Petroliam Nasional Berhad v., Inc.

Filing 135

DOCUMENT STRICKEN PURSUANT TO 137 ORDER.Appendix re 134 MOTION for Partial Summary Judgment re Liability for Contributory Cybersquatting as to PETRONASTOWERS.NET filed byPetroliam Nasional Berhad. (Attachments: # 1 Appendix, # 2 Appendix, # 3 Appendix, # 4 Appendix, # 5 Appendix, # 6 Appendix)(Related document(s) 134 ) (Clark, Perry) (Filed on 11/21/2011) Modified on 11/22/2011 (vlk, COURT STAFF).

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I v archi * lhttp'.I I I n CONFIDENTIAL 1212U2009 GD-000617 Case4:09-cv-05939-PJH Document124-5 Whols Search Results Filed11/09/11 Page3 of 25 I of2 Page 2417Sales & Support (480) 505-8877 Geate AccoJnt I Foroot Passrord I Sion Out HoME Domains Hosting Email ^"r"Jli|lt Site Builders Business Deals the Day of MarKerprace empty usD Support& codrinunity SSL Certificates Bob's Video Btog Meola My Account WHOIS Domain Check Resellers PETRONASTOWER.NET Show MyProducts All Checkto addthesealternate PEIROwASfOt,lrER domainnames. [ sAvEt ! .tNro $0.89'ry1 Select All .ono $9.9e',yf sAVEr E .ME $s.swyr sAvrr ! .uost $,Vr sAvEt [ snver ! .etz $',yr snver .US $e.sary, Gheck to add these similar PEIROITIISI OWER.NETdomain names. YOU can negotiate anything. I quick tips for doing it right. Plus... a Smoking Hot Blonde! "lnformaliveand to the point .." - Belinda $9.99*4/rS{VEr MYPETRONASTOWER N.. E THEPETRONASTOWER... 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'Plus ICANN tus of $0.18 per domsin nme yeil ".CA dffiain namgs will b€ registsBd hrough Go Daddy Domains Canada, Inc., a CIRA certified rogisbar No quantitylimitlWith every product buy* you new,non-domain Interested in this domain name? helpyouget it. $1.99 Domain Names World-Class Web Hosting featurinq 99.90.6 uptime. fee setu APP100 http:II who.godaddycom/lVhols.aspx? ain-p etron . dom astower. net&prog i d-g odad dy CONFIDENTIAL 1212U2009 GD-000618 Case4:09-cv-05939-PJH Document124-5 Whols Search Results Filed11/09/11 Page4 of 25 2 of 2 Page The datacontained GoDaddy in com,lnc.'s\rVHOlS database, whilebelieved the company be reliable, provided is" by to is "as with no guarantee warranties or regardingits accuracy. This information provided the sole purposeof assisting is for you in obtaininginformation aboutdomainnameregistration records. Any use of this data for any other purposeis expressly forbidden withoutthe priorwritten permission, By submitting inquiry, of Inc. an you agreeto thesetermsof usageand limitations warranty.In particular, of you agree not to use this data to allow,enable,or otherwisemake possible, dissemination collectionof this data, in part or in its entirety,for any or purpose, suchas the transmission unsolicited of advertising and solicitations any kind,including of spam You further agree not to use this data to enablehighvolume,automated roboticelectronic or processes designed collect compile datafor any purpose, to or this including purposes. mining this datafor yourown personal mmmercial or Pleasenote:the registrant the domainname is specified of in the "registranf'field. mostcases, In, Inc. is not the registrant domainnameslistedin this database. of Registrant: DavidDaash AvenidaLazaro Colonia Las Brisas Mexico.Mexico64780 Mexico Registered, ( Inc. Domain Name:PETRONASTOWER. NET Createdon: 08'May-03 Erpireson: 08-May-10 Last Updatedon: 02-May-09 Administrative Contact: Schoenekess, Heikoddd_privat@hotmail com BPM195226 372 OId Skeet London, London ECI V 9AU UnitedKingdom +44.2076636606 TechnicalContact: Schoenekess, BPM195226 372 Old Skeet London, LondonECI V 9AU United Kingdom +44 2076636606 Domainserversin listedorder: NSSg.DOMAI NTROL.COM NCO NS4O. DOMAI NCONTROL.COM RegistryStatus:clientDeleteProhibited RegistryStatus:clientRenewProhibited RegistryStatus:clientTransferProhibited RegistryStatus:clientUpdateProhibited See Underlying RegistryData ReoortInvalid Whois Sign up forspEcial offers: Account Manager My Account My Renewals My Upgrades Accounl Settings Grstomer lnformation Order History Geate Accounl Enteryouremail addres€ Shopping * Offer Disclaimers Domain Seardr ProductCatalog ProductAdvlsor Gift Cards co Daddy Mobile Todat's Offers Resources \tVebmail \A/FlOlSsearcfr ICANN Contrmation Affiliates Connec{ with Us Gadgets/Wdgets Site Map HelpandSupport Telephone Support Sales & Billing Supporl Email Support Our Team Frequenty AskedQuestlons UsefsGuides Report Spam TestOurProducts About Go Daddy Careers Security Center Company Info News Center Customer Testimonials Vvhat's New Legal Markeling Propomls is the world's No. 1 |CANN-accredited domain name regisfar for .COM, NET, ORG, INFO, .BlZ and US domain extensions. Source: Copyright @ 1999 - 2009, Inc. All rights reserved. APP101 http: I who. godaddy. I com/Whols. aspx? domain-petronastower. net&prog_i d:godaddy CONFIDENTIAL 1212112009 GD-000619 Case4:09-cv-05939-PJH Document124-5 eNom- domainname,web sitehosting,email,registration Filed11/09/11 Page5 of 25 I of4 Page Become a domain reseller todav! Learn More Register Transfer Register Domain A Domains Hosting Email SSL Certificates More Products Resellers Get Started My Cart > > WhoisSearch Hp-n-q Dp_m-arru Yi-ew.our -v lib.ra.ry. hp.lp.idep. 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Increasevisibility for this domain name by listing it at .Wt!flry,W.hgit-'hU-surg.l.SlipJlltg!,g9Ul Administrative: nla Heiko Schoenekess BPM r9s226 372 Old Street London London ECIV gAU GB t u i*r ri rr<rtGii irtirr,r i [ .r-:n rrt Technical: nla Heiko Schoenekess BPM 195226 372 Old Street London London ECIV 9AU GB d * tl.,ir:'ivattEi':+trir e il . cr)nr Nameserver: NS2.KOLIDO.NET NSI.KOLIDO.NET NS3.KOLIDO.NET Updated-date: 2009-06-02I 3:49:09.000 Created-date: 1-07-0323:28:20.000 200 Registration-expiration-date: 2010-07-03 23:28:19.000 Status registrar: lock Domain: Please Note: Accessto eNom's Whois information is for informational purposesonly. eNom makesthis information available "as is," and doesnot its quaranJeg accuracy.The compilation, repackaging,disseminationor other use of eNom's Whois information in its entirety, or a substantialportion thereof, is expresslyprohibited without the prior written consentof eNom by accessing and using our Whois information, you agreeto theseterms. BackorderDomain Enter a domain aboveto searchthe Whois records. ba.qk t_op tpA!..o.u.tUs.l H-elp l $ l h.isne l lt4anteaanse N-e-rry.s l kess.Relea.cee l l${t-p.rc lv{ap l $i!s Awards & Achievements {,S#i{Snn * l.$8:rrn.n'ire E: S ii::{!.l .::':lltlt:i:tlllr: Msr-eAw-ard$..&. A-shie.vsrrLe-nts Payment Options i"""""""""i W#$ffi 1r+uw,r+s{,i Vip.wPn-ciae. Copyright@ 1998-2009 eNom Inc. All righe reserved. Tegtls & e-_ondrti-sns I Pnyacy pslicy APP104 http://www.enom. com/whois/default. aspx?DomainName-camfunchat. com CONFIDENTIAL ttt iiirl:*i;:' ri'*',n,:o+ "JrrJ,, 1212U2009 GD-000622 Case4:09-cv-05939-PJH Document124-5 eNom- domainname,web sitehosting,email,registration Filed11/09/11 Page8 of 25 4 of 4 Page APP105 http://www. enom. com/whois/default. aspx?DomainNamrcamfunchat. com CONFIDENTIAL r212U2009 GD-000623 VISIT-X -Case4:09-cv-05939-PJH Document124-5 AmateurWebcamCommunity Filed11/09/11 Page9 of 25 I of3 Page Who is online (163) Girls Boys(20) C oupl es (18) Feti sh (32) Free galleries Atl New Top rated Hotties BigTits Chubby Flirt Live. Register For Free Tattoos/Piercings Instant access User: Password: LostPassword? Register For Free http.// sit-x.netl?w--6944&ws:0 90 I 002 CONFIDENTIAL APP106 1212U2009 GD-000624 Case4:09-cv-05939-PJH Document124-5 VISIT-X - AmateurWebcamCommunity Filed11/09/11 Page10 of Page2 of 3 25 DarkTemptation 0ralBitch online online ffiffi ffi ffiH Hot Clips Shop Hot Clips Allinclusive4U online ffif"EiH jfl E HotClips Sabrinahot69 online ffi ffi f;lt sit-x.netl?w- 6944&ws-0 90I 002 CONFIDENTIAL APP107 1212v2009 GD-000625 - AmateurWebcamCommunity VISIT-X Case4:09-cv-05939-PJH Document124-5 1 - \A/hois online - Free galleries CONFIDENTIAL 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 - RegisterCam - Host login - Register Free For - Instant access - RSS-Feed sit-x.netJ w: 6944&ws=09 I 002 ? 0 2 Filed11/09/11 Page11 of Page3 of3 25 - AffiliateProgram - Terms of Service - VlSlT-X TV on - Venus2009 - lmprint - Support - Protection minors of APP108 10 1' Feec ffifP This @1 9 1212U2009 GD-000626 Case4:09-cv-05939-PJH Document124-5 andName Server DNS Lookup- gr,** iii;ii .;iiti.. i!iii,,',rr,,.. ,, ..i:i:ii:tiiii.... Whois Site lnfo Name Suqgest EAa tiffitriffiliffii_,H.b P9= iroor-s i erns Filed11/09/11 Page12 of PageI of 2 25 PremiumNames Web Search DNS Whois Index lP R i DNS g-c.91_d9 L,,,,Whuu,1=,,,Soa,eictr,,,J andName DNS Server Lookup i Traceroute i Name Server Search iRos uy eoogte :' lP i. M YReal i. Server i Linux Video Server i Linux Domain ; Ads by Google DNS. DHCP IPAM & Secureand scalable core network seruices with Infoblox appliances. ^'tus {l'l*gtr u1r Find lnfo On Your Search How Do I Find My Primary And Secondary Dns Servers \ : www.Bing.comfravel Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Know BeforeYou Go. Read Reviewsfrom RealTravelers. P-EI IIASI9}ryF E N UEg-E-BY-EB9 B, I A II B-SName Server lP Location ns39.domaincontrol. com Fly Cheap to Kuala i Lumpur i 7oalo KualaLumpuri off AirfareCompareKualai LumpurFlights Save i -Lu Kuala mpu r.Flig hts.Asia.cori ns40.domaincontrol. com ping petronastower. net P_EIB_qNA_s_T9-v,yE.B,llEI._s_g..A..BF_c_g..B.D_. Email i Workgroup Clusters based i nMOOpteron scalable HPC : shared : SeruerSolutions NameServer Serial Number 2007040100 DNS , DHCP & IPA M S ec ur eand s c a l a b l e core network services wit h I nf oblo x appliances. I hours Retry 2 hours Expiry i Refresh 7 days Minimum 1 day PETRONASTOWER.NET RECORDS DNS Record Type TTL Priority Content mai petronastower. C N A ME t hour L net pop.secureserver. net A (Scottsdale, US) AZ, hfip://www.who.i s/dns/petronastower. net/ CONFIDENTIAL APP109 t hour t212U2009 GD-00a627 Case4:09-cv-05939-PJH Document124-5 andName Server DNS Lookup- MX MX Filed11/09/11 Page13 of Page2 of 2 25 t hour 0 t hour 10 mailstorel.secureserver. net NS NS t hour ns39, domai t hour ns40. domai ncontrol. com SOA 1 day ns39.domaincontrol. com. dns.jomax. 20070401 net. 00 288007200 60480086400 CNAME t hour gt_o_FpFIEg-l\lASIpl^/_E_B,ftFI BELAIEPQgtyTAIt)f GiveUs, info,WkiName, tld DomainReqistration @2005-2009 Who,is http:/iwww.who.i s/dns/petronastower. net/ CONFIDENTIAL APP110 1212U2009 GD-000628 Case4:09-cv-05939-PJH Document124-5 Filed11/09/11 Page14 of 25 IIT|{L puBlIC "-//w3C//mD 8nr, {.01//EX" 4/strlc!.drdn> "ht!p:// <tDocTypB <titl€>r,ive Vid6o ch6t <META h46=ridosc!1ptid" <flues€r <f!@ <f.d€ - hot W€b.ffi .*a"na=""... r( bold€r=ion> !@s=i1001, slc='thttp://lw.cafunchat,cm. rranebo!d€!='.0" norest26 /> - sery Iiv6 C.ngi!1s </ritte> adult lt6b c.G and chat. fldebord6!-nOn Nud€ s€ly cdgllts, t€6ns, fesbiaNr voy6ur, coupt6s, dat€ut vid€o ad chat..'> /> APP111 CONFIDENTIAL GD-000629 Case4:09-cv-05939-PJH Document124-5 APP112 Filed11/09/11 Page15 of 25 Case4:09-cv-05939-PJH Document124-5 APP113 Filed11/09/11 Page16 of 25 Case4:09-cv-05939-PJH Document124-5 From: Sent: To: Cc: Subject: Filed11/09/11 Page17 of 25 Emergency Response Team<mycert@mycert. my> Malaysi Computer org. a Wednesday, December 2,20098:16PM 9 Re: [MyCERT-200 l20l 1065922]: ReportingIncident : Domain Infringement --..-BEGIN PGPSIGNED MESSAGE--.-Hash: SHA1 DearAbuse Team, MyCERT a received report a from an organization regarding domainregistered underyouradministration hosta fakewebsite the original website which that of is can be foundat v\ n A/ : petronastower. net URL : http://vrrunr. lP : Domain Name: PETRONASTOWER.NET Registrar: GODADDY.COM, lNC. godaddy. \MtoisServer: whois. com Referral URL: NameServer: NS39. DOMAI NCONTROL.COM NameServer: NS40.DOMAINCONTROL.COM Status clientDeleteProh : ibited clientRenewProh Status: ibited Status clientTransferProh : ibited pdateProh : ibited Status clientU Updated Date:02-may-2009 Creation Date:08-may-2003 Expiration Date:08-may-2910 pornographic contents The domain hosting is web from purposes this can createa likelihood of whichcan be usedforfraudulent and confusion theirclients. to As of at thistime,MyCERT site has confirmed the abovedisputed is still that yourassistance investigate the above activeonline. wouldappreciate to on We siteandto closethe domain soonas possible. as your prompt We appreaciate response. Kindly to retain abovesubject the header containing:[MyCERT-200912411065922] ensureeffective response. Regards, - -Juanita ---lnrliala---U UI IL'ID- Inc. OrgName:, OrglD: GODAD Address: 14455N Hayden Road Address: Suite226 City:Scottsdale StateProv: AZ APP114 CONFIDENTIAL GD-001804 Case4:09-cv-05939-PJH Document124-5 Filed11/09/11 Page18 of 25 PostalCode: 85260 Country: US ge: NetRan 1 CIDR: NetName: E-l GO-DAD DY-SOFTWAR NC NetHandle: NET-64-202-1 60-0-1 Parent: NET-64-0-0-0-0 NetType. Direct Allocation NameServer: 1.SECURESERVER. NET CNS NameServer: CNS2.SECURESERVER. NET NameServer: NET CNS3.SECURESERVER. Comment: RegDate: 2OO2-10-22 Updated: 2007-06-14 OrgAbuseHandABUSE5-ARl le: 1 N OrgAbuseName: AbuseDepartment + OrgAbusePhone:1-480-624-2505 OrgAbuseEmail : OrgNOCHandle: 124-ARl NOC N OrgNOCName: Network Operations Center +1 OrgNOCPhone: -480-505-8809 Org N : OrgTechHandle: 124-ARIN NOC OrgTechName: Network Center Operations +1 OrgTechPhone: -480-505-8809 OrgTech Email : Malaysia Emergency I E-mail: Computer Response Team Hotline: 300 88 2999 1 Cyber999 I (MyCERT) | Fax:(603)89453442 (603)89926969 CyberSecurity Malaysia I Phone: Level7, Sapura@Mines hour:0830-1730 MYT(Mon-Fri) I Office 7, Jln Tasik, 5850 The Mines 24x7Phone: 019-266 | Resort 43300SeriKembanganSMS:019-281 3801 City, I Selangor. MALAYSIA I URL: Disclaimer: The information transmitted electronic in mailmessages person(s) entity(ies) domainis intended onlyfor the or to whichit is addressed, the and may contain represents views/points MyCERT of information issues. extracted fromvarious otherreliable sources security on MyCERT therefore doesnot acceptliability any errors, omissions the or in for contents thismessage, of transmission and whichariseas a result e-mail of provided. consequences to mis-applying the technical lf due of solutions/steps you havereceived emailby mistake, please at this notifyMyCERT +60389926969 or emailus at .-.--BEGIN PGPSIGNATURE-.-.Version: GnuPG vZ.A.1 (FreeBSD) 1 APP115 CONFIDENTIAL GD-001805 Case4:09-cv-05939-PJH Document124-5 Filed11/09/11 Page19 of 25 po g iEYEARECAAYFAkSXO3SAGkQO FclK27XH9RwCghzO2hhS1VOG NYAQ9Xvku M/ BA +dSeHh KkcAn UqPZc+l UExUMX1 R2q N s/D =lbOn -.---END PGPSIGNATURE--... APP116 CONFIDENTIAL GD-001806 Case4:09-cv-05939-PJH Document124-5 From: Sent: To: Cc: Subject: Filed11/09/11 Page20 of 25 December 2,20098:39PM Wednesday, Follow-Upfor US-CERTIncident number INC000000066795 US-CERT requesting is in which assistance removing activemalware beinghosted an site within yow netblock greatlyappreciate assistance terminating shutting site your affectour constituency. would in or this US-CERT down. destination The website hosting malicious andtheURL is active, is a code accessible hosting and 'hxxp'with malware. is thefirst attempt remove malicious This to tlis code from thenetwork(please replace 'http').Please assist in a timely rernoval this IIRL from anyrelated us of domains: URL: hxxp//www[dot] IP Address: 64.202.1,89.17 0 Domains hosted thisIP address: on Theowner/operator this website of mayor maynotbeaware website maycontain malicious code.TheUSthis CERTis requesting this website removed from publicaccess theowner/operator deleted has that be until the malicious content. Please investigate traffrcandreference this INC000000066795 regarding host.USthis CERTis interested leamingof theoutcome in ofyour investigation VIR TheUnitedStates Computer Emergency Readiness Team Department Homeland of Security National Cyber Division/Operations Security Phone: 1-888-282-0870 Arlington,Virginia E-mail : qov Website: EmailAttaohment : APP117 CONFIDENTIAL GD-001807 Case4:09-cv-05939-PJH Document124-5 From: Sent: To: Subject: Filed11/09/11 Page21 of 25 <> AbuseDepartment GoDaddy Thursday, 1:16PM December 20Q9 3, DaddySOC<> Go INC000000066795] [FWD: Follow-Upfor US-CERTlncidentnumber Attention SOC, We have been notifiedof a possiblebreachof security.pleasereviewthe messagewe have forwardedto you from the complainant. you determine If, after investigating situation, this customer or this that no actionshouldbe taken against pleasereplyto this message the AbuseDepartment respond the you needmore information will to and (if complainant necessary) closeout the issue. or If you determine from Go Daddyplease take the appropriate course that this situationmeritsa response of actionbased your SOP, on Thankyou for investigating complaint. this Sincerely, Spamand AbuseDepartment 24/7 Abuse Department Hotline:480-624-2505 ARID1019 Message Original Subject: Follow-Up US-CERT for Incident numberINC000000066795 Date:Wed,December 42,20099:38 pm To: Cc: t----I tr_l is requesting withinyour in site beinghosted US-CERT assistance removing activemalware an your assistance in netblock wouldgreatlyappreciate whichaffectour constituency. US-CERT is website hosting malicious a codeand terminating shutting or this site down,The destination This is the first attemptto removethis the URLis active,accessible hostingmalware. and 'hxxp'with 'http').Please malicious replace assistus in a timely codefrom the network(please removal this URL from any related of domains: net URL: h>o<p//www[dot]petronastower. IP Address64.242.189. : 170 Domains hosted this IP address: on Theowner/operator this website may contain malicious may or may not be awarethis website of from publicaccess code.The US-CERT requesting is until the that this websitebe removed has investigate trafficand reference owner/operator deleted this the malicious content.Please INC000000066795 in regarding host.US-CERT interested learning the outcome your is of of this APP118 CONFIDENTIAL GD-001808 Case4:09-cv-05939-PJH Document124-5 Filed11/09/11 Page22 of 25 investigation V/R The UnitedStatesComputer Emergency Readiness Team Depaftment Homeland of Security National Division/Operations CyberSecurity Phone: 1-888-282-0870 Arlington, Virginia E-mail SOC@us-ceft : .gov Website www. : us-cert.qov EmailAttachment : APP119 CONFIDENTIAL GD-001809 Case4:09-cv-05939-PJH Document124-5 From: Sent: To: Cc: Subject: Filed11/09/11 Page23 of 25 VincentKoski < Thursday, December 20098:46PM 3, <> GoDaddyAbuseDepartment Go DaddySOC<> RE: [FWD: Follow-Upfor US-CERTIncident number INC000000066795] Abuse, Reviewing domain this whichis served contains a complaint| found it is hosted parkwobAndlhe index.html that on of fame srcreference, appears be an adult to which to site. I seeno indicalion thedomain that contains malicious any code. Name: Address: Name: p,fwd-!O1 .prod.mesa1 Address: 64.202.1 89.170 $ -2005-12-03 21:40:31- htto://oetron astowe nev r. Resolving 64.202.1 89.170 Connecting petronastower.netl64.202.1 to 89.1 701:80... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting rcsponse... 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APP120 CONFIDENTIAL GD-001810 Case4:09-cv-05939-PJH Document124-5 Filed11/09/11 Page24 of 25 Please contact diredsupervisor sgerlach@godaddy.comanytsedback. my at with Thismessage fromGo Daddy is Soft\,vare. message anyattachments contain This and may contidential information, andareintended fortheindividual entity only or or identified above astheaddressee. lfyou arenottheaddressee, if thismessage beenaddressed youin eror, youarenotauthorized read, to copy, distribute message or this and has to (including copies) notify anysttachments, we askihatyouplease and the and delete message attachments this and all sender retum by e-mail by phone 480-505-8877. or at Original Message Subject: for Incident INC000000066795] number [FWD:Follow-Up US-CERT <> From:"GoDaddy AbuseDepartment" Date:Thu,December 20092:16 pm 03. To: "Go Daddy SOC" <> Attention SOC, please We havebeennotified a possible reviewthe message have we of breach security, of forwarded you from the complainant. to you If, afterinvestigating situation, determine this this that no actionshouldbe takenagainst please customer you needmoreinformation or replyto this message the AbuseDepartment and (if will respond the complainant necessary) close the issue. to or out If you determine from Go Daddyplease take the that this situationmeritsa response appropriate course actionbased your SOP. of on Thankyou for investigating complaint. this Sincerely, Spamand Abuse Department 24/7 AbuseDepartment Hotline:480-624-25A5 ARID1019 Message Original Subject: Incident Follow-Up US-CERT for numberINC000000055795 Date:Wed,December 42,20099:38 pm To: Cc: US-CERT requesting is in assistance removing activemalware site beinghosted an withinyour netblock whichaffectour constituency. wouldgreatlyappreciate US-CERT your assistance terminating shutting in website is or this sitedown.The destination hosting malicious malware. Thisis a codeand the URLis active, and accessible hosting 'hxxp' the first attemptto removethis malicious replace codefrom the network(please 'http').Please with assistus in a timelyremoval this URL from any related domains: of petronastower. net URL:hxxp//www[dot] IP Address: 189. 64.202. 170 Domains hosted this IP address: on APP121 CONFIDENTIAL GD-001811 Case4:09-cv-05939-PJH Document124-5 Filed11/09/11 Page25 of 25 Theowner/operator this website may contain may or may not be awarethis website of malicious from public is be code.The US-CERT requesting this website removed that access Please investigate untilthe owner/operator deleted malicious has the content. is this trafficand reference INC000000066795 regarding this host.US-CERT interested in learning the outcome your investigation of of V/R Emergency The UnitedStatesComputer Readiness Team Department Homeland Security of National Division/Operations CyberSecurity Phone: 1-888-282-0870 Arlington, Virginia E-mail SOC@us-cert,gov : Website www, : us-cert.oov Email Attachment : # li:i,"li,iili,;:t,';*,,-:ir: ;'j:ijli:;,i:;jil:1:ii:rj' ij:iii APP122 CONFIDENTIAL GD-001812

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