State of California et al v. Trump et al

Filing 86

Amended MOTION for leave to appear in Pro Hac Vice ( Filing fee $ 310, receipt number 0971-13290005.) filed by John Bellinger, III, Richard Bernstein, Peter Keisler, Carter Phillips, Christopher Shays, Stanley Twardy, Christine Todd Whitman. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit Certificate of Good Standing)(Hussein, Shaimaa) (Filed on 4/25/2019)

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~pellate llibision of tbe ~upreme QCourt of tbt ~tate of jJ}etu !}ork jfirst 3fubitial llepartment 3f, ~usanna 31.\ojas, ([{erk of tbe ~pellate ~ibision of tbe ~upreme ([ourt of tbe ~tate of ~ew ~ork, jfirst 3/ubitial ~epartment, certifp tbat SHAIMAA HUSSEIN was bulp Iicenseb anb abmitteb to practice as an ~ttornep anb (!Counsellor at JLaw in all tbe courts of tbe ~tate of ~ew ~ork on ~ril 6, 2011, bas bulp taken anb subscribeb tbe oatb of office prescribeb bp law, bas been enrolleb in tbe 31.\oll of ~ttorneps anb (!Counsellors at JLaw on file in mp office, bas bulp registereb witb tbe abministratibe office of tbe courts, anb accorbing to tbe recorbs of tbis court is in goob stanbing as an attornep anb counsellor at law. 3f n Witness Wbereof, 3f babe bereunto set mp banb anb affixeb tbe seal of tbis court on June 5, 2018 4431 . ~-- ([{erk of tbe Qtourt

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