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Verizon To Launch App Store Next Monday - Wonder if they'll help offer Google Voice?... Page 5 of 5 wildcat man what would attract app developers to Verizon directly? join:2007-11-03 Kansas City, MO I don't get it. Why would a developer sell through VZ vs. the Android market? Just another outlet? Will VZ somehow make it easier to find my app vs. Google, the search leader? There is an app store I can access from my online page. Those apps, although shown, aren't available for my BB Tour. BTW, many of them resemble the advertisements in Vegas - a lot of smut, mixed in with a little Disney (no kidding, try for yourself through the "apps and tools" section of Maybe there's a Vodaphone angle here that I'm missing. So now I can get (or in my current case, can't get) Slovakian babes as opposed to simply Latina ones? permalink • 2010-03-25 14:49:26 Print • creply your comment.. Forums > Verizon To Launch App Store Next Monday Sunday, 27-Mar 20:48:58 Terms of Use & Privacy I feedback I contact I Hosting by DSL,Hosting & Co-to over 11.5 years online! © 1999-2011 . Page 97 . 3/27/2011 Verizon Sets March 29 for App Store Debut (Phone Scoop) Page 1 of 2 cell phone reviews, info, news, community, and deals Search Phonescoop does 4G. Learn mo e at the 4G Center News Home > News > In Depth Verizon Sets March 29 for App Store Debut Phones News Item Phone Finder Sp int I Related News Comments I Carriers posted Mar 24, 2010, 3:05 PM by Eric M. Zeman Forums Today Verizon Wireless announced that it will open its own mobile application storefront on Monday, March 29. The store will offer Verizon customers access to games, applications and other services that can be downloaded directly to their handsets and billed to their Verizon Wireless account. Verizon customers using smartphone platforms such as Android, BlackBerry, webOS and Windows Mobile already have access to branded app stores for their specific devices. Glossary Links IN A SMALLER PACKAGE Register more info at Reuters » Lou In 0 SF, ONSORED Recommend Be the first of your friends to recommend this. AD more options for this news item below..i Sprint Share Pape IN A SMALLER PACKAGE. Print Site Tools Advertising About Us Contact Us Privacy Policy Terms of Use Related news: Verizon Wireless Pushes V CAST to BlackBerries Jul 19, 2010 Verizon Wireless Launches Mobile Web Games and Apps Store Apr 2, 2009 Verizon to Open Access to Apps and Devices Next Year Nov 27, 2007 Verizon Wireless to Offer Mobile Banking Service Oct 15, 2007 Verizon Offers BlackBerries Better Account Control Apr 23, 2009 more related news Comments This forum is closed. Forum Options Page 1 of 1 Page 98 3/27/2011 App sales to start in Palm App store Page 1 of 2 Thursday, 25 March 2010 02:56 App sales to start in Palm Apastore Written by David Stellmack font size Rate this item Print Add new comment (0 votes) Should arrive next week say sources Palm will finally be adding pay applications to their App Catalog. Our sources tell us that Palm is letting developers know that they will be able to start selling Apps beginning March 31st. Applications will be able to be purchased worldwide once the applications go on sale. International application sales is one area where Palm is looking to have an advantage over other application stores because of the easy approval process for international sales. Tell Palm that you want the app to be available for sale internationally and then resubmit it, and it will in turn be rushed though the approval process. As far as International sales go, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Mexico, and Spin will be the first to get International app sales. The news is good for Palm, who can use the income generated from the app sales; in addition, it addresses the perception that the WebOS platform does not have any applications. Our sources tell us that Palm has a stockpile of apps that are ready to go for sale as soon as the switch is thrown. If this is true, it could be a very big day for Palm and could help get the company back on the right track once again. Last modified on Thursday, 25 March 2010 10:24 Published in Mobiles Social sharing Latest from David Stellmack • HP tells us that Itanium will last ten years • Battlefield 3 will not beat COD • Is Mercenaries 3 in the pipeline? • 2K to re-release Mafia II • Sprint to move away from mail-in rebates Page 99 http ://www. fudzilla. com/mobile s/item/15897- app- sale s-to - start-in-palm-app- store?tmpl=c ... 3/27/2011 Intel creates Linux version of its app store for netbooks VentureBeat Page 1 of 4 VentureBeat Intel creates Linux version of its app store for netbooks March 25, 2010 I Dean Takahashi View Comments &Acc r.‘r 101410,Vot Communication. feligation Imertamtnara Games Home and Family Musk News Producwaity C',af Reference Social whops ****1141=1111 ONINF cht e Encouraged by early results on Windows, Intel said today it will add a beta test version of popular Intel AppUp Center for Linux. The Intel AppUp Center has a wide range of apps for netbooks, which often don't have the horsepower to run most PC applications. These apps are tuned to run without a lot of bells and whistles. That's why they can run on any netbook, adding very little cost. To help the market take off, Intel introduced a Windows version of its app store at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. ----Now it will add an Intel AppUpCenter beta for Mobilin version 2.1. Intel is also making the existing AppUp Center available in 27 European cities on March 31. Next Story: Genomatica bags $15M as green chemicals trounce biofuels Previous Story: Google launches remarketing, lets ads follow consumers across the web Print Email Twitter Facebook Google Buzz LinkedIn Digg StumbleUpon Reddit Delicious Google More... COmpanies: Intel VentureBeat We would love to get your feedback. Please spend a few moments to share your opinions. Yes, I'll help or No thanks Responses are anonymous, view our privacy policy. Page 100 3/27/2011 Intel creates Linux version of its app store for netbooks I VentureBeat Page 2 of 4 You might like: Nintendo launches a 6 money habits that are illegal marketing blitz with ( ) 3DS debut (VentureBeat) Does Google's Larry Larry Page already Page care about cracking the whip at social networking? Google, a week (VentureBeat) before he takes the Are Google's efforts to build a universal library doomed? (VentureBeat) reins (VentureBeat) t?1 VentureBeat We would love to get your feedback. Please spend a few moments to share your opinions. Yes, I'll help or No thanks Responses are anonymous, view our privacy policy. Page 101 3/27/2011 RIM's BlackBerry Mobile App Store Revamp: Better Late Than Never: Mobile Tecimolo... Page 1 of 7 Giga0M • Events • • Research • • • • • • • • Home Apple Broadband Cleantech Cloud Collaboration Mobile Video Mobile Search RIM's BlackBerry Mobile ApStore Revamp: Better Late Than Never By Kevin C. Tofel Jun. 16, 2010, 1:05pm PT 2 Comments 0 Like Be the first of your friends to like this. Research In Motion has unveiled the latest version of its mobile software store, BlackBerry App World 2.0, which will support carrier billing for application purchases and enable developers to use QR barcode links for their software titles (and thus make it easier for customers to find applications). Along with the new storefront, RIM will also reportedly implement a singular BlackBerry ID to track purchases and allow for easy software and data transfer from one BlackBerry device to another. When RIM launched the initial App World in March of 2009, Om declared it to be "good enough." But by modernizing its BlackBerry App World, RIM is following a proven model when it comes to mobile software — if you remove clunkiness and make it easy to find, purchase and transfer data, customers will buy more software and services. The sales cycle doesn't end with consumers, though; improving a mobile pau_stoa also helps bring developers to a platform. Given the right tools, support and financial incentives, programmers are more apt to create compelling software titles for a device. Without such support, a handset vendor runs the risk of developers leaving for other platforms, creating a downward sales spiral. Page 102 3/27/2011 RIM's BlackBerry Mobile App Store Revamp: Better Late Than Never: Mobile Technolo... Page 2 of 7 Handset makers still need to create desirable hardware, but making smart software available in a simple-to-use and effective mobile store is a key ingredient in the recipe for smartphone success. This is especially true for RIM, as noted in a recent Giga0M Pro report (subscription required). Unfortunately, it's taken the company until now to figure this out; in the meantime, nimble rivals have perfected the model — and in Apple's case, used it to generate a billion dollars in revenue for developers. And the clock doesn't stop ticking with RIM's unveiling today as it hasn't yet announced the launch date for the new store. Tick-tock, RIM. Tick-tock. Do you like this story? • Like Be the first of your friends to like this. 0 Mobile Apps AMD and HP Present IT/DATACENTER ANANDTECH An and T eh Lookind Forward to Eurocorn's Racer and AMC:1's 6970M Then they upped the ante by giving us the chance to put AMD's latest and greatest HD 0970M to the test and ore jumped at the opportunity. • Comments 2 • Facebook Comments 0 Subscribe to comments 1. Reply Brian S Hall Wednesday, June 16 2010 Behind the curve but having carrier billing is nice. I like having apps and other services I get on my smartphone to be paid for on my monthly bill. I'm sure the carriers like this model, too. Page 103 3/27/2011 Androinica » Amazon's own Android app store now confirmed Page 4 of 15 News Amazon's own Android app store now confirmed October 8, 2010 I by Lars Aronsson Android, Android OS amazon® 0 tweets tweet A few weeks ago a rumor started that was going to build its own Android aoo store, just like Verizon, and that rumor has now been confirmed to be true via a document Amazon sent out to potential developers. It's still unclear what the new Android exclusive application store will be called and when it will arrive, but Engadget suggests that Amazon will have its new digital endeavor ready for the holiday season. Amazon — America's largest online retailer, will apparently require software to be run through a "App Packaging Tool" before it can be submitted to the store. According to Amazon, it will "ensure that the apps will install properly on customers' devices and... enable the digital rights management (DRM) policies outlined in the developer agreement." DRM is optional, and developers may freely decide whether to enable it or not. Developers can also submit demo videos that will be displayed next to their apps – a welcome feature that the Android Market currently does not have. Amazon won't allow "offensive content" to be published in its store, and the company will have final say on the matter, thus leaving the door open for some iOS App Store censorship. What do you think about yet another app market for Android? Is it a nice addition that will benefit the Android ecosystem, or are multiple app stores just one more way of fragmenting the platform? Page 104 3/27/2011 Androinica » Amazon's own Android app store now confirmed Page 5 of 15 App Store Overview: The Amazori.Lom ap Store will help Customers Mid, discover, buy, downlOad, and Install Android mobile applications ror Sinartphones anti other connected devices. By contributing apps to the aPpstore, you gain exposure to Amazon's large online traffic base and proven discovery and merc andlsing features. Audience: This guide is intended for dev&prswho will be upiodirig their opplication to the A app Store. Required Knowledge and Skills: Uploading apps to the apoi_store assumes you are familiar with the following: • Creating screenshots In the PNG, 11FF, 3PEG, or GIF format • Eclipse for Installing an Amazon App Packaging Tool Application Submission a nd Approval Process Overview: You've already taken the first steps towards listing your app in's app store - you joined the program, Now you need to prepare and upload your application fileTilirTiView by Amazon. The two phases to the submission process for your application are: Phase 1 - what you will complete now: Prepare and submit the marketing and promotional information for your app to our FTP Phase 2 - to be completed in a few weeks: Finalize your app using an Eclipse plug-in that we are creating, and submit the app to our FTP; we will send you an email notification with directions on how to finalize your app This packet provides you with step-by-step instructions for preparing and submitting the marketing and promotional information for your app. After you complete both phases in the submission process, and once Amazon tests and approves your app and verifies that we have all the information necessary to market your app effectively, your app will be eligible for inclusion In the store. Preparing and submitting your marketing and promotional materials can be done in four simple steps. Let's dive In! Via [Engadget] amazon, Amazon app store, , android market, appstore, market, Verizon app store Related Posts Rumor: Verizon may be tempting developers to join the V Cast App Store for Android Verizon confirms V Cast Android App store coming soon to Froyo Page 105 3/27/2011 Mozilla Beats Google with Open Web App Store Preview I News & Opinion I Page 6 of 9 October 20, 2010 11:11am EST 2 Comments Mozilla Beats Google with Open Web App Store Preview rj By Sara Yin 0 Share Mozilla has released the prototype and documentation for an open Web apps store, which will let users install apps via the Web browser. " Open Web Apps will feature a directory of paid and free Web apps where you can search for, download and install apps onto a special dashboard within your mobile phone or Web browser. The dashboard lets you view, delete, and organize your apps. Apps can built in HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, which means interoperability between browsers, mobile phones, and operating systems. According to Mozilla's blog, such openness will force developers to "compete on customer service, price, policies, app discoverability, ratings, reviews and other attributes." "Many of us now use Web apps for tasks we used to have dedicated desktop software for. A couple examples of where this migration is happening include checking e-mail, talking to our friends, listening to music and even playing games," Mozilla said in a blog post. "Because our behavior is changing, it only makes sense that the tools we use on the computer where these behaviours are expressed change as well," the company said. Google is prepping a similar Web store for its Chrome browser. The company Google first provided a preview of the Chrome Web store at is Google I/0 developer conference in May; days later, Mozilla then announced plans for its own Web app store. Google released a developer preview for the Chrome apps store in August. Days before, there were rumors that Google would release the app store sometime in October, but no announcement have been 11,16,6.11 made. Developers can find technical information and source code on Mozilla's site. Page 106,2817,2371148,00.asp 3/27/2011 Lexmark Tries to Catch App Fever - Page 1 of 4 More 42.126. Tuesday, October 28, 2010 New York News, Quotes, Conpunos Videos SEARCH GET 2 WEEKS FTREPRINTWRXMC SUBSCRIBE NOW! 11.-tHt ()NUN-ERA:Ma TECHNOLOGY U.S. Edition Home World U.S. Today's Paper Video Blogs Journal Community New York Business Markets Tech Log In Personal Finance Life & Culture Digits Personal Technology What They Know TECHNOLOGY Real Estate 2 of 12 Google Pursues Role in Mobile Payments Technology Careers Small Business All Things Digital I of 12 TOP STORIES IN Opinion Google's Page to Cut Red Tape .11 of 12 Gupta Stayed as Director After SEC Le... Netflix, Mirant Streaming Dea OCTOBER 26, 2010 Lexmark Tries to Catch App Fever Stock Quotes Article Irg Email Print Comments (2) Save This MORE IN TECH a + More Like E. Text By IAN SHERR Lexmark International Inc. is seeking software developers to create applications for some of its business printers, a move the company hopes will increase competition with industry leader Hewlett-Packard Co. We know there's more to meeting demand than adding bandwidth. Lexmark plans to open an app store and release specialized tools that allow developers to create apps for four of its printer have touchscreens and Internet connections. The company says the goal is to expand the capabilities of its devices in the same way other companies have expanded the functionality of cellphones and cars by adding apps. "Content for printers has largely been limited to the world that you see on a PC," said Todd Hamblin, a Lexmark marketing executive. "Now, they're going directly to the Internet without a computer." Lexmark already offers about 60 apps, developed by the company and its partners, for download to its printers. One example, is an app from , that will print a travel itinerary directly from the printer. Another, called "Scan to Box" will scan and send documents to —a file Most Popular in Tech server on the web—without the use of a computer. AT&T Deal May Face 'Steep Climb' at FCC Those apps were downloaded about 100,000 times last year, said Mr. Hamblin. The new third- Clearwire CEO Expresses Concerns With AT&T Deal party apps will be written in Adobe Systems Inc.'s Flash technology, he added. RIM Stirs Investor Doubts Lexmark's app store comes as many companies try to adopt a model honed by Apple Inc. with its iPhoneM5r1 devices. Introduced in 2008, Apple's app store now sports a catalog of more than 300,000 apps which have been downloaded a total of more than 7 billion times. Ford Motor Baby's First App Download Money Rushes Into Social Start-Ups Co., Google Inc. and Intel Corp. are among the companies that have invited developers to write programs to be used in conjunction with their products. Gartner analyst Pete Basiliere said Lexmark and H-P are striving to keep their customers using their products in a market full of nearly identical products. "From a manufacturer's perspective, they're facing declining printing volume overall," he said. Lexmark's app store also brings it in line with H-P, which has rapidly added capabilities for its Now Available on the iPact52. Get it Now THE von srREEr JUNE. tute tn the know printers to access the Internet and print out information without a computer. One H-P printer has a detachable touchscreen tablet running Google's Android mobile operating system that can surf the web and manage the printer at the same time. H-P is also focusing on services apps, such as printing photos from the company's Snapfish online photo service, an H-P spokeswoman added. Lexmark said it doesn't yet have a revenue-sharing model for outside developers, but Mr. Hamblin said it would likely be similar to the model adopted by Apple and others for their app stores. Apple keeps 30% of app sales and gives 70% of the revenue derived to developers. moRE iN TECH rqj Email WI Printer Fhendly t Share: In 90 Order Reprints Oi• 0 f F al do Page 107 3/27/2011 Lexmark Tries to Catch App Fever - Page 2 of 4 ,AMMAIMAMINVP Like Most Popular on Facebook Be the first of your friends to like this. . When twittering Gets in Ifie Way of Real Life - e , 491 pEople shared this. • Geraldine F WITSO, Political Groundbrealcer, Dies at 75 WSIcom 326 peDple shared this. BlackBerry® Official Site Bring Your Experiences To Life. Find Your BlackBerry Today. B Caterpillar Urges Illinois bo Roll a ack Tax Increases i WSJ I 1 ------ 361 people shared this. Penny stocks soaring 900% Come experience penny stock gains with our free & accurate newsletter . ' - .."' Vi dm - Mixed Messages at Iowa G.O.P. Event - WSIcom 104 p enpl e shared this. 1121 47'. Beyond Libya, Egypt and Tunisia, the Middle East Crisis Hes list Begun - WSlcum $25 Car Insurance? Do Not Buy Car Insurance until you see this shocking report! www. News7B reeking I 958 people shared this. ri Facet) RadioShacke BlackBerry Get Your Favorite BlackBerry Phone Online For Amazing Savings. Hurry! www. Rad ' octal plugin Video Add a Comment JOURNAL COMMUNITY We welcome your thoughtful comments. Please comply with our Community rules. All comments will display your real name. Want to participate in Accelsor Founders For Young, the Rebuild Site in Shock of Old Age Under a Minute Spurs Saving REGISTER FOR FREE I News Hub: Take a Detox From Tech. Now! 2:51 the discussion? 2:30 4:21 Or log in or become a subscriber now for complete Journal access. 1 Technology & IT Jobs T!ack replies to my comment Go to Comments tab Share articles and post your comMents on Facebook I Mats this? Login with Facebook Immediate need for a Systems Integration and Test Engineer! - Robert Half Technology Architect Sr. Specialist - Citigroup Inc. Network Engineer - Verizon Communications Inc. Related Stories Director - Information Systems Security (Fairfax. Va) General Dynamics Information Technology Related Videos Motorola, Dell, Acer and RIM Talk Up Tablet-Style iPad Rivals at Consumer Electronics Show 12/29/2010 digits: How Can RIM Win Investor Favor? 3/25/2011 Googk Pursues Role in Mobile Payments 3/28/2011 H-P Plans TouchPad to Rival iPad 2/10/2011 city, state, zip FIND JOBS Finance Jobs I Accounting Jobs I Sales Jobs I Marketing Jobs FINS for Employers & Recruiters ii POST A JOB More in Tech New Apps for Mutual - Fund Investing 3122/2011 RIM to Offer Data-Management Service 3/19/2011 keyword MORE JOBS AND CAREER NEWS 3124/2011 Rex on Techs: II-P, Oracle Spar Investors Doubt RIM's Product Strategy Yesterday 12:01 A.M. 3/8/2011 More technology & IT jobs and career news from digits: Feature Phones vs. Smartphones Google Pursues Role in Mobile Payments Google's Page to Cut Red Tape Gupta Stayed as Director After SEC Letter Nokia to Launch Another U.S. Phone Using Older System 3/21/2011 Netfl ix, Miramax Near Streaming Deal With Shift, Nokia Leaves Intel's MeeGo in the Lurch 2/12/2011 Chip Maker Runs at Half Speed Most Popular Expand your access to It only takes a moment Click here to unlock your FREE access to more newsletters, alerts and key analysis Read Emailed Video Commented Searches 1. What AT&T's T-Mobile Deal May Mean for You 2, Radioactive Water Slows Plant Repairs 3. Powering Down for the Long Term 4. To Save More, Start by Scanning Your Photo 5. Email Highlights Plant Workers' Grief Most Read Artdes Feed Latest Tweets Page 108 3/27/2011 / Technology - Acer set to launch app store next year Page 1 of 1 FREE 52-week subscription to with an approved applkation of The Premier Rewards Gold Cord from Amerkon Express. Sales, Operations and R&D: LEARN MORE FT .com TECHNOLOGY FINANCIAL TIMES FT Home > Companies > Technology Acer set to launch app store next year SUBSCRIBE TO THE FT By Robin Kwong in Taipei Published: October 29 2010 20:06 I Last updated: October 29 2010 20:06 Acer, the world's second-biggest PC maker, plans to launch an application Oore next year in a move that highlights the growing importance of software and internet services to the traditionally hardware-focused PC industry. Sign up today and get a 4 week RISK-FREE trial to the Financial Times Newspaper. More Acer's "Next Generation Store" will be available on all its devices, from PCs to smartphones and tablets, and also across different operating systems including Google's Android, Window's Phone 7 and Intel and Nokia's MeeGo, according to Gianfranco Land, Acer chief executive. Mr Land said Acer's offering would be an improvement to existing application stores, such as those from Apple or Google, because it would recommend programs and applications based on the consumer's profile and usage history. He did not, however, elaborate on how Acer's store would differ in this regard from Apple's, which already offers recommendations based on previous purchases. "Today one of the problems is that on Apple and Android phones you get thousands of content [from their application stores] but you don't know which one is the one you want," he said. The move represents a fresh push by the Taiwanese computer maker to expand its reach beyond traditional desktop and notebook PCs into new product categories such as smartphones, tablets and internet-enabled televisions, where consumers place greater importance on services and content than on hardware specifications. "Hardware without software is not going to fly," Mr Land said, but added that he didn't think "the number one goal is to make money from" running an application store. He acknowledged that there had already been a proliferation of application stores in recent months, but said Acer's would have a unique advantage in emerging markets because the company would localise the service to a range of emerging market countries. "We will be the first one and the only one with this capability," he said. Acer also remained bullish about the overall PC market in spite of worries about weakening conditions. As Japan Shutdowns Drag On, Auto Crisis Worsens Emerging Markets to Account for 25% of Merck Sales by 2013: CEO Mad Mail: MedAssets, Momenta Pharmaceuticals and More Week Ahead: Markets Turn Focus Back to Economy and Jobs Miramax Near Deal to Stream Films on Netflix: Report More Acer reported a 24 per cent increase in after-tax profits in the first quarter compared with a year ago, to $137m, even as revenues remained flat at $5.35bn. The company expects its shipments of notebook and netbook PCs to rise 20-25 per cent next year. Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2011. You may share using our article tools. Please don't cut articles from and redistribute by email or post to the web. Print article Email article Clip this article Twitter Digg Linkedln Yahoo! Buzz Delicious reddit BX Facebook stumbleupon Viadeo MORE FROM THIS SECTOR Europe and US shift to tablets hits Acer Ebay taps local partner to grow in Vietnam Oracle earnings beat expectations RIM shares tumble on PlayBook costs Cost of chaos should be laid at BAA's door BSkyB warms to YouView internet TV project Iron Mountain in investors' dispute Best Buy to offer 4G mobile broadband Samsung and LG in war of words on 3D TVs Tech groups to count quake sales loss New rules on the way for online content Order reprints Jobs Business for sale Contracts & tenders ED SEARCH Enter keywords Director of Finance & Administration EDCTP Director of Customer Development B&CE Chief Technology Officer IT / Telecorns / Technology IT Director Supermarkets RECRUITERS FT.corn can deliver talented indMduals across all industries around the world Post a job now RELATED SERVICES FT Lexicon FT Bespoke Forums Market research Growth companies Corporate subscriptions Luxury Travel brochures Analyst Research FT Newspaper subscriptions FT Diaries FT Conferences FT Syndication services The Non-Executive Director Page 109 3/27/2011 Nokia Woos Developers to Juice Up App Store - Great Speculations - Buys, holds, and h... Page 1 of 3 • Business ' Autos " Energy Media & Entertaimnent Phanna & Healthcare SportsMoney ' Wall St root Washir,vt. on, _ Vhy You Don't Want A Pill To Prevent >iabetes 4ATTHEW HERPER New Billionaire Gains Bigger Stake In Casino Empire The Medicine Show ROBERT OLSEN • , I.siren halt. WE MAKE IT EASY TO ROLL OVER YOUR 401k. ROLL OVER YOUR OLD 40Ik + GET UP TO 4500 All you'll pretty much need to do is sign your name Our specialists will take care of the rest, and give you objective retirement guidance. Great Speculations To investors who want to retire comfortably. BUYS HOLDS, AND HOPES PROFILE HEADE INE C RA BS RSS FEED Nokia Woos Developers to Juice Up App Store, Nov 2 2010 - 1:26 pin I 1,575 sueweI reeo .•hant 1 5 comments joisiiv1tv TREFIS TEAM Nokia's success depends in part on retaining share within the fast growing smartphone market. Consumer preferences for smartphones are influenced by the availability and quality of smartphone apps. By making it easier for app developers to create new apps for Nokia's Ovi app store, Nokia is trying to counter the success of competing apps stores such as that of Apple and Google's Android. sulta n( Nokia's Ovi App Store Ovi is the application store provided by Nokia in the area of games, maps, media, messaging and music. These applications are developed by developers and downloaded by consumers. Developers and the applications that they provide play a very important role in a mobile phone's success. The Ovi store has 0 If you have a $500,000 portfolio, download the guide by Forbes columnist and money manager Ken Fisher. It's called "The 15-Minute Retirement Plan." Even if you have something else in place right now, it still makes sense to request your guide! Click Here to Download Your Guide! around 2.7 million app downloads per day E l l, significantly less than the 200 per second (17 million per day) for Apple's app store [21 . Nokia's Ovi app store was criticized by developers for having poor search capabilities,777visioning of new applications and a cumbersome user interface. Furthermore, Nokia has multiple mobile phone platforms meaning that developers currently have to code different applications for different platforms. FISHER INvEglifENTS"' Nokia's Multiple Mobile Platforms Page 110 . 3/27/2011 Nokia Woos Developers to Juice Up App Store - Great Speculations - Buys, holds, and h... Page 2 of 3 MiNiMS0.1 Nokia currently offers two different operating system platforms as part of the developer ecosystem. These platforms are the Series 40 and Symbian, which are used for feature phones and smartphones respectively. Symbian also has different versions with Symbian 3 currently being used for the development of its smartphones. Symbian 4 is expected to be released in 2011. Another operating system named MeeGo is also under development and Nokia plans to release it in 2011. ABOUT Great Speculations' contributor page is devoted to investing ideas that will help make you wiser and richer. Most articles will contain actionable advice. See our profile » OUR CONTRIBUTORS 11111111 Advantages of having a single unified platform Nokia now plans to have a single platform based on the Qt framework for native application development and HTML 5 for web-based development. Qt is a commonly used application framework used by developers to develop application software. The advantages of having a single framework are two fold: 1. Developers developing applications on the Nokia app store will save time by focusing on developing applications on a ;1717717form. Once the developer is able to create the application in Qt, it can easily then be deployed to Nokia devices on both the Symbian and MeeGo platforms. This will help Nokia enhance the popularity of its Ovi store and increase the availability of apps on its app store. ADDISON WIGGIN Fa ADRIAN ASH IL ALAN B. LANCZ 21 ! ALEXANDRA ZENDRIAN and 75 more ... Followers: 156 Contributor Since: Jauutu-y 2010 PROFILE RtiS FEED HEADLINE GRABS EMAIL TIPS 2. Nokia mobile phone users will experience the software improvements much faster. For example, if a customer's Nokia phone is based on the Symbian 3 platform, he won't have to wait for the Symbian 4 to arrive in the market to experience the software related improvements. A single platform will ensure that the improvements that Nokia plans for Symbian 4 will be introduced on the Symbian 3 phones as and when available. OUR ACTIVITY FEED Show all activity CAITLIN'S NEW POST Kodak Bulls Snap Up Calls Anticipating Patent Payoff From Apple Can these efforts result in Nokia market share gains? Nokia has consistently lost market share to high end smartphone players like Apple and RIM, and low end mobile phone players like Samsung in the past. Its market share in emerging markets (India, China and Brazil) declined from 44% in 2007 to 40% in 2009 [23 . We expect Nokia's market share to decline to 34% by the end of Trefis forecast period. 7 rico ago SCHAEFFER'S'S NEW POST Your Best Options For Japan's Reconstruction owners NEW POST / Arm Heretic Reality: Mortgage Interest Deduction Needs To Be Slashed Nokia Mobile Phone Market Share in Emerging Markets STEVE'S NEW POST Not All Boutiques Created Equal: Analysts Cut Target On Greenhill, Still Like Evercore S pare SO rii—sp the trei ne r Thdin 00 07 '00 '09 '10 Competition 7 40 60 3 30 Now '12 20 13 14 15 MOST POPULAR '16 '17 OUR POSTS ME' NOK:$1 '1.78 AS Pa. LIM 24 Mum The Food Crisis Of 2011 Eult hlokla,.Moctet 41,17.; VI., viows 2 If the above efforts help the company improve its software platform, it could become more popular amongst developers and consumers, thereby benefiting Nokia's mobile phone sales. There could be an upside of 8% to the $12.43 Trefis price estimate for Nokia's stock if its market share remains constant over the Trefis forecast period, instead of the decline as we forecast. You can see the complete $12.43 Trefis Price estimate for Nokia's stock here. Why China Is Really In Big Trouble 3 Don't 24,611 views 4 Mommy, Mommy When I Grow Up I Want to Be A Federal Worker 21,910 9c, 5, Cry About Missing Ford And Las Vegas Sands Below $2, Bargains Still Abound 18,721 9.cws Page 111 . 3/27/2011 Nokia Woos Developers to Juice Up App Store - Great Speculations - Buys, holds, and h... Page 3 of 3 With iPhone 5 On Verizon, Higher Stock Price For Qualcomin On The Horizon Notes: 1. According to the company's press release for Q3 2010 results [El] 2. Mentioned by Apple in September 1st 2010 music event, as reported by [El] 3. According to the SEC filings. Estimated by calculating the mobile phones units sold in emerging markets [0] Like our charts? Embed them in your own posts using the Trelis Wordpress Plugin. Recommend b Buzz Up! Reddlt 1StumbIeUpon El Facebook Twitter ViErnall this 2 Stocks to Hold Forever Buy them, forget about them, and never sell them. San Francisco Counons Grouporixtml/000.1'rencioo 1 ridiculously huge coupon a day. It's like doing The Bay at 90% off! Nokia C7 on T-Mobile www.Nokial,ISA,uotniC7 Preorder the All-New Nokia C7. Shop with Confidence at Nokia! 3G BlackBerrv® B0IdTM 9650 Itiacklikavy.comitioltiNt50 Multitask on the go with easy access to popular apps. Learn more. Ads by Olsogle Post: Learn To Love Deflation, No Dollar Devaluation Previous Next Post: Can Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Threaten Apple And RIM? More on Forbes Right Now EIZEIESM Related strea ms Investing Markets Tech Technology Comments 5 Total Comments Post your comment » DISPLAY Called-Out Comment All comments 1 DIS PLAY Called-Out I n-melds Log in for notification options All comments Continents RSS Page 112 . 3/27/2011 Verizon's Android App Store: Everything There Is To Know - PCWorld Page 1 of 6 News I Reviews How-To's Downloads I Shop & Compare 1 Apps I Business Center Magazine Subscribe & Get a Bonus CD Customer Service free easy wet or Create a New Account. Sign in with PCWorld» Blogs» Today © PCWorld 0 3 Like 15 5 Comments +61Recommends Email Print TODAY @ PCWORLD Verizon's Android App Store: Everything There Is To Know By JR Raphael, PCWorld Nov 4, 2010 3:27 PM Android users are about to get a new place to shop. Verizon Wireless will officially open the doors to its Android V Cast Apps store next week, the carrier has confirmed. The V Cast Apps store will initially launch on the HTC Droid Incredible; a software update will deliver access along with a handful of general improvements to the phone. Other Verizon Android devices will soon follow suit. So what's Verizon's Android app store really all about, and what'll it mean for you? I spoke with someone from Verizon to get the full scoop. Verizon's Android App Store and the Android Market First of all, Verizon's V Cast Apps store won't override Google's main Android Market. The V Cast Apps store will simply be a second option built into devices; Google's Android Market and Verizon's new store will be equally accessible. "We look at as a complementary store to the other stores that are out there," Verizon Wireless spokesperson Debi Lewis explains. Verizon actually launched a similar version of its store on BlackBerry phones earlier this year; the configuration on that platform is pretty much the same. Page 113 http://www.peworld.comlartiele/209804/verizons_android_app_store everything_there_is... 3/27/2011

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