Google Inc. et al v. Egger et al

Filing 126

Declaration of Thomas B. Walsh, IV in Support of 124 Memorandum in Opposition to Motion to Dismiss filed byGoogle Inc.. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit A, # 2 Exhibit B - FILED UNDER SEAL, # 3 Exhibit C, # 4 Exhibit D - FILED UNDER SEAL, # 5 Exhibit E, # 6 Exhibit F, # 7 Exhibit G, # 8 Exhibit H, # 9 Exhibit I, # 10 Exhibit J, # 11 Exhibit K - FILED UNDER SEAL, # 12 Exhibit L, # 13 Exhibit M, # 14 Exhibit N, # 15 Exhibit O - FILED UNDER SEAL, # 16 Exhibit P, # 17 Exhibit Q, # 18 Exhibit R - FILED UNDER SEAL, # 19 Exhibit S - FILED UNDER SEAL, # 20 Exhibit T- FILED UNDER SEAL, # 21 Exhibit U - FILED UNDER SEAL, # 22 Exhibit V - FILED UNDER SEAL, # 23 Exhibit W, # 24 Exhibit X, # 25 Exhibit Y, # 26 Exhibit Z, # 27 Exhibit AA, # 28 Exhibit BB - FILED UNDER SEAL, # 29 Exhibit CC - FILED UNDER SEAL, # 30 Exhibit DD - FILED UNDER SEAL, # 31 Exhibit EE - FILED UNDER SEAL, # 32 Exhibit FF - FILED UNDER SEAL, # 33 Exhibit GG, # 34 Exhibit HH - FILED UNDER SEAL, # 35 Exhibit II, # 36 Exhibit JJ, # 37 Exhibit KK - FILED UNDER SEAL, # 38 Exhibit LL - FILED UNDER SEAL, # 39 Exhibit MM, # 40 Exhibit NN, # 41 Exhibit OO, # 42 Exhibit PP - FILED UNDER SEAL)(Related document(s) 124 ) (Walsh, Thomas) (Filed on 7/24/2009)

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Google Inc. et al v. Egger et al Doc. 126 Att. 32 Case5:08-cv-03172-RMW Document126-33 Filed07/24/09 Page1 of 2 EXHIBIT GG Case 2:07-cv-00511-CE MW Document126-33 Filed07/24/09 Page2 ofof 44 Case5:08-cv-03172-R Document 76-2 Filed 08/25/2008 Page 27 2 '.I-07-199 :2=27 GE. CC s. 415 4~ 391 P.41/45 , I NQNmnnON -fc . Th NON~ON AGR, cl Juy -. 199 (tf u~ II in by ~, "StaD bc_ Dd 1i. i Ca CO tD ai (th BAQ;GJlVNQ I Sjt~.. a ~ coipni (',. pora to wh Jw ReLU Sit on th da hriev(the '" Da). gwm da IL olth da be(tb "S Eiba ~ be ~ mi 1fs ~ iJ ei i ii J wilD ill ~ to tl Stoc EWJenp Stcckllis or wu lU (~ foer, stodJd an aie) arSil IWIm bc , ~co.tlbo'siIf' It ct Ji .ifinte _ b iDdoi j!trad 'se v-aaii tI in Ids 1010 II II emgowi II i 8~ T afwf StJdcr ba. an wm .. fltirll Sit'. of Sit eu a ac i: in tl de il ~ ofSita'lJ imrb 1 to "1 DeIi ba ~ed) an to pt an pm Dd gati IJ IR Sta Ex ~ Siodcls ~ ID ai Ino di Aai in o fi I~ ia 00 Lb DtllaPolt' II bi ii pelRumiJI un tb ac ec in ti A hin rwly J1 to an no .. th du reui to, pr th go li hs I ~ by Ddoi i. Nggq For t\,. t' th Et Dt cr n yw fr tle teron at ei of St by Deomi an St. wtc: is roi~ Sttuer ee Dt bd t1 Iu II to im aerl ar an !C of Stoclc ah im ei fbr hi or Oil bo ofan oder Jl pi fi aewoo or caat i. my Certm ii wh Site or DaaI is aeYC enpd i 1i (i) op at op 11 bu wb Is i coitro wi UJ I7 of Sit or DelPoim p or ~~ ~ 9'(J (4) ta Uf acon to or do ai l' D~ to dl buii ft Deof Cl S1 bues \1 Deoiat Of Site or to 4J it th lI bus ro wi DIta or Site. iii ca cu wi ra to a bu Ope or cont~ by Sii ir ~ to or id or mc to lii a ax CUI of.D or Sit to CC da CG of Im - ai Cor ofSlc Oi eoi 'J n to an buli wb bu 1i BY ofDe'l Ot Sie', ~ 'M tap io lU hiipji op ~ Si iniltely pr to th da hI wtiu l& by Dta In ad Im in wi coiu by Si II oftl du oftN ~ (2) au as lU milo.. ad or ha be CI ar co'ate by Sit iiy pror to ti di bn ~i) ;oHci or ~ . ~ ~ 'J 'J !I fo IN(!N tIl' ~:L1 Slli EXHIBIT 8

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