 NA 9-Jul-05 NA 10-Jul-05 11-Jul-05 12-Jul-05 13-Jul-05 14-Jul-05 15-Jul-05 16-Jul-05 Page 8 IP Addresses To Which Disputed Domain Names Resolved DATE 17-Jul-05 18-Jul-05 19-Jul-05 20-Jul-05 21-Jul-05 22-Jul-05 23-Jul-05 24-Jul-05 25-Jul-05 26-Jul-05 27-Jul-05 28-Jul-05 29-Jul-05 30-Jul-05 31-Jul-05 1-Aug-05 2-Aug-05 3-Aug-05 4-Aug-05 5-Aug-05 6-Aug-05 7-Aug-05 8-Aug-05 9-Aug-05 10-Aug-05 11-Aug-05 12-Aug-05 13-Aug-05 14-Aug-05 15-Aug-05 16-Aug-05 17-Aug-05 18-Aug-05 19-Aug-05 20-Aug-05 21-Aug-05 22-Aug-05 23-Aug-05 24-Aug-05 25-Aug-05 26-Aug-05 27-Aug-05 28-Aug-05 29-Aug-05 30-Aug-05 31-Aug-05 1-Sep-05 2-Sep-05 3-Sep-05 4-Sep-05 5-Sep-05 6-Sep-05 7-Sep-05 8-Sep-05 9-Sep-05 Page 9 IP Addresses To Which Disputed Domain Names Resolved DATE 10-Sep-05 11-Sep-05 12-Sep-05 13-Sep-05 14-Sep-05 15-Sep-05 16-Sep-05 17-Sep-05 18-Sep-05 19-Sep-05 20-Sep-05 21-Sep-05 22-Sep-05 23-Sep-05 24-Sep-05 25-Sep-05 26-Sep-05 27-Sep-05 28-Sep-05 29-Sep-05 30-Sep-05 1-Oct-05 2-Oct-05 3-Oct-05 4-Oct-05 5-Oct-05 6-Oct-05 7-Oct-05 8-Oct-05 9-Oct-05 10-Oct-05 11-Oct-05 12-Oct-05 13-Oct-05 14-Oct-05 15-Oct-05 16-Oct-05 17-Oct-05 18-Oct-05 19-Oct-05 20-Oct-05 21-Oct-05 22-Oct-05 23-Oct-05 24-Oct-05 25-Oct-05 26-Oct-05 27-Oct-05 28-Oct-05 29-Oct-05 30-Oct-05 31-Oct-05 1-Nov-05 2-Nov-05 3-Nov-05 Page 10 IP Addresses To Which Disputed Domain Names Resolved DATE 4-Nov-05 5-Nov-05 6-Nov-05 7-Nov-05 8-Nov-05 9-Nov-05 10-Nov-05 11-Nov-05 12-Nov-05 13-Nov-05 14-Nov-05 15-Nov-05 16-Nov-05 17-Nov-05 18-Nov-05 19-Nov-05 20-Nov-05 21-Nov-05 22-Nov-05 23-Nov-05 24-Nov-05 25-Nov-05 26-Nov-05 27-Nov-05 28-Nov-05 29-Nov-05 30-Nov-05 1-Dec-05 2-Dec-05 3-Dec-05 4-Dec-05 5-Dec-05 6-Dec-05 7-Dec-05 8-Dec-05 9-Dec-05 10-Dec-05 11-Dec-05 12-Dec-05 13-Dec-05 14-Dec-05 15-Dec-05 16-Dec-05 17-Dec-05 18-Dec-05 19-Dec-05 20-Dec-05 21-Dec-05 22-Dec-05 23-Dec-05 24-Dec-05 25-Dec-05 26-Dec-05 27-Dec-05 28-Dec-05 Page 11 IP Addresses To Which Disputed Domain Names Resolved DATE 29-Dec-05 30-Dec-05 31-Dec-05 1-Jan-06 2-Jan-06 3-Jan-06 4-Jan-06 5-Jan-06 6-Jan-06 7-Jan-06 8-Jan-06 9-Jan-06 10-Jan-06 11-Jan-06 12-Jan-06 13-Jan-06 14-Jan-06 15-Jan-06 16-Jan-06 17-Jan-06 18-Jan-06 19-Jan-06 20-Jan-06 21-Jan-06 22-Jan-06 23-Jan-06 24-Jan-06 25-Jan-06 26-Jan-06 27-Jan-06 28-Jan-06 29-Jan-06 NA 30-Jan-06 NA 31-Jan-06 NA 1-Feb-06 NA 2-Feb-06 NA 3-Feb-06 NA 4-Feb-06 NA 5-Feb-06 6-Feb-06 7-Feb-06 8-Feb-06 9-Feb-06 10-Feb-06 11-Feb-06 12-Feb-06 13-Feb-06 14-Feb-06 15-Feb-06 16-Feb-06 17-Feb-06 18-Feb-06 19-Feb-06 20-Feb-06 21-Feb-06 Page 12 IP Addresses To Which Disputed Domain Names Resolved DATE 22-Feb-06 23-Feb-06 24-Feb-06 25-Feb-06 26-Feb-06 27-Feb-06 28-Feb-06 1-Mar-06 2-Mar-06 3-Mar-06 4-Mar-06 5-Mar-06 6-Mar-06 7-Mar-06 8-Mar-06 9-Mar-06 10-Mar-06 11-Mar-06 12-Mar-06 13-Mar-06 14-Mar-06 15-Mar-06 16-Mar-06 17-Mar-06 18-Mar-06 19-Mar-06 20-Mar-06 21-Mar-06 22-Mar-06 23-Mar-06 24-Mar-06 25-Mar-06 26-Mar-06 27-Mar-06 28-Mar-06 29-Mar-06 30-Mar-06 31-Mar-06 1-Apr-06 2-Apr-06 3-Apr-06 4-Apr-06 5-Apr-06 6-Apr-06 7-Apr-06 8-Apr-06 9-Apr-06 10-Apr-06 11-Apr-06 12-Apr-06 13-Apr-06 14-Apr-06 15-Apr-06 16-Apr-06 17-Apr-06 Page 13 IP Addresses To Which Disputed Domain Names Resolved DATE 18-Apr-06 19-Apr-06 20-Apr-06 21-Apr-06 22-Apr-06 23-Apr-06 24-Apr-06 25-Apr-06 26-Apr-06 27-Apr-06 28-Apr-06 29-Apr-06 30-Apr-06 1-May-06 2-May-06 3-May-06 4-May-06 5-May-06 6-May-06 7-May-06 8-May-06 9-May-06 10-May-06 11-May-06 12-May-06 13-May-06 14-May-06 15-May-06 16-May-06 17-May-06 18-May-06 19-May-06 20-May-06 21-May-06 22-May-06 23-May-06 24-May-06 25-May-06 26-May-06 27-May-06 28-May-06 29-May-06 30-May-06 31-May-06 1-Jun-06 2-Jun-06 3-Jun-06 4-Jun-06 5-Jun-06 6-Jun-06 7-Jun-06 8-Jun-06 9-Jun-06 10-Jun-06 11-Jun-06 Page 14 IP Addresses To Which Disputed Domain Names Resolved DATE 12-Jun-06 13-Jun-06 14-Jun-06 15-Jun-06 16-Jun-06 17-Jun-06 18-Jun-06 19-Jun-06 20-Jun-06 21-Jun-06 22-Jun-06 23-Jun-06 24-Jun-06 25-Jun-06 26-Jun-06 27-Jun-06 28-Jun-06 29-Jun-06 30-Jun-06 1-Jul-06 2-Jul-06 3-Jul-06 4-Jul-06 5-Jul-06 6-Jul-06 7-Jul-06 8-Jul-06 9-Jul-06 10-Jul-06 11-Jul-06 12-Jul-06 13-Jul-06 14-Jul-06 15-Jul-06 16-Jul-06 17-Jul-06 18-Jul-06 19-Jul-06 20-Jul-06 21-Jul-06 22-Jul-06 23-Jul-06 24-Jul-06 25-Jul-06 26-Jul-06 27-Jul-06 28-Jul-06 29-Jul-06 30-Jul-06 31-Jul-06 1-Aug-06 2-Aug-06 3-Aug-06 4-Aug-06 5-Aug-06 Page 15 IP Addresses To Which Disputed Domain Names Resolved DATE 6-Aug-06 7-Aug-06 8-Aug-06 9-Aug-06 10-Aug-06 11-Aug-06 12-Aug-06 13-Aug-06 14-Aug-06 15-Aug-06 16-Aug-06 17-Aug-06 18-Aug-06 19-Aug-06 20-Aug-06 21-Aug-06 22-Aug-06 23-Aug-06 24-Aug-06 25-Aug-06 26-Aug-06 27-Aug-06 28-Aug-06 29-Aug-06 30-Aug-06 31-Aug-06 1-Sep-06 2-Sep-06 3-Sep-06 4-Sep-06 5-Sep-06 6-Sep-06 7-Sep-06 8-Sep-06 9-Sep-06 10-Sep-06 11-Sep-06 12-Sep-06 13-Sep-06 14-Sep-06 15-Sep-06 16-Sep-06 17-Sep-06 18-Sep-06 19-Sep-06 20-Sep-06 21-Sep-06 22-Sep-06 23-Sep-06 24-Sep-06 25-Sep-06 26-Sep-06 27-Sep-06 28-Sep-06 29-Sep-06 Page 16 IP Addresses To Which Disputed Domain Names Resolved DATE 30-Sep-06 1-Oct-06 2-Oct-06 3-Oct-06 4-Oct-06 5-Oct-06 6-Oct-06 7-Oct-06 8-Oct-06 9-Oct-06 10-Oct-06 11-Oct-06 12-Oct-06 13-Oct-06 14-Oct-06 15-Oct-06 16-Oct-06 17-Oct-06 18-Oct-06 19-Oct-06 20-Oct-06 21-Oct-06 22-Oct-06 23-Oct-06 24-Oct-06 25-Oct-06 26-Oct-06 27-Oct-06 28-Oct-06 29-Oct-06 30-Oct-06 31-Oct-06 1-Nov-06 2-Nov-06 3-Nov-06 4-Nov-06 5-Nov-06 6-Nov-06 7-Nov-06 8-Nov-06 9-Nov-06 10-Nov-06 11-Nov-06 NA Page 17

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