The Facebook, Inc. v. Connectu, Inc et al

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Declaration of Chris Shiflett in Support of re 271 *** NOTIFICATION OF MANUAL FILING ***, Item under seal filed by Mark Zuckerberg, The Facebook, Inc. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 4, # 2 Exhibit 5, # 3 Exhibit 6, # 4 Exhibit 7, # 5 Exhibit 8, # 6 Exhibit 9, # 7 Exhibit 10, # 8 Exhibit 11)(Related document(s) 271 ) (Sutton, Theresa) (Filed on 1/23/2008) Text modified on 1/24/2008 (bw, COURT STAFF). ). Modified text on 4/30/2008(counsel used incorrect event, pursuant to General Order 45 VII do not efile the MFN as a "Notice" of any activity.)(cv, COURT STAFF).

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The Facebook, Inc. v. Connectu, LLC et al Doc. 273 Att. 8 SHIFLETT EXHIBIT 11 Case 5:07-cv-01389-RS Document 223-3 Filed 11/14/2007 Page 5 of 25 (17:32:19) dr ttol: you've imported all the ones i gave you (17:32:33) David Gucwa: yes (17:32:37) David Gucwa: in the process of, at least (17:32:41) dr ttol: ok (17:32:43) dr ttol: (17:32:45) dr ttol: ab1036 (17:34:00) David Gucwa: ok I started that one (17:34:22) dr ttol: check to make sure the logins are valid (17:34:23) dr ttol: im not sure (17:34:35) dr ttol: (17:34:39) dr ttol: eutychius (17:34:50) dr ttol: (17: 34:53) dr ttol: asdfgh (17:36:50) dr ttol: (17:36:52) dr ttol: csfb (17:36:58) dr ttol: (17:36:58) dr ttol: angelo (17:37:31) dr ttol: (17:37:35) dr ttol: fake pwd (17:37:46) dr ttol: (17:37:47) dr ttol: maria (17:37:54) dr ttol: (17:37:55) dr ttol: divya (17:38:15) dr ttol: (17:38:20) dr ttol: sexyrena (17:38:34) dr ttol: (17:38:35) dr ttol: nacho (17:38:38) dr ttol: some may not work (17:41:04) David Gucwa: k (17:44:45) David Gucwa: yeah 3 or 4 didn't work (17:44:47) David Gucwa: I started the rest (17:45:05) dr ttol: which ones didnt (17:46:39) David Gucwa: (17:47:59) David Gucwa: it's got 46,000 id's so far and still going (17:48:08) David Gucwa: in total from all of them (17:48:48) dr ttol: we need the profiles (17:48:52) dr ttol: not just ids (17:49:45) David Gucwa: I know (17:50: 10) dr ttol: singer.d@ne~l. ed11 (17:50:12) dr ttol: 1211 (17:50:39) dr ttol: (17:50:41) dr ttol: rajubros (17:52:09) dr ttol: how many proiles? (17:5'2:21) David Gucwa: none yet, I'll start that (17:52:39)dr ttol: ok (17:55:33) dr ttol: let me know when we hit 100 profiles (17:56:54) David Gucwa: we've probably hit that by now (17:57:19) dr ttol: we're prob setting up huge alarms at thefacebook (17:57:30) dr ttol: how can we go faster (17:58:22) dr ttol: (17:58:23) dr ttol: frankmaria (17:58:56) David Gucwa: I'm not sure we can go any faster (17:59:14) dr ttol: what if we had the scripts running from other computers at te same time (17:59:32) David Gucwa: do we have the proxies available yet (17:59:36)dr ttol: yes ' GUCWA 0076 Case 5:07-cv-01389-RS Document 223-3 Filed 11/14/2007 Page 6 of 25 (17:59:54) dr ttol: (17:59:58) dr ttol: i2hub / Importer123 (18:00:05) dr ttol: (18:00:13) dr ttol: i2hub / TXGADGXIAHR (18:00:19) dr ttol: (18:00:23) dr ttol: i2hub / 4it2AXqi (18:00:28) dr ttol: (18:00:29) David Gucwa: do these have ssh access (18:00:33) David Gucwa: I can't seem to get into the first one (18:00:34) dr ttol: i2hubtes / Importer123 (18:00:41) dr ttol: (18:00:44) dr ttol: i2hub / importer12 (18:00:51) dr ttol: i dont know about ssh (18:00:52) dr ttol: some may (18:00:53) dr ttol: some may not (18:00:55) dr ttol: all have ftp (18: 01 : 04 j David Gucwa: hm (18:01:09) David Gucwa: ok (18:07:07) David Gucwa: doesn't work (18:10:29) dr ttol: porcella (18:10:321 dr ttol: Cameron typo'd (18:10:37) David Gucwa: ok (18:12:32) dr ttol: (18:12:35) dr ttol: top59gun (18:16:47) dr ttol: how many profiles so far? (18:19:07) David Gucwa: 5300 (18:19:27) dr ttol: what schools? (18:20:00) dr ttol: or is that combined (18:20:46) David Gucwa: it was all from one school, but I'm checking them now and the emails aren't there (18:20:55) David Gucwa: they must have just gotten turned off (18:21:04) dr ttol: fuck (18:21:30) dr ttol: what. school (18:21:52) David Gucwa: umich (18:22:16) dr ttol: they just got turned off? (18:23:25) David Gucwa: wait not umich (18:23:36) David Gucwa: yale (18:23:58) David Gucwa: maybe they were never turned on, I'm not sure I checked (18:24:01) David Gucwa: I thought I did though (18:24:02) dr ttol: ok (18:24:13) dr ttol: try the ones with emails (18:24:16) dr ttol: not the ones without (18:25:22) David Gucwa: ok I'm going to try bu (18:25:26) David Gucwa: I just made sure the emails are showing (18:25:26) dr ttol: ok (18:26:25) dr ttol: see how many we can get (18:26:37) dr ttol: did you try the other shells (18:27:16) David Gucwa: yeah I've got one importing from princeton (18:27:22) David Gucwa: most of them didn't have ssh open (18:27:30) dr ttol: you need ssh? (18:27:35) dr ttol: you said ftp is ok (18:28:13) David Gucwa: yeah ftp will work (18:28:19) David Gucwa: I just need to modify some things (18:28:31) David Gucwa: ssh is just easier (18:35:36) dr ttol: status (18:35:38) dr ttol: on bu caching (18:37:00) dr ttol: do the pton and gtown emails first GUCWA 0077 Case 5:07-cv-01389-RS Document 223-3 Filed 11/14/2007 Page 9 of 25 Conversation with drttol at 2005-02-20 09:08:31 on David Gucwa (aim) (09:08:42) David Gucwa: I got your page (09:09:34) dr ttol: hi (09:09:45) dr ttol: i tried looking everywhere for your pager email (09:09:48) dr ttol: where is it in the code? (09:09:55) David Gucwa: in one of the dbs (09:lO:OO)dr ttol: damn it (09:10:09) dr ttol: i was going through the entire code (09:10:17) David Gucwa: what's wrong with the importer? (09:10:22)dr ttol: check this (09:10:30)dr ttol: s,edu&password=i2huh123 (09:ll:ll)dr ttol: ERR0R:Thefacebook:Couldn't fetch user ID from main page. (09:13:00)David Gucwa: it's taking a long time (09:13:08)dr ttol: yes (03:15:41) dr ttol: how come is never used? (or is it and we just dont know) (09:16:12)David Gucwa: it should be used some of the time (09:16:17) David Gucwa: I added it to the proxy list (09:16:43) dr ttol: ok (09:17:01) dr ttol: try importing via (09:17:02) dr ttol: doesnt work (09: 17:16) David Gucwa: right (09:17:24) dr ttol: do you think facebook changed their layout (09:17:37)dr ttol: and are now catching IPS that are trying to do old layout (09: 17:39) dr ttol: and blocking them (09:18:08) David Gucwa: I think the problem is the proxies (09:18:57) David Gucwa: I'm trying to load through the proxy fetch script and that won't load either (09:19:11) David Gucwa: possibly we sent them so much traffic that they blocked us (09:19:48) dr ttol: maybe (09:20:04) dr ttol: add to the list (09:20:17) dr ttol: but your proxychecker (09:20:19)dr ttol: should catch that right? (09:20:59) David Gucwa: it should (09:21:05) dr ttol: alright, switch of tactic (09:21:48) dr ttol: take a look at (09: 21:54) dr ttc-il: http: //www.iZh\lb .com/proxycheck.php (09:21: 56) dr ttol: source: (09:21:57) dr ttol: (09:22:20)dr ttol: use that proxychecker instead (09:24:21)dr ttol: (modify that code to do what the old one was suppose to do) (09:28:00) dr ttol: another issue: why does importer/facebook on status say green? i assume thats why you didnt get beeped (09:28:10) dr ttol: (and CW and WW didn't see it) (09:28:23) David Gucwa: that's a good question (09:35:01) dr ttol: status? (09:36:12) David Gucwa: comparing output of your checker to output of my checker (09:36:40) dr ttol: ok, do we know if your facebook parser needs to be updated? (09:36:46)dr ttol: or if this is solely a proxy issue (09:37:08) David Gucwa: I don't know about the facebook format yet (09:37:12)dr ttol: ok (09:37:18) David Gucwa: I suspect that isn't the problem (09:38:27) dr ttol: ok (09:51:36) David Gucwa: hm GUCWA 0097

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